Game from the Script: Al Qur’an (commonly known Koran)

Al Quran

Disclaimer: I am not a Muslim but I am one in the meaning of the word. The word Muslim means Peacekeepers NOT Submitters as in Submitters to Allah as some will have you believe. I am not part of this religious sect or really follow the Al Quran. Nevertheless, not many people know that the Al Quran is an extension of the Bible. Many religions have been distorted to cause division.

I am a believer of the Heavenly Father (El Eloh [Most High], El Yahuwa [Leader of All the Existing one]) and His Son Yashua (Hebrew meaning Savior. Hebrew name for Jesus). I am not into religion but will gather what is scattered (do not confuse me with a Mason cause this is one of their mottos) to elevate myself closer to the Most High. This post is not to influence further division or circulate hate so if there are any errors in this post, let me know.

In my life’s journey, on this path, there has been encounters with different religious group. After debating with Isalmic friends, one thing can be said, they undoubtedly believe that Isalm is the true religion and that the Koran is the true Holy book.Such attitude and devotion is worthy of admiration been that faith should be absolute but it is this attitude of ‘TRUE’ that blinds people to the fact of what is true. In other words one cannot know what is truth if one is stagnant by what they think is the truth. Although Islamic groups can be commended for their show in faith, it seems that for most, they have closed themselves off to further truths. Note that other religions are not exempt from this either and here lies the division.


In Arabic the Al Qur’an means ‘The Reading or Recitation’ and was given to Ahmad son of Adullat and Amina. Born 570 A.D and died 632 A.D. Ahmad was also called Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, he was the REAL prophet Muhammad and was given the Al Quran in the year 610 A.D.

Al Quran
Al Quran

The name Ahmad (Koran ch 61 v 6) in Arabic means ‘Praise, Gratitude, Consultation and illustrious and is from the correct Greek word Perikakutos, which means ‘illustrious or praise’.

In John ch 16 v 7, 8, 13 and 14. Yashua (Jesus) describesThe Comforter. John ch 16 v 14 states:

‘He shall receive of mine and shall show it unto you.’ John ch 14 v 16 states:

And I will pray The Father and He shall give you ANOTHER COMFORTER that he may abide with you forever.

Yashua (Jesus) is a Comforter, stating another Comforter shall come after him. The Greek word for Comforter in John ch 14 v 16, is ‘Paraclete’ meaning ‘Consultation, Exaltation, Comfort, illustrious, Praise’. So both the words Paracletos and Perikakutos mean ‘Comfort and Praise’. This refers to Ahmad, the Prophet Muhummad. He is the Other Comforter that was spoken by Yashua (Jesus) to come.



Note that there was a emphasis on the fact that Ahmad was the real Muhammad, telling you that there was a fake. The false Muhammad’s name was Musaylimat son of Habib Al Hanafi. Born 558 A.D and died 633 A.D. Note that he died a year later after Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, the real Muhammad.

The false Muhummad’s name, Musaylimat means ‘The SUBMITTER, Son of the Beloved the Upright’. You can also see from his name the word Muslim. But the word Muslim in ancient Arabic means Peacekeepers and is the word used in Matthew ch 5 v 9. Translating the Greek version of the New Testament to Arabic, you will have to use the word Muslim for the word peacekeepers (in English). The word Muslim was later changed to mean Submitters as in Submitters to Allah, in respect to Musaylimat, the false prophet.

The false prophet was a very prominent leader, who was very well versed in poetry. He came out with his own version of the Koran and was responsible for writing the earliest Meccan Surahs (chapters) of the Koran, as well as the poetry chapters.


When the original Quran was destroyed by Musaylimat and his followers, he introduced his own version of the Quran. He had collected bits of the real Quran but threw away three chapters:

1) Sura Khaal (meaning Maternal Uncle)
2) Sura Hafd (meaning Pace)
3) Sura Nurain (meaning Illumination)

The false prophet and followers also changed the name of Sura Al Hamd to Surah Al Fatiha as well as adding new verses in his book.
The original copies of the Koran was given to Ali the Nephew of the real prophet Muhammad and the husband of Faatimah who was the daughter of the real Muhammad.

The copies were taken and some destroyed by the false prophet and his followers. The original Koran was on bones and skins in the Kufic script in the dialect of the Koresh tribe. It was completely burnt. False copies were created and circulated throughout the Islamic world.

