Game from the Script: Talmud


Disclaimer: I am a believer and do not really believe in religion, that which divides us. I am not Jewish or follow the Talmud. This post is not stimulated to circulate hate or anger but if anything to give a foundation of the truth.

Juadaism uses the Talmud. From Juadaism comes Christianity (Bible) and from Christianity comes Isalm (Qu’ran). Each comes with it’s own ‘Holy’ book. Do understand that Judaism (the Talmud) had already changed before Yashua (Jesus) was born. This was why Yashua was against the Pharisees and Saduccees, the leaders of the Judaiac teachings.

These leaders were perverting and distorting the original scrolls and recordings of the Most High. As the Messiah (Hebrew word meaning anointed) taught the original doctrines many started to become Messais (followers). But those from the outside, like Antioch (in Rome) that were against Yashua (Jesus) called them Christians.

There are two doctrines or versions of the Talmud, like in praticularly all religion, 1) The Palestinian Talmud “Talmud Yerushalmi” and the Babylonian Talmud “Talmud Babli”.

Talmud Yerushalmi
Talmud Yerushalmi (Palestinian Talmud)

Talmud Babli
Talmud Babli (Babylonian Talmud)

The word Christ, taken from the Greek word Christos, which is identical in sound and spelling as the Sanskrit word Krista, which is a variation of the Sankrit word Krishna (meaning black, dark, dark blue or sometimes all attractive) who is a hindu god and the eight avatar (body) of Vishnu and the embodiment of love and divine. Krisha is said to be the chief of the black demons whom are enemies of Buddha.




The word Christ in Greek means anointed. Those who follow the anointed become ‘anointed’ (christians).


The word Pharisees in Ashuric and ancient Arabic means to regard searchingly, eye, and scrutinize. In Aramic (Hebrew) the word used is Perushim or Paruh which means separated or separatists. The Greek word used is Pharisaios which also means separatist. The New Testament was translated from Hebrew (Aramic) to Greek (Latin) to English (Roman). A separatist, separates, note that.


The Sadducess were in constant battle with the Pharisees. They did not believe or allow interpretations and traditions of the law beyond the Torah (the five book of Moses- The first five books of the Bible). The Pharisees went outside of the Torah, praticising traditions and interpretating all the way up to the book of Ezra. This constant battle caused both the Sadducees and Pharisees to modified and alter the laws.

The Sadducees altered the laws within the Torah, whereas the Pharisees also altered outside of it. The Rabbinical laws as it is today are the ones the Pharisees altered. Both the Sadducees and Pharisees did not believe in Yashua (Jesus).

At the final destruction of the temple in 70 A.D, the Pharisees became the leading authority and forced out the Sadducees. Many Judahites were already in Babylonia, having been exiled there previously. In Babylonia the Pharisees found it easy to make up and enforce their unethical alterations.

Babylonians were already into idol worship and sexual perversions. The Pharisee doctrine, known as the Talmud (the Babylonian Talmud) constructed and shaped the way of life. 1000 new laws were formulated and the Talmud was known as “A Monument of Human Folly”. The Bible read today were from the ancient Babylonian manuscript which were altered by the Pharisees.

The Pharisees were influenced by the practices of the wicked Babylonians whose rule they found themselves under. In Babylon, sexual perversion had become a way of life. The Pharisees later had to practice their sexual perversion in secret because other societies that was rising in power did not allow such perversions. But the practises of these perversion remained in the Talmud.



The Talmud gets its name from the word Lamud which means taught, the teaching. It means the book which contains the teaching. The teaching is called the Talmud. The language of the Talmud was pure Hebrew and very similar to Aramic. It is the fundamental code of civil and canonical law of Rabbinical Judaism. The rabbis regard Moses as it’s first author. Rabbinical Jews often place it above the Torah.

The Talmud consist of the Mishnah and Gemara. The Mishna is an Aramic (Hebrew) word also spelled Mischnah and is the foundationof the principal part of the whole Talmud. It is the representation of the oral or traditional law called Halakoth. The word Mishnah is derived from the Aramic (Hebrew) verb Shanah, which means “to repeat”. Under the influence of the Aramic word Tanna, it received the meaning “to learn”. Jews had to learn and memorize the oral law.

The Mishnah which is the first test is followed by the Gemara (Aramic word meaning completion or tradition) which is an analysis of the Mishnah’s many opinions, leading to definite decisions.

The Talmud is based on or is the continuation of Exodus chapter 24, verse 9:

Then went up Moses and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel.

According to the Jews or Rabbis, these elders that went up Mount Sinai, the mountain that Moses received the 10 Commandment, received a more profound revelation WHICH WAS NOT WRITTEN DOWN AT THE TIME. IT BECAME KNOWN AS THE ORAL LAW, which they call “TORAH SHEBEAL PEH” and eventually took over the written law, which they call “TORAH SCHEBIKTAB”. From this Jews compiled the tales (Hadith), referred to as laws, calling it the Talmud and the Misnah.

One has to question that if Moses went up with the elders (70 of them) and Moses received the written laws from the Creator, then who was giving the 70 elders the oral laws?

Things in the Talmud

— The priests are or were permitted to marry a girl child under 3 years and a day old. They were allowed to have sex with her with the explanation and ‘justification’ that a little girl under 3 years and a day old would and can regain her virginity as she cries tears of purification and that’s if she cries. Intercourse with a small boy were also allowed.

This explains why a lot of boys and girls are getting molestated by the synagogues and churches.

— The penalty for adultery does not include sex with a minor, the wife of a minor, or the wife of a heathen.

— Rape in a perverted manner is outside the jurisdiction of the law and was therefore NOT PUNISHABLE.

— The Pharisees have the right to kill anyone as long as it is done INDIRECTLY (That’s how they got Yashua [Jesus]).


From Judaism and exercises of the combination of Talmud and misinterpretation of the Bible comes the advancement of the illuminati.

George Bush holding the Talmud


Game from the Script: Al Qur’an

Game from the Script: Bible

Reminder: The Heavenly Father is universal not confined to a book.

Shalom (Peace)


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