A Feminine Touch: Miami

Amanda Salsa

Hey, My name is Miami, an aspiring model and singer from Long Island. I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican. I’m very thoughtful, always looking for the answer to things and wish life for young kids like myself (I’m 18) were different. I sing mostly soul music from the heart and began doing urban modeling but soon hope to transition to fashion modeling. Thanks, Brotherhood Of The Game again, for choosing me to do this interview. If you ever wish to contact me for anything, email me at AMSalas20@gmail.com

BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement?

M: HA, what feminist movement? As far as I’m concerned, females in this day of age don’t know s**t about being treated fairly and right. Sadly, a lot weren’t taught respect. So as far as a movement, I see none besides a few young ladies and women standing on their own with that one.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction between men and women today?

M: It’s 50/50. The interaction between some is disgusting, the interaction between others is beautiful. It all depends on what the two want at that time.

BOTG: What qualities do you think it takes a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman?

M: To me, a man provides and protects. He’s loyal to his woman and kids and he teaches. He’s the strength. (a man kind of thinks like Huey Freeman) A woman heals, she nurtures/encourages her man and kids to be/do the best. She stands by their side and also steps in when the man in unavailable (they both also do so much more). So, it takes YEARS, more than 18, of being guided by wise, experienced, older people for them to become that real man and woman (Both men and women need to experience and make mistakes to be the best man or woman they can be).

These days, “that man” and “that woman” is rare to find. So we’re raising a bunch of idiots. Guys, become a man! And man up and stay in your kids lives so we can have more strong, smart men and women. Women CANNOT play mom and dad, they are capable but your taking away the woman in her and making her half of what she really needs to and can be. Solely, A WOMAN!

BOTG: What do you think are the roles of men and women in a relationship or marriage?

M: It’s an equal role. At the same time balancing each other out. He needs to protect her and she should be there to wipe his tears, plus some. You know, it varies.

BOTG: Why do you think a lot of women (especially black women) are single?

M: I think, they’re too busy recognizing men for any wrong they have done. If women can stop complaining and notice that they’re not perfect themselves and actually try to fix their flaws, then trust me, they’ll have “999 men knockin” on their door.

You probably hear plenty of women say, “There’s no good men out there” but they are so wrong, they’re just looking in the wrong places. Black women especially. Society has bashed the black man so much with media, that our growing black people think that’s how black people need to be. Some act like they have no other choice but to be O Dog and to be Q. Because of media, they don’t take the time to find themselves. So some black women don’t know what a good black man is. They not used to seeing it. They are use to all that they know. Many have no guidance. It’s a white world. White man has made the black man look sick. And the black man follows that sickening role.

BOTG: If you had the power to change the interaction between men and women what would it be?

M: Oh man, My power would be for it to be less sexual. I’m a big freak but truthfully peace is within the mind not the p***y. Feel me? Men and women would be more open and understanding if they just listen to one another. And I mean, Listen.

BOTG: What message would you give to a man that is about to approach you?

M: Breathe, be yourself, now give me your best shot. I’m lookin for a knock out so give me all that you got.

BOTG: How do you know when to give a man a chance?

M: I give him a chance when he has steady pay, transportation, and if he really knows himself and what he wants.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy.

M: A gentleman. Gentlemen are usually nice right? He opens doors for you, holds your hand crossing the street, buys you flowers and s**t, thas wusup. He’s a nice guy.

BOTG: Is been a nice guy or a gentleman a good thing?

M: Yeah being a gentleman is a very good thing. Gentlemen seem to have more control over their lives. They rather plan than jump up and do for example. At least the ones I know. That doesn’t mean gentlemen don’t do reckless s**t.

BOTG: Give your definition of a thug and why women love thugs.

M: A thug is bad ass. If he stays in trouble then he’s a thug or he’s a wanabe thug. Girls like bad boys. Maybe some for their image because, he’s considered strong and overpowering. A thug is less likely to get stepped on. Protection, that’s why girls love them. But I don’t know why the hell a woman does.

BOTG: What do you think of a man that does anything you want?

M: A p****y maybe? lol I’m frontin. He’s my dream man then. Anything I want would satisfy the hell out of me. Yet again, being spoiled doesn’t teach you nothing good, and if he leaves, who’s going to do anything I want if I can’t do it myself?

BOTG: How important is sex in a relationship?

M: VERY important. Very important. At least 3-4 times a week. Maybe more. It’s healthy for your mind body and soul.

BOTG: Would you leave a man or your husband if the sex wasn’t good?

M: Na, I’d just teach him how to make his sex better within some time. If it doesn’t work, then, I don’t even know because I never been in that position.

