Kat Stacks Beaten in DC

Kat stacks picture

This girl is at it again and now people at retaliating. This girl needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut. To all fathers out there, don’t let your daughter walk this path. This is a hoe pretending to be a hoe to get paid, it’s sad. It is said that Bow Wow or Fabulous’s boys were the ones that beat her (this is a rumour so be careful what you believe. This chick is been displayed here to give you an example of how a woman can walk the wrong path without proper guidance).

Her response to the beating. She confirms who beat her. She really thinks that she has respect. Nevertheless she is getting attention, which she definitely wants.

She confronts who beats her. Personally it saddens me that these guys will go so far for a hoe.

Her beef with Hot Wings (a model.Still watching if she’s a hoe) but damn.

Kat Stacks gets a beating by Hot cakes at Washington DC.

Kat stacks beaten by Hot cakes

Kat stacks with friend after beating

The above picture shows Kat Stack’s friend trying to help her. Her friend picture is below.

Kat Stack with friend

Kat stacks is the definition of a hoe. She doesn’t have respect for herself and she she doesn’t care. Granted that nobody knows her life story (which is probably why she is writting a book) but to act like a hoe, be a hoe, speak hoishly and show no effort to conduct, at least a little bit of virtue, is just sad.


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