The Types of Women to Avoid

Ok; I didn’t want to do it. But I just couldn’t take it any more!

This post is as much for the ladies out there as it is for my dudes. More specifically for my sisters (Black Women). I’ve compiled a short list of the types of women I advise guys to avoid like the plague. Ladies, sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. I don’t enjoy doing this; but maybe…just maybe…someone will read this and help themselves in the Love department. And on that note, lets get this over with

The Types of Women to Avoid

1. Those who post: “I’m an intelligent, attractive woman” on their profiles

This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Sometimes I troll the internet dating sites out of curiousity, just to see what people are putting out there. And I see this one so often that it’s become annoying.

First off, if you’re attractive, I won’t need you to tell me that. I’ll determine it on my own! Beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder. As for being intelligent: really now…do you need to advertise that? Isn’t that a given?! I hope to hell that you ARE intelligent; but again, I don’t need you telling me this. If I’m interested enough to probe further, I’ll discover this about you on my own.

Advertising your own beauty and intelligence smacks of insecurity ladies; so PLEASE stop doing it!

2. Females who brag about how ‘independent’ they are

Another annoying pet peeve. I know we had a few hit songs over the past couple of years talking about how desirable an independent woman is. But guess what: that’s a crock of crap!

No man wants to hook up seriously with a  woman with an independent attitude. Oh- we’ll hook up with you for fun; but don’t expect a serious walk down the aisle with that attitude.

Females with an independent attitude are usually chicks who carry a lot of emotional baggage aournd. They’ve been hurt by men all their lives, and have erected huge walls of emotional ambiguity as a defense mechanism. Getting through these walls  takes a ton of patience and the knowledge of a good head shrink. If you have years and years of your life to waste trying to get through to females like this, then fellas: go head and knock yourselves out!

But my time is far too precious; therefore I only look for females who have a forgiving attitude towards those who’ve caused them pain, and who display the emotional maturity of having learned empowering messages from their pain. Therefore they’ve moved beyond the past, and remain open with a positive mind towards a better future.

The problem is: these types of sisters are so rare!

3. Females who think having a college degree will compensate for good old fashioned common sense

Interesting personal observation of mine: why is it that those females who claim to be so educated are the ones who can’t seem to keep a man; are the most miserable with their lives; hate on their friend’s happiness the most; fall for the dumbest, lamest game the hardest; and can’t fuck worth a damn?!

Whenever you find someone who brags obsessively about anything, you can be sure they are overcompensating for a lack of something else in their life. Maybe they have an inferiority complex; and the thing they’re bragging on gives them a sense of validation.

A higher eduction doesn’t make you smart: it merely equips you to help manage somebody else’s business; usually for a fraction of what you probably should be making of course. Now don’t get me wrong: I’d take a smart average female over a top 10 dumb chick any day of the week! If I can’t hold a conversation with you about basic topics, I refuse to possibly mix my gene pool with yours!

A college education is good for a career in corporate America or politics, but it’s no standard quality for a successful relationship.

4. Females who refuse to state their dating preference on their online profile

This is a HUGE red flag for me. In this day and age of lesbianism and bisexuality, there’s no excuse for NOT stating your dating preference on your profile page…unless of course you’re open to being with both males and females. Which I’ve found to usually be the case. Females have gotten sneaky about sampling the forbidden fruits of same sex pleasure. They’ll inadvertantly leave off that small bit of info that lets you know which direction they swing.

Don’t be fooled fellas! These chicks know exactly what they’re doing. See, they know that lesbians and other bi chicks troll internet dating sites looking for their next sexual encounter. And these pleasure seekers know that a female who doesn’t clearly state her dating preference on her page is 9 times out of 10 bi-curious or a full time ‘swinger’. That’s how most of them connect nowadays anyway. Through the internet.

So before you start catching feelings for a chick who enjoys being strap-fucked by some other chick, keep that 3rd eye of game wide open, and peep game from every possible level.

Let’s keep the dialogue flowing. Share from your experience…


2 thoughts on “The Types of Women to Avoid

  1. now*born

    a woman with no discipline in her life or at least one set thing that she finds pleasure in, be it going to the farmers market early or the gym a few days out the week…as i was telling my homeboy: woman with no concept of a schedule to me is not worth it…time is of the essence, the only thing that can be spent and worth more than what its spent on…so be careful on how its spent or tricked off
    peace and blessings to all


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