Check Yourself

Check yourself picture

We attract who we are. Whatever we don’t like about other people means there is something we don’t like about ourselves. First person to check is yourself. If you are timid and quiet, your friends will do everything to get you to talk, lash out or push you till you put them on blast. People TOLERATE the weak but respect and admire the strong. If you are timid and quiet in your group understand that people fear what they don’t understand. They will try and get you to open up or try to eradicate you. However way they do it, the aim is still the same, to get you to open. Timidity and shyness is perceived as passive. It potray weakness.

Been passive will enable friends to do unfriendly things, player hate and disrespect you.You become a ‘prey’ for them to ‘attack’. Your fault! Especially if you don’t take a stand. The truth of the matter is a man would rather be in the mist of strength than in the shade or shadow of weakness. Whatever is weak or perceived as weak will be trodden down by the strong. Been weak is not something that deserves respect. One can get weakened by illness or a tradegy. But understand that to be weakened means there had to be strength.

Be strong, Be bold, acknowledge your friends by communicating with them. Let them know that they don’t have to tease you or disrespect you to get attention. Remember friends are people who want to be your friend, what you potray determines how they treat you. Check yourself!

When friends and family disrespect, it is an indication of what you are projecting. People are mirrors, they reflect back to us what we are. They reflect back to us what we project. If you feel like your friends or anyone is disrespecting you and you want them to stop, the answer lies in you. Check you!


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