Ali was to be the successor of the real prophet Muhammad but when the prophet Muhammad (the real one) died there was a group dispute as to who would be the successor. It was this dispute that broke many Muslims into the groups and sect of today. The two major sect at that time were the Shi’ite and the Sunni. The Shi’ite recognized Amir Al Mu’minin Ali (Ali’s full name) as the rightful successor but the Sunni chose and recognized Abu Bakr Abdullah son of Uthman as the successor. to be the sucessor. It is the teachings of the false prophet that Islamic groups are following today.

KHALIFA (Successor)

The Sunni (Followers of the False prophet Muhammad)

Abu Bakr Adullah son of Uthman (573 – 634 A.D.)
Umar Al Khattaab (591 – 644 A.D.)
Uthman son of Affan, son of Abdul Aasiy (574 – 656 A.D.)

as their Successors.

The Shi’ite (The followers of the real Muhammad)

Ali (599 – 661 A.D.)
Hasan (625 – 669 A.D.)
Husayn (626 – 680 A.D.)

as their Successors. The Sunni killed Hasan and Husayn but Ali (the father of Hasan and Husayn) escaped.


Before the False prophet, Musaylimat and followers (Sunni) destroyed and kept some of the original Koran to use for deception, Ali, Nephew of the real Muhammad had memorized the whole Koran. The False prophet tried to kill Ali because of this but Ali made it safely to the land known as Kufur. It was there he had the original Koran put into the Kufic language (think of the film ‘Book of Eli [Eli means God in Hebrew] where Denzel character stayed alive due to the things he knew. Yashua (Jesus) said in Matthew ch 27 v 46, Eli, Eli Lama Sabachthani meaning My God, My God, Why have You forsaken me? so note the word Eli). Ali’s sons Hasan and Husayn were killed in the attempt.

Understand that it was Ali that was the FIRST MALE TO CONVERT to Islam and he was called Millat Ibrahim in Koran ch 2 v 130. It was Ali that was the first not Muhammad. Muhammad was taught how to read, write and CHRISTIANITY by his uncle Waraqa Bin Naufal been that he was a christian himself. So the Koran comes from Christian and Judaic INFLUENCE. This is why the Bible and the Koran read the same. The Koran is a continuation not a separate book entirely.

The Koran took it’s God’s name from the Jews who migrated into that area under Abraham’s third wife Keturah (Genesis ch 25 v 1). Keturah was the mother of the midianite tribes. The Islamic history claims that Muhammad was a direct descendant of Kedar (Genesis ch 25 v 12-18).
Kedar was the second son of Ishmael. Ishamael was the first son of Hagar (Sarahs maidservant. Sarah had told Abraham to have a child through Hagar as she could not conceive yet [Genesis ch 16 v 3].)

Ishmael had 12 sons, which became 12 tribes just like Jacob (named chaned to Israel. The name Israel is three gods in one. IS as in Isis, Ra, as in the ancient Kemite (Egyptian) deity Ra, El as in the ancient babylonian and Hebrew name for God).

Observe, assess and learn if you can. But do it with faith and with a heart of love. Do not get confused and be careful to be led astray. Jordan Maxwell pointed out interesting things but not all things.

Ishamel Sons (Mentioned in Genesis ch 25 and I Chronicles 1:29-33)
1 ) Nebaioth
2 ) Kedar
3 ) Adbeel
4 ) Mibsam
5 ) Mishma
6 ) Dumah
7 ) Massa
8 ) Hadad
9 ) Tema
10) Jetur
11) Naphish
12) Kedemah

Jacob’s (Is-ra-el) Sons (Genesis ch 29 to ch 39)
1 ) Reuben
2 ) Simeon
3 ) Levi
4 ) Judah
5 ) Dan
6 ) Naphtali
7 ) Gad
8 ) Asher
9 ) Isaachar
10) Zebulun
11) Joseph
12) Benjamin

One of the reasons it seems, that circulate hatred between the Christian groups and the Islamic group is the belief that Ishmael is the true first heritance of the Most High been that he was born first through Hagar with the permission of Sarah. Ishmael was Abraham’s son and first by birthright.

Christians on the other hand say that Isaac, although born second was Sarah’s first and Sarah’s was Abraham’s true wife. Hagar was not married to Abraham, she was given to tend to him and used as a surrogate mother. Note, Sarah was Abraham’s half sister and they were married to keep the perfect lineage going. This chosen nation called the Israelites later got their lineage ‘contaminated’ through intermarrying with other nations that weren’t chosen.

