Elemental Relationships (Cater to your Game)

Astrology Chart

More and more, the reading of star signs or astrology in general, in an elemental sense, makes sense. Most people view the study of astronomy or astrology in a wrong way, due to so-called pyschics giving false daily readings and over dramatized way of reading it. Yet the constellations are much more galatically driven than someone’s way of making quick cash.

First thing to remember about the star constellations is that what we call stars are suns. Our sun is a star (the moon is a planet). Light give information and each sun (star) radiate light, sending information out into the universe, this is a means of how the universe communicate, been that the universe is conscious. It is the information in light (sunlight) that tells grass to grow, the tides by way of illumination (the sun shines on the moon) to stabilize, and so on.

Sunlight also affects us by entering through a very, very small hole in the middle of our heads. It enters this hole and travels down the spine, dividing it’s light (whitelight) into the different colours of the chakras.

Sunlight (Whitelight) enters a very, very small hole at the middle of the head and travels down the spine, dividing into the different colour of the chakras. This can also be seen by the rainbow and it’s called a Spectrum

So stars are suns and some suns giving off light are positioned (aligned) a certain way enabling an observer to see animal images which is known as the Zodiac (Zodiac means animals). These animal shapes (alignment) are also known as star signs.

From the way the suns (stars) are aligned, it gives off characteristics that we are mostly likely to respond to. It is important for people to understand that we respond and are affected by ALL the star signs but only one (or two) are MOST dominant in our life.

pg 40 of the book ‘Beyond Fear: The Teaching of Don Miguel Ruiz on Freedom and Joy’ explains it best when it states:

When the relationship of the humanto the whole universeis understood, it is easy to see that there is truth in astrology. Astrology is a science rather than a tool of divination. Ancient Toltecs knew that the universe is a living being that has a metabolism. Astrology was a study of the metabolism of the universe.

The Toltecs were seers who knew what would happen to the planet because they could interpret the quality of energy the universe needed from the earth.

We create emotional energy and this is the main form of energy that the earth transmits to the sun. From the sun, emotional energy is radiated outward to the rest of the universe. The sun controls the earth and it makes decisions that affect the earth.

The sun sends us light. In sunlight is all the information the sun intends to send to earth. Light is energy. All energy has memory, so all information can be stored in light. Sunlight carries information for the whole planet. It causes reactions in the earth. The earth contains ethereal, material and emotional energy. In reaction to the information coded in sunlight, the earth will respond by sending the energy intended by the sun…

Beyond Fear by Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz

By studying the stars, one can influence and maintain a stable relationship, just by knowing their partner’s star sign along with their elemental sign with that star sign. There is a jive talking, entertaining book on star signs called ‘Black Sun Signs African -American Guide to the Zodiac’ by Thelma Balfour.

Black Suns

Thelma Balfour
Thelma Balfour

This book is very accurate (in my opinion). It has helped in deciphering the behaviour of people that I know and have met. For example, looking up on Capricorns (been that there’s a certain lady I’m vibing with), it opened my eyes to the behaviour and surprisingly why she is the way she is. Apart from her, all the Capricorns (Earth sign) in my life also fit the description (check out that book).

There are many paths to begin astronomy but the major focus here is the elements. All 12 star signs are divided into the four elements that make up life. The four elements are Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Earth and Water are feminine attributes of nature.
Air and Fire are masculine attributes of nature.

WATER………… AIR………….. FIRE……………..EARTH
Cancer………..Gemini………. Aries…………….Taurus
Scorpio………..Libra………… Leo…………….. Virgo
Pisces………… Aquarius……Sagittarius…Capricorn

Water (feminine) + Air (masculine) + Earth (feminine) + Fire (masculine) = Spirit.

Water = Emotional
Air = Intellectual
Earth = Realist
Fire = Strong Willed

Everybody has all this attributes in them (Spirit-Human Spirit).

Elemental wise, partners can either Clash, balance each other out or stagnate each other.

Water + Water = Depth or Drown
Air + Air = Depth and Freeness
Earth + Earth = Stagnancy or Boredom
Fire + Fire = Intensity

Water (Emotional) + Air (Intellectual) = Storm or Balance
Water (Emotional) + Earth (Realist) = Muddy
Water (Emotional) + Fire (Strong Willed) = Warmth or evaporation or fire put out

Earth (Realist) + Air (Intellectual) = Stagnancy (nothing mixes) or stability (nothing has to mix)
Earth (Realist) + Fire (Strong Willed) = Brittling earth, therefore breaking he or she spirit or dirt (earth) putting out fire or Solidity (balanced)

Fire (Strong Willed) + Air (Intellectual) = Explosive or Balance

Again, note that everybody has all qualities in them but they are governed by one or two, more than the others. Also note that there are different types of Earth signs, Fire signs, Air signs and Water signs. In each sign there are the leaders of their signs, the rulers of their signs and the communicators of their (again everybody has all qualities in them).


