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Queen's Crown

The word queen originally meant prostitute. It later became a word for royalty. A queen is a woman who rules BESIDE her man (king). She doesn’t try to take his roles and she doesn’t try to lead, she rules beside him and supports him. She follows as he leads emphasing the term that behind every great man is a great woman. She helps her man become great, adding wisdom to his knowledge. Not every woman can ever reach this level of womanhood. Been a queen is not title based, it a measurement of how virtuous a woman is or can be. It is about character.

A queen has a role in leading a nation. In a relationship the queen is a manager, the heart. Where men (kings) are leaders (the head), women (queens) are managers.

Don’t get it confused, a man can turn a hoe into a housewife or a queen. Human beings are not totally set in their ways, the mind can always be altered. Women can reach the level of a queen by cleaning up their act. But it will be harder for some than others. Wealth does not eliminate the struggle to be a queen. Money doesn’t determine character but a lifestyle.

A Madam (ex-prostitute running a stable [bunch of hoes]) is a queen to her hoes but a hoodrat (a person [a woman in this case] contributing to unethical interaction and actions) is seen as just that, a ‘rat’. No status!

The line between top notch and queen is not that long. A Top notch lady who has no balance will make her relationship suffer one way or another. A top notch lady is one who stands by her man and shows it. A queen is one who stands by her man and helps him stay high (rule). She knows that when he stays high in position, she is high.

The opposite of a Queen is a King, both are needed to have heirs to the throne. Both can lead a nation even more effectively showing that Knowledge (man) + Wisdom (Woman) brings Understanding (child, strategy, unity, truth, honesty, respect and loyalty).

A woman follows a man’s lead it is ordained like this. Adam got in trouble for listening to Eve and ate the fruit she gave (led) him to eat. Adam was not the one who commited the crime yet he got in trouble, punished for allowing it to happen. It takes a character of a king to influence a woman to be queen, she follows his lead.

It is important that a man masters himself and strive to better himself each day. He must have that essence of kingship in his being (it is not a title thing). She in turn will strive to do better to be a queen and remain (it is not a title thing). A queen must allow a man to be king. Wisdom come from knowledge and knowledge can come from wisdom. Both are not one ‘entity’ but two therefore in essence both must feed each other not become each other.

It is a woman’s duty to fulfil her roles for her man and family. If she doesn’t her (their) kingdom (togetherness, household) will crumble. A queen understands that it takes TWO ‘organs’ (Head [man] and Heart [woman]) to make a body [relationship] work otherwise it dies. The heart (woman, queen) should not strive to be the head (man, king) because she cannot. Both roles and nature are different.

Brain and Heart working together

Head (Brain, information) and Heart (organ that pumps blood [oxygen] to body, receiving information) working together. It also shows unity from constant communication.

A queen understands that it is the Head (Brain, logical nature of a man, knowledge) that tells the Heart (organ that pumps blood to body, emotional nature of a woman, wisdom) what to do and in return the Heart supplies blood (her touch, wisdom, understanding, essence) to the body (relationship). The Head (king) also needs blood (her love, feedbacks, her ‘work’) to function in order to have him use his logical nature again. The cycle is complete. There is no domination here, just the submission of the Heart (woman) to allow the Head (man) to do it’s duty (or he gets ‘punished’ someway or another, like Adam, for it).

A queen understands that when Head (man) and Heart (woman) work together, they are unified. This happens automatically when both are doing their part. The overall action executed by the Head and Heart is COMMUNICATION. Communication is the key component in all relationships. Head (man) and Heart (woman) can adjust to stay unified. Outside influences are merely invaders or parasites to this unit.

By nature men are Head and women are the Heart of the relationship. A woman is an ‘extension’ of a man and a man is an ‘extension’ of a woman. The two come together to make a whole.