BOTG: What would make you go the extra mile for your man?

M: If I really knew my man was being genuine and loyal to me, then I got him. I’d do the extra mile just for him being that great of a man for himself and for me.

BOTG: Why do women compete with each other so much? (Ever heard of unity?)

M: I think it’s the whole image thing. “Look at me I’m the baddest” type s**t. Ego, bulls**t. They don’t know that they do it so men can look at them though. I really don’t know why they do that though. Maybe for the sex, for the money, for love, you know, I don’t know. I walk around in sweats and sneakers all day so.

But, if you think about it, it’s backwards. For example: sewing in weave in her hair will f**k her s**t up in no time. it will break her hair, her hair will fall out and s**t. Perms? those s***s are painful and burn your hair off. Heels? those s***s are painful and leave bunions. So why do it? Well, because it looks nice.

Men think it’s hot (yet a majority like they’re woman in sweats). If a girl says she does it to take care of herself, she’s fronting and she don’t even know it. If it was a matter of who takes care of themselves the best, no one would have on make-up, weaves, and 4-inch heels. Because she’ll actually be taking care of your skin, your body, and hair, feel me? Within time all those artificial things kill your beauty.

So they don’t compete for long lasting health and beauty for themselves. They compete because it’s a man’s world. They don’t unite because they’re insecure. Shaneece don’t like Sara lookin at her man right? No girl wants their man lookin elsewhere. Come on, overall a lot of people do not have guidance man.

BOTG: It is said that black women are the ones with the most attitude what are your opinions on this? Also what do you think are the reasons behind the attitude if you believe this to be true?

M: I don’t believe it. I believe they USED to have the most attitude, because they knew their self worth and didn’t let NO BODY disrespect them in any type of way. That’s why. They knew they were (and still are) one with the Earth. The black woman is earth ok. And they used to understand that. A lot don’t get it anymore…..

BOTG: What is the most important thing you look for in a man?

M: You mean the most important thingssss. Security, protection, humor, if he’s an intellectual and if he can provide.

BOTG: In a man’s dressing what is the most important thing you look at?

M: If you mean dressing as in what he’s wearing, I look at how neat he is. You can wear a white T, jeans, and kicks and look sloppy. Or you can wear a whte T, jeans, and some kicks and look straight off the runway.

BOTG: How do you signal to a man to approach you?

M: If he don’t see me, I approach him.

BOTG: How do you recognize confidence in a man? I mean what makes you say “yeah he has confidence”?

M: Basically, if he’s comfortable. If he isn’t stressing the environment, what he’s wearing, who’s looking at him, you know, if he needs a shape-up, then he’s pretty confident. Remember, confidence is comfortable *laughing out loud*

BOTG: What would make you give the ultimate respect to a man?

M:If he can teach something that will help me grow, if he can protect himself and his family, has respect for his mother and father (if he his pops was around), If he gets his money. If he can get through life on his own then he gets my respect. And I’d probably want to reward him with my love and loyalty since that’s such a damn turn on.

BOTG: What message would you give to every man out there?

M: Hey baby *laughing out loud*, just playin. Um, I’d say, open your mind and step out the box. Wake up your sub-concious. Ok. Shut off the f****ng tv and the radio.Your a man, you have a lot of work to do. Even if you think you’ve done it all, It isn’t over until you and the ones you love are satisfied and are living happily. Feed your people with great knowledge. And I don’t mean regular street knowledge my friend, give your people food for thought so they can forever be mentally stable. So they will never be caught slipping. Be real with your daughters, let me say that again, BE REAL WITH YOUR DAUGHTERS/SISTERS.

Teach them about sex, give them the love they need and watch what they see on tv ok? and stop teaching your sons only how to game. Teach your sons, or brothers respect. Guide them. Cause Lil Wayne can only do so much. There is so much more to life. You are our men, and we truthfully, need you. WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER TO PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN AND RUN THIS S**T. Shout out to the men who already know this. And for those who don’t, then I hope you get a vaca soon because that s**t is hard.

BOTG: Describe your best features

M: My mind and my eyes.

BOTG: What do you think of men trying to empower other men to be leaders in their relationships?

M: I think that’s great but you always have to be equal in your relationships (I don’t know exactly what you mean by this question though)

BOTG: Meaning, what do you think of a male movement, trying to empower other men to be strong men?

M: I’d feel good about it. I’d hope that it’s a movement headed towards the right way and our boys will finally become real men. That ain’t even something hard to do, it’s just up to them to speak up and be real and say “hey, i think we need a change” and really hold on to his mission.

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