The Highest God, Deity or idol, BEFORE Muhammad’s time was Allat (mentioned in Koran ch 23 v 19). He was one of the 360 statues kept sacred and worshipped in a cube shaped building which was 40′ X 40′ called the Kaaba, which means cube. The Kaaba sits in the center of Mecca. Mecca is said to be the Holy city. The location of where the Kaaba is (Mecca) is said to be the original spot where the Garden of Eden was. It’s said that it was Abraham and Ishmael that built it but Egiptian Mysteries and Shriners know different.

The Kaaba

The Kaaba 2

The Kaaba 3

The Kaaba 4

The Kaaba 5

Islamic groups pray to the East, facing Mecca but they are really facing the Kaaba (Cube) of the deity Allat. It is equivalent to Christians bowing down to the cross. Everybody do such things out of respect and it is understandable. Yet define Idol worship and then define respect.

In Ezekiel ch 8 v 16, it states:

So He brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house; and there, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east, and they were worshiping the sun toward the east.

This proves that there were men praying to the East in the Bible.


It was Muhammad’s uncle that taught him how to read and write. To be more specific his uncle Waraqa Bin Naufal taught him ‘The Injiyl’ (Revelations). The Injiyl is what they called the New Testament. A man Bilal Ibn Rabah taught Muhammad the Torah (Five books of Moses. That’s 1) Genesis, 2) Exodus, 3) Leviticus, 4) Numbers and 5) Deuteronomy). It was Bilal’s wife Maryam Qibtiyah that taught him The Suhuf.

Muhammad was an unlearnt man and knew nothing about poetry. Yet the Koran is filled with poetic chapters (Surah). This again proves the existence of a false prophet. Isaiah ch 29 v12, speaks of Muhammad when it says:

And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying read this, I pray thee: and he saith I am not learned.

Note that Yashua (Jesus) was a very smart man. Found in the synagogue at a young age, disputing and teaching the scriptures.

Front view of Synagogue

Top view of Synagogue

Top view of Synagogue

To the Orthodox Muslim (Sunni), Islam is the worship of the Prophet Muhummad. Their prophet Muhammad was Musaylimat. Islam was created to control trade in Mecca by using Muhammad and this new religion. It was created by Muhammad’s first wife (he had 13) Khadijah and her cousin (Muhammad’s uncle) Waraqa Bin Naufal. They made up the new religion with the help of the Pope. This was done because Musaylimat (the fake prophet) was winning control and the masses of Mecca at that time.


A Roman Catholic teacher named Augustine was in on it to. The whole Vatican church was in on it.


Clarence 13X, was later revealed to the Supreme Alphabet and Supreme Mathematics. It was during his time that Islam became an acronym to mean (I) (S)elf (L)ord (A)nd (M)aster.

Clarence 13X
Clarence 13X

Clarence 13X standing
Clarence 13X standing

Clarence 13X was the leader of the 5% ers. The teachings of God of Heaven and Earth, the Twelve Jewels and many other teachings came from this movement.

5% er symbol
Symbol of his movement the 5% ers

Yashua (Jesus) is a Muslim, as in he is a Peacekeeper.

Game from the Script:Bible

Reminder: The Heavenly Father is universal not confined to a book.

Shalom (Peace)


2 thoughts on “Game from the Script: Al Qur’an (commonly known Koran)

  1. shaykh

    Bismi-lah. There is some factual information here;but you have made hugh errors. Musailimah The Liar, was killed. There are too many inaccuracies and I don’t have time now;but I would advise people to study on their own and look for truth. The Ka’aaba in Mecca is not like the cross and we don’t worship it. Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him was not taught Christianity by Waraqa ibn Naufal. Qu’ran is a completion, verification, and correction of the previous scriptures. Sunni’s don’t follow any false Mohammed. You have alot of Shia stuff mixed with alot of Jewish inaccuracies here. Ali ibn Abu Talib was assassinated in his time, as were his sons Hassan and Husain after his time. He did not escape anything.Musailimah The Liar didn’t write ANY verses of Qu’ran. It was revealed by Allah swt Most High, through Angel Jibril to Mohammed’s pure heart. Gibril in the Bible and Torah. Try to be more careful with such a serious and sensitive subject! Authu-bi-lahi-minash-shaitan-nir-rajim. I seek refuge in Allah swt from Satan the rejected and cursed.

  2. s!a brazil

    I appreciate the info on the site but due to the fact that many take what they hear/read/see for face value I think to help combat that it would be useful for you to cite your sources when speaking on historical events


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