Herb Kelleher,CEO of SouthWest Airlines once said,

Things happen naturally not programmatically. It’s as much a matter of spirit and soul as the mind. The way you deal with people has to emanate from the heart. That’s what gives it meaning and sincerity and provides motivation.

A queen doing her part, her roles can only motivate a king (her man) to do better.

Queen's Crown2

Note: With honesty the flow of communication will keep increasing till Head (man) and Heart (woman) reaches a intense stage of sync (health). The intensity increases with love of each other (the unity). With lies the Head (Brain, man) and Heart (oxygen, woman) get confused and the flow decreases, the unity starts to break from lack of trust. Only a queen understands her role.



King's Crown

The aim of every man (whether players, Macks, pimps, simps, ballers, gangsters, tricks, captain-save-a-hoes, no matter what the titles) is to be King (on top). Every man is born the same way, through the same process but every man’s circumstance are different. Even if a man is born king, there is a difference between having the title and having the power (the influence-the respect).

So in essence every man will struggle to have power and respect. A King is a leader. To be King in a relationship means to be a leader, the head. A Queen cannot be King but she can help him be a better one.

Most men will never reach kingship because of their attitude and how they manage time. For most men time is spent on chasing women instead of handling business. Only a few invest time to better themselves. When a man positions himself as a king women come from all over. Some will even be willing to be his concubine (sex slave). It starts from inside out not outside in, most men cannot be ‘king’ because they do not understand this concept.

Renaissance men could be said to be close to kingship but as stated before, there is a big difference between having the title and the power and respect. A king that will lead and rule for a long time is one that is respected and influential. People are just willing to let him have power over them and their household. But a true king doesn’t use power to dominate his people, rather he uses it to empower his people and to better his surroundings.

If his people are empowered, they will have the power to empower others and the conlusion is a powerful nation. A man in his relationship must better himself first and he will be suited to be king everyday (not just by title). Then he can empower his woman who will have the power to empower their kids (if they have any). If there are no kids, she will strive to better his lifestyle to keep him as a king. In return she gives him power by empowering him and reassuring him that she truly is his queen (not by title alone) and the cycle goes on. This in essence is true submission. A woman (queen) HELPING a man (king) to remain on top.

This is fair because a King and Queen rule side by side, there is no domination here. But both do have their roles. Its Ying (feminine) and Yang (masculine) all over again. Ying (woman) cannot be Yang (man) and Yang (man) cannot be Ying (woman), there is balance. There is completion.

Ying and Yang symbol

The Ying (woman) and Yang (man) symbol

So long as a man does his role and better himself everyday and a woman does her role and better herself everyday there will always be balance and there will always be attraction. No matter what, a King and a Queen will always need each other to have heirs (children) to the throne. It is the man’s (the king) job to establish the throne (his household) then his woman (the queen) can make a home out of it. His woman (wisdom) will merely follow him (knowledge). Half and Half always makes a whole (balance).

A pimp (power, effective in his relationship) is like a king to his hoes.
A Simp (feeble and ineffective in his relationship) is not seen as a king at all. He is a walk over. But to be king, a man has to be fluid like water. He must be able to improvise, adapt and overcome. He must be able to read the moment and decide efficiently.

In his ebook ‘The Descent Power: Thoughts on the Great Transformation and how to master it’, Robert Greene states:

The higher you go, the more you enter the realm of strategy, which requires depth of thinking and true perspective.

It goes on to say:

The fluidity you gain will more than compensate for any momentary loss of control.

A man has to be fluid while he master self. It is not the crown or what the crown is made of that determines a king. It is not the name or the ring. It is not symbols or signs but it is the determination to self improve. One shouldn’t strive for power but self improvement because there lies the power. Power will come automatically.

The ebook by Robert Greene in regards to power, states:

You want more contact with the world, no matter how chaotic and challenging that might be, because power lies in moving in that direction and exploiting the moment.

