2 thoughts on “A Big Debate: Why Can’t Successful Black Women Find Black Man

  1. Ryan Dyson

    Let me say from the outset that I’m not trying to throw black women under the bus, but in all reality, the reason why black women can’t find a black man is that they exude a lot of the behavior to repell black men, and project vewry little to attract and retain them. The comments that Sheri, or however you spell the broad’s name, made in the video clip are proof of what I’m talking about. Everything is a damn joke. Jimmy is right. Women want a hybrid man. Someone who can be a friend and a lap dog. That’s complete bullshit. I deal with these kind of issues from black women. When I date outside of my race, I catch Holy hell about it. The main question I hear is: “Damn brotha…..you couldn’t find a sista?” It’s not that I couldn’t find a black woman. I’m tired of sifting through the bullshit to find the inherent good in black women. I’m not an angry black man. I’m just a tired black man.

  2. AfroScientist

    I agree with Ryan Dyson. I cannot understand why black women logically think that it makes sense to make it harder for their OWN men to want to date them. They think they are teaching us a lesson but they are losing us in droves to women of other races. Some guys simply cannot be bothered to deal with the B.S from his own women when he has been getting it from the other party all day.

    I still go for black women but I am very curt with them and I am really avoiding women raised in a matriarchal upbringing because it usually never works out. They don’t have the respect for a man necessary.

    Why would I deal with that when I can deal with African black women who by and large, tend to be respectful of their men?

    Sheeet, I’d be crazy to stress myself.


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