King's Crown2


The definition of the word Boondocks is a wild, desolate and uninhabitable country. The term is used to describe a place of unsophistication. The animated series ‘Boondocks’ is based on all this unsophistication amongst people (whites and blacks). In terms of whites it is about capitalism (love of money) and amongst blacks it is about ignorance.

Each episode holds a lesson that has to be deciphered.Most people just watch it for laughs but a few figure out the messages. It begins with the characters.


Robert Freeman

Robert Freeman

Robert Freeman (note the second word FREE MAN, as in no more a slave). Robert freeman is the guidian of his grandson, Huey and Riley. He lived through a time of slavery so for his second name to denote the word freeman illustrates this fact.

Huey Freeman

Huey Freeman

Huey Freeman character seems to be based on the man Huey Percy Newton (February 17, 1942 – August 22, 1989). Huey P Newton was the co-founder and leader of the Black Panther Party for self defense. It was an black organization established to promote black power, civil rights and self defense.

The character Huey Freeman is an activist, aims to defeat ignorance (alreadys reading in the show) and knows self defense.

Huey P Newton

Huey P Newton

Riley Freeman

Riley Freeman

The brother of Huey Freeman. Adores rappers, great at art and works on ‘loyalty’ (no snitching rule). One of the biggest drug dealers of all time known for his loyalty was Pablo Escobar. In one episode Riley referred to himself as Riley Escobar.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar

Riley represents the youth of today (21st century). They copy and they are not willing to learn or listen to what is right. They just copy what is hip. Whatever is hip is accepted amongst youth and as long as they have a feeling of belonging they feel right. Rappers are the biggest influence amongst youths today so thats who they want to copy. Those are their ‘mentors’. Riley represents this innocence as well as ignorance.

Tom Dubois

Tom Dubois

Tom is the Freeman’s neighbour and is married to a white woman. He does everything the system says and is even a lawyer. This system, often called the ‘white man’s system’ which was created dating back to slavery time and before. The name Tom should be no surprise for this character because it has that persona uncle Tom. Been an uncle Tom simply means trying to live the white man’s life in a ‘white man’s system’.

Tom is the black man who would not be portrayed as black because of his behaviour. Although black is and should be referred to a person skin or complexion, black people do live their life different from whites. He has a daughter Jazmine with Sarah, his wife.

Sarah Dubois

Sarah Dubois

Sarah is the wife of Tom. She is the white woman who likes and can stand blacks. She represents the white woman who doesn’t really care about skin colour but about how she is treated. Afterall she married Tom who is black but then again Tom behaves white (an uncle Tom).She has her daughter Jazmine and they both love musicians. Their favourite is Usher, note that Usher is black. Sarah also seem to represent the preference that all women have in a man, regardless of colour.

Jazmine Dubois

Jazmine Dubois

Jazmine represents all that is innocent in a child. Yet there is a sense of teasing in her innocence, making it seem like ignorance. For example, Jazmine believes in Santa, unicorns and tooth fairies, things that adult tell children to keep their innocence longer.

The name Jazmine (spelt or pronounced Jasmine) is of old French and Persian origin meaning a climbing plant with delicate fragnant flowers. Jazmine is the delicate flower in this whole show. She is easily crushed when she starts realizing certain things about her surroundings. Huey tells her things she doesn’t want to hear and things that takes her out of her dreamland of santa and unicorns. But at the same time it is Jazmine optimism that sometimes counteract Huey’s pessimism.

Uncle Rukus

Uncle Rukus

You only need to look at the name Rukus to know what this character is all about. Uncle Rukus hates black when he is black himself. He represents the black on black crime that goes on amongst the urban community. Here is a man who would team up with white folks to bring the black society down. He potrays the hatred amongst blacks and that by hating on each other, black people eliminate themselves for the white folks that wants to see them eliminated. He is always on a Rukus.

Ed Wuncler Snr

Ed Wuncler Snr

One word sums up Mr Wuncler, capitalism (love of money). Ed Wuncler Snr represents greed and power. His last name comes from a book called ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss. The antagonist business owner in there was called Once-ler, which is also the prounciation of Wuncler. Mr Ed Wuncler Snr represents the system of rich and poor.

The Lorax

The book The Lorax

Ed Wuncler III

Ed Wuncler iii

Grandson of Ed Wuncler Snr and represents the angry, spolit and unethical rich kids who believe that the world is theirs for the taking. With is Ed Wuncler Snr way of thinking and an ex-soldier, Ed Wuncler III is a psychopath. This character seems to be based on George Bush who most (if not all) say was the worst American president ever. Ed Wuncler III is been groomed to take over the family business (just like George Bush was [taking the presidency]) and is a wild, wannabe gangsta. His approach to everything is invasive and confrontational.

George W Bush

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy

Best friend of Ed Wuncler III and also a former soldier. The last name ‘Rummy’ comes from the Secretary of state name Rumsfeld (Donald Rumsfled). The character Gin Rummy is meant to depict Donald Rumsfled who is best friend with Ed Wuncler III ( who is meant to depict George W Bush). Gin Rummy is also a pyschopath who does crazy things with his best friend Ed. He on the otherhand thinks and actually convinces himself that everything he does has a purpose and it is justified. This allows him to feel good about the crimes he commits.

Donald Rumsfled

Donald Rumsfled



Gangstalicious represents rappers who take the thug life image too far. Note that the word is image not lifestyle. Not to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t even started watching yet but this ‘thug’ has a lot of secrets that would be considered going against the image or lifestyle of a thug. But the reality is many wannabe thugs and rappers have a lot of secrets.

This character is meant to be based on Tu Pac Shakur, where he gets shot or gets into constant trouble. But this character has a twist of his own. His ‘real name’ is Fredrick.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur

Otis Jenkins also known as Thugnificent


Thugnificant represents the thugs or wannabe thugs getting a lot of money and showing off with it. Although this character does have a degree in communication, a person wouldn’t think so because of the way he behaves. He represents the misconceptions of what people think of ‘thugs’ because of the behaviour they portray. Every rapper saying they are thugs are not thugs, some were brought up in a different environment from the thug life. For rappers (well most of them) been thugish is an image. Thugnificant represents this.

His ‘real name’ is Otis Jenkins, not that it bare much significance but Otis redding the soul singer (often called the King of soul) sang and toured with Johnny Jenkins, a left hand blues guitarist. It was Johnny Jenkins that helped launched Otis Reddings career. Again not that it is significant but the name Otis Jenkins, the real name of Thugnificant could have came from the name Otis Redding and Johnny Jenkins (first name from Otis Redding and last name from Johnny Jenkins). They were the greatest musician of their time (the 60’s).

Thugnificiant is part of the group ‘Lethal Interjection Crew’ involving members like Macktastic and Flonomial who he met through the label. Riley Freeman (representing the attitude of all young kids) wants to be just like them. Wants to be a thug.

Otis Redding

Otis Redding

Johnny Jenkins

Johnny Jenkins

Macktastic and Flonominal

Lethal Interjection

Macktastic (on the right) is the rapper that doesn’t represent a thug but a pimp. He is well spoken but he doesn’t speak a lot. He loves women. The First part of his name says it all MACK-tastic.

Flonominal (in the middle) represents all the loud, trouble making, fast talking rappers. Flonominal also has a degree but most of the time he is all for trouble. He goes on ignorant on purpose. He is respectful and educated but that doesn’t suit the image of a thug so he pretends. He is called FLOnominal yet when he speaks he waffles, see the unsophistication?

A Pimp named Slickback

A Pimp named Slickback

In a wild, desolate, unhabitable country, you will see Pimps. A Pimp named Slickback represents people who are not really fond of nicknames. Every name doesn’t have to be abbreviated just because a person knows the person. It is funny that this sort of attitude is coming from a pimp when he is the one that giving hoes nicknames.

Apart from rapping or working in a law firm (like Tom) he represents other ways of making money. The fact that he is called upon sometimes makes him valuable and shows that what he is, is in demand.

Colonel H Stinkmeaner

Colonel H Stinkmeaner

Hates everybody, especially black people.His hate is not like Uncle Rukus (where it is black on black crime) but more to do with what black people do. Colonel Stinkmeaner lives to create n*gga moments. The n*gga moment is a moment of choice. A choice to either walk away or fight. This is emphasised by the Colonel himself everytime he says “Watcha ya gonna do n*gga, watcha ya gonna dooo?”. Colonel Stinkmeaner represents every old man complaining about life and the youth. He also represents what happens when a man has no discipline. He does what he likes, when he likes. He is blind and doesn’t care.

The fact that he is called a Colonel (a high rank in the army) shows that he knows what he is doing but in this case he doesn’t care. He is one that uses his blindness as an excuse to get away with what he does. His second name Stink meaner, shows what he is a colonel of. The word stink means that something smells bad. It could be put in a sentence as in something smells fishy, or I got a bad feeling about this. The meaner part of his name just shows his attitude through and through. He hates everything!

Rev Rollo GoodLove

Rev Rollo GoodLove

This character is meant to be based on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Like all so-called leaders the focus is on money and reputation. Rev Rollo GoodLove represents the leaders who say much for the benefit of trying to show that they are doing something but do nothing. They will debate the issues out but at the end of the day, one could say that they don’t really care about the outcome. The fact that this character is also a Reverend represents that religious leaders are not excluded from such tactics.

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson

Cindy Mcphearson

Cindy Mcphearson

The white girl who knows nothing about racial discrimination. If she loves it, she’ll do it regardless of gender. She represents the white folks who can get along with blacks (or different ethnic group). She loves what she loves and will do and wear what she feels. Once again the hip hop culture comes into this because Cindy and Riley both love the image. In every episode she is always in a team. She seems to portray unity.

Bushido Brown

Bushido Brown

Where Huey represents an activist for change and Stinkmeaner represents a lack of discipline, Bushido Brown represents discipline. He is a martial art master and his character is based on the character Jones in the film ‘Black Belt Jones’.Bushido Brown throughout the whole show is a body guard.

Black Belt Jones

The Film Black Belt Jones


Voice of Robert Freeman (Grandad) is John Whitherspoon

John Whitherspoon

Voice of Huey and Riley Freeman is Regina King (below)

Regina King

Voice of Tom Dubois and Colonel H Stinkmeaner is Cedric Yarbrough (below)

Cedric Yarbrough

Voice of Sarah Dubois is Jill Talley (below)

Jill Talley

Voice of Yazmine Dubois is Gabby Soleil (below)

Gabby Soleil

Voice of Uncle Rukus is Gary Anthony Williams (below)

Gary Anthony Williams

Voice of Ed Wuncler is Edward Asner (below)

Edward Asner

Voice of Ed Wuncler III is Charlie Murphy (below)

Charlie Murphy

Voice of Gin Rummy is Samuel L Jackson (below)

Samuel L Jackson

Voice of Gangstalicious is Mos Def (below)

Mos Def

Voice of Thugnificient is Carl Jones (below)

Carl Jones

Voice of Macktastic is Snopp Dogg (below)

Snopp Dogg

Voice of Flonominal is Busta Rhymes (below)

Busta Rhymes

Voice of a Pimp named Slickback is Katt Williams (below)

Katt Williams

Voice of Rev Rollo GoodLove is Cee-Lo (below)


Voice of Cindy McPhearson is Tara Strong (below)

Tara Strong

Voice of Bushido Brown was first by Cedric Yarbrough then it was done by Michael Jai White (below)

Michael Jai White




Blocking is basically another word for stopping someone or anything from happening.The word cock is another word for penis. So Cock blocking is when someone stops another person from getting with someone and from getting with them sexually. Although it is mostly used in regards to men (due to the fact that men usually do the approaching) cockblocking regards to both men and women.

A cockblocker is someone who interfers. He or she may not stop the transaction between a man and a woman meeting or communicating but most of the time they do. Their interference messes everything up (but there are exception to the rule). Cockblockers usually interfer because of jealousy or envy. These two emotions will make a cockblocker secretly sabotage their ‘friend’s’ advancements with a potential partner.

When cockblockers interfer, they try to stop their friend either by saying something negative about their friend in front of the other person, yelling at their friend that they will fail in their advancement when the other person is there or just coming into their friend’s conversation with the other person when it doesn’t concern them. They say that three is a crowd, this statement usually refer to cockblockers. They crowd around when they are meant to giving space.

With women the dynamic is different. Women mostly listen to other women so this means they don’t even know when they have a cockblocker in the group. For example, a woman who wants to dance with a man sometimes tries to get validation from ‘her girls’ (her friends) to see, get this, if the man is alright for her, for dancing or long term.

These ‘girls’ of hers will make their own opinion (comparing it with their own preference) how the man looks or whether she should go dance with him or not. Either all or one of her girls will cockblock and tell the girl not to dance with the man or say that he is ‘not that nice looking’. Secretly they all wanted to be approached so most of the time it is an act of sabotage.The look on men’s face, priceless. Sometimes men just shake their head at the stupidity of it all.

Its like a woman doesn’t have a mind of her own. One gril was asked to dance and she ask the girls that weren’t if she should. Now it would be different if women ask if their friend mind, concluding that SHE made up HER MIND to dance with the man. But women literally ask if they should dance, leaving the decision to her friends (those who weren’t ask). Unbelievable!

Women are in constant competition with each other so cockblocking is a natural occurence amongst them. Its either they all get approach and have a story to tell at the end of the night or they stop advancements so that they can all complain together. Misery loves company. Most cockblocking will happen to the dime of the group. This will stem from jealousy and envy. A man will find her friends playing over protective as if her friend needed rescuing, even if she wants to advance with the man.

Sometimes a woman could be dancing with a man and the cockblocker will either come in between them or pull the woman away talking about ‘wanting to speak with her’. Men are mostly surprised about the stupidity of it all. With men (simps) they cockblock because they want the woman that their friend (sometimes stranger) is communicating with. Simps try to take away the moment from their friend and make it their moment. Women cockblock to stop the moments from happening.

Cockblockers can be kept busy by scavengers (men who will sleep with any woman) and Buzzards (a woman who is considered unattractive because of the way she acts and the attitude she projects. Men don’t bother to approach).

Cockblocking can be done accidentally though. For example when a man or woman just came into the conversation, not knowing about the connection taking place but interupt to communicate with their friend real quick, they’ve cockblocked unintentionally. Or when a man or woman have urgent news and just interupt the communication with their friend without thinking or assessing. Most times cockblocking is not accidental and a cockblocker motto is ‘if I can’t have him or her, then nobody will’.

[David Spates and John Ollie the Brotherhood salutes you.]

Message of the Week

“The majority of these questions that are being posted, can be answered on your own by just simply getting out, and INTERACTING with the opposite sex more.

It’s like 90 degrees out now, put the keyboards down, and challenge yourself to meet several new females a week. upon doing that, pay attention to their personalities, behaviors, gather info, and stack knowledge through, FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE.
There’s nothing wrong with some helpful advice about grey areas in the game, but some of these shallow azz questions being posted scream out loud that the author of the post isn’t even trying to get out on his own and, PROBLEM SOLVE. ”    Yung  Savy

Motorcycles and Tats Are NO Substitute For Game!

Just an observation…

Fellas: if you lack good game when it comes to dealing with females, getting a motorcycle or new tattoos won’t help you much. Nothing can compensate for having good game.

Not money; fancy cars; jewelry; a big house; good credit; not even muscles will help you get and keep quality females. Having these things may get a woman’s attention; but you’re fooling yourself if you think it will help you keep her attention.

A fool can get a woman’s attention. Hell; a monkey playing a banjo can get a woman’s attention! But it takes a whole lot more to keep that attention. And this is where most guys are lacking.

There’s been a proliferation of dudes running out and getting bikes lately…spending crazy money on getting their arms and backs and even their necks tatted up. Mostly because somewhere along the line, they heard women find these things sexy on a man. But if you’re running out and jumping on the latest trends just because women think its sexy, you’re not actually exhibiting masculine traits.

You’re not being a self sufficient Man. Instead, you’re still stuck in the mode of seeking female approval. Until you can find approval within yourself and from other established Men for your masculinity, you’ll never know what its like to be a true Man. Only men can validate the masculine within another man. A woman can NEVER validate your manhood. So stop seeking approval from women for your manhood!

Men LEAD; we don’t follow. Manhood isn’t something of a physical nature alone. It has little to nothing to do with outward things and status symbols. True raw masculinity has to come from deep within. This is the true aphrodisiac that drives most women wild. When you allow your true raw masculine energy to shine from deep within yourself, comfortably and without apology…then you’ll have the one trait above all the rest that women find irresistible in a guy.

You don’t change your persona trying to please a female! What part of the game is that?! Dudes are out here getting permanent tattoos all over their bodies because females want them too…Killing themselves on motorcycles trying to personify the image of a bad boy…*shaking my head*

And that’s exactly what it is: guys are trying to present the image of a bad boy. After all; we all know females like bad boys. So you end up with a bunch of wannabe bad boys running around, faking a lifestyle they don’t really have the heart to live, because they think it will help them attract more women.

I guess for me this is so corny because I’ve lived the bad boy image…in reality. I’ve seen and done just about everything these streets have to offer; not only in one town, but in every town I’ve ever lived in. Been a bad boy, was a bad boy, got locked up as a bad boy…lost friends that were bad boys; and damn near lost my own life as a bad boy!

So when I see dudes out there faking something that I know they’re not, just to get females to like them more; it kinda makes my blood boil. It makes the bad boy in me wanna rise to the surface again and start pimp smacking some of these cornballs…

Be who and what you really are. Don’t change up who you are just to accommodate females! If you know you’re not a bad boy, buying a new motorcycle wont’ suddenly make you one! Neither will getting the names of every prison in the state of Texas tatted on your chest.

I pull more females with NO visible tats on my body, driving down the street in my contractor work van, then some of these dudes with muscles, tats and bikes. In fact, a few of the chicks I smashed had boyfriends who drove bikes and were tatted to the hilt! While they were following trends to pull more women, I was smashing their chick by simply and confidently being myself…

And the same could be said for having money…

A false sense of excitement will never lead to a truly exciting life for a woman. Like I said earlier: getting a woman’s attention is the easy part. Now what are you going to do once you have it? How are you going to keep it? Your bike is going to get corny. Soon your tats won’t matter to her any more. Besides, there’s always some new dude on the block getting a newer bike or with different tats for her to stare at. Now how are you going to keep her from straying?

This is what having good game is really all about. Its about knowing how to be the type of dude that women can’t resist…that they simply can’t live without. And it has nothing under the sun to do with what you drive or what new permanent inkings you have on your body.

Get some real game and some good Macking skills under your belt. And leave the bad boy stuff to the real ‘bad boys’.


Money EARNED vs. Money LEARNED

Are you working a square job (widely considered as a 9 to 5)? Have you uttered the phrases; “It pays the bills” OR “It’s a living” OR “I’m just happy to even have a job”???

Are you JUST earning a paycheck? While there is nothing wrong with that, it is indicative of a level of dependency on others (i.e. your employer). In reality we ALL have an employer of some sort. Even a street hustler has customers who he is dependent on to make his living. Of course earning money is essential for survival but it becomes increasingly difficult to create WEALTH because we are so enthralled with making the living we can’t build on it. Most working class individuals are generally making ends meet. This way of life can keep you from learning your craft/hustle if you are busy working for someone else’s company – just to pay someone else’s company (utility, mortgage, and insurance, etc.). All of the above stated would be considered money earned.

Back in the day the breadwinner would pass down skill sets & information to his children to “keep it in the family”. Businesses were mostly family owned. They literally passed the hustle along to the next generation so that more of their own kind would benefit from the rewards the hustle would bring. Their concern was more for the craft instead of the cash – because if you knew the craft you could always make the cash. Family businesses also had the benefit of gaining knowledge through actual experience of managing the money as well. If the family mishandled the finances they had to close shop so they were forced to make it work. This all would be considered money learned.

There’s an old adage that says:

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”

It is my opinion that in today’s economy you need both dynamics for longevity: Money learned will help you acquire, maintain and keep the wealth while money earned will help you attract more opportunities to stabilize the hustle. Being an employee does have the benefits of structure and you can soak in that structure for your own company endeavors. Historically, family businesses have been the backbone of the American economy. Yet conventional wisdom says that family businesses are out and big corporations are in. Despite the rising influence of big corporations, family operations continue to be a powerful economic force. In fact, many of the corporations themselves are family companies (Wal-Mart, TRUMP Int’l to name a few).

A fantastic example of money learned would be Jaden Smith. It can be said that Will Smith has his whole fam in on the Hollywood Hustle and is capitalizing nicely as a family business. Just about everyone in his family is working on multimillion dollar situations. Admirable to say the least.

I wanted to touch on this to make a statement to today’s Urban Renaissance Man – realize you are a business and your network (family & friends) is an extension of said business. The reason today’s family structure is failing is that we have become less worried about our business and more worried about our leisure. Men are so concerned with living the single life they are missing the mark of building their brand and cultivating an empire. Good business breeds greater leisure. Chasing females around Facebook and through the clubs will only be a warm memory as you enter your 40’s highlighting receipts at the exit door of your local Wal-Mart.

Take time to learn a skill and cultivate it. Don’t just pass on the attitude of a great employee to your family…teach them the HUSTLE. One of the fundamental beliefs some of the world’s wealthiest people share is that you can’t do it alone…you need family, friends and likeminded people on your team….*be about it or be without it brethren.

*Quoted from Earl “E-40” Stevens


Cockteaser cup

Any woman who gives the illusion that she wants sex with a man is known as a cockteaser. It mostly has something to do with sex but can also refer to any woman who gives the illusion of liking or ‘loving’ a man.

There is teasing and then there is cock teasing. Teasing is the art of taking something that is serious or taking the truth and making it not so serious. It is a way of getting the truth out without ‘hurting’ someone. The person receiving the tease could either laugh along or tease back. Either way it creates an air of playfulness. The truth comes out but it doesn’t hurt. It is a great tactic for all men to use especially been that women are emotional.

Pimps don’t tease they are emotionless and always use their words to reinforce their stable (their hoes). Macks (a man without lack) and players will tease. They are playful and give their women fun (pimps give their women [hoes] work). A woman will take a tease as a joke because it comes off as one. One could conclude that truth + ease = tease. It eases a person (a woman in this case) as the truth is been told.

Cockteasers, has something to do with creating an illusion or leading a man ‘astray’. It has nothing to do with the truth but lies. It is like women using their vaginas to tell the penis (also known as a cock), the man, that their interaction (sex) is going to be a sure thing.

Some women cocktease to see how bad a man truly wants them and to get a high off the attention. Some women do it as a living. These women are called strippers. They get paid for it. Most men that see women wearing short, tight and revealing clothing would call these women cock teasers. But Pimps, Macks and players would use the terminology attention whores.