WATER:……… Cancer………….Scorpio…………… Pisces
AIR:……….. Libra…………. Aquarius………….. Gemini
EARTH:……… Capricorn……… Taurus……………. Virgo
FIRE:………. Aries…………. Leo………………. Sagittarius

Cardinal or Leader of their sign always has an impulse to lead or begin something new.
Rulers are fixed signs. They stay put.
The communicators are changeable, meaning they are always changing their minds.

Been leader of the sign means that a person is MORE of the characteristic of the sign. Cancers are more emotional (water), Libras are more intellectual (Air), Capricorns are more realistic (Earth) and Aries are more strong willed (Fire).

Rulers you could say are between signs (they stay where they are). This is fitting for ruler signs been that they are centre of attention and everybody gravitates towards them (I got Scorpios and an Aquarius in my family). Communicators can change their ways at any time but they can express themselves very well. Knowing this in a relationship helps a lot. Both partners can avoid clashing with each other if they understand the galatical or general characteristics of each oher. This also stands if they are both of the same sign.The aim is to create balance but it becomes HARDER if there is no understanding.

The whole interaction goes deeper still when one takes into account that Water and Earth are feminine attributes of nature and Air and Fire are masculine attributes of nature. So though some signs are leaders, rulers and communicators, they are balanced or affected by polarity.


MASCULINE ATTRIBUTE (Air and Fire):…..Libra and Aries
FEMININE ATTRIBUTE (Water and Earth):…Cancer and Capricorn


MASCULINE ATTRIBUTE (Air and Fire):……Aquarius and Leo
FEMININE ATTRIBUTE (Water and Earth):….Scorpio and Taurus


MASCULINE ATTRIBUTE (Air and Fire):…….Gemini and Saggittarius
FEMININE ATTRIBUTE (Water and Earth):…..Pisces and Virgo

You could say that,

Masculine attribute + Feminine attribute = The spirit of the relationship or Compartability (cause masculine and feminine give birth).


Masculine attribute of Leaders + Feminine attribute of Rulers = Compartability

Masculine atribute of Leaders + Feminine attribute of Communicators = Compartability

Masculine atttribute of Rulers + Feminine attribute of Leaders = Compartability

Masculine attribute of Rulers + Feminine attribute of Communicators = Compartability

Masculine attribute of Communicators + Feminine attribute of Leaders = Compartability

Masculine attribute of Communicators + Femine attribute of Rulers = Compartability.

It would be reasonable to see it like this but not entirely wise. The elements still has to be taken into consideration, for example Earth (feminine) doesn’t mix with Air (masculine) so it can cause stagnancy or out of fairness, stability (nothing mixing may not necessarily be a bad thing).

On a deeper level still the elements mean:

Water = Wisdom
Air = Love
Earth = Truth
Fire = Knowledge

Polarity wise Masculine attribute is positive (+) and feminine attribute is negative (-).

Positive (+) + Negative (-) = Attraction or Magnetism

Air (Love) + Fire (Knowledge) [Masculine Attribute] + Water (Wisdom) + Earth (Truth) [Feminine Attribute] = Spirit and light affects or gives to spirit.

Love goes with Wisdom and Knowledge goes with Truth, So

Air (Love) [Masculine] + Water (Wisdom) [Feminine] = Spirit
Fire (Knowledge) [Masculine] + Earth (Truth) [Feminine] = Spirit

But there are those who are ruled by two star (sun) signs. They were born in between. They were born on the Cusps.

—Cusp of Power – Born in between Aries and Taurus [April 19 to April 24]
—Cusp of Energy – Born in between Taurus and Gemini [May 19 to May 24]
—Cusp of Magic – Born in between Gemini and Cancer [June 19 to June 24]
—Cusp of Oscillation – Born in between Cancer and Leo [July 19 to July 24]
—Cusp of Beauty – Born in between Vigo and Libra [September 19 to September 24]
—Cusp of Drama – Born in between Libra and Scorpio [October 19 to October 24]
—Cusp of Revolution – Born in between Scorpio and Saggitarius [November 19 to November 24]
—Cusp of Prophesy – Born in between Sagittarius and Capricorn [December 19 to December 24]
—Cusp of Mystery – Born in between Capricorn and Aquarius [January 15 to January 22]
—Cusp of Sensitivity – Born in between Aquarius and Pisces [February 18 to February 22]
—Cusp of Rebirth – Born in between Pisces and Aries [March 19 to March 26]

I was born on the Cusp of Magic, meaning I have Cancer (feminine, leader, water, emotional, wisdom) and Gemini (masculine, communicator, air, intellectual, love) traits.

The best book that provides accuracy in explaination (in my opinion) is the book ‘The Secret Language of Relationships’ by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

The Secret Language of Relationships

The star signs also provide information on how much or how little attention needed to give to a partner. One truly has to look at the positioning of the charts to overstand this. It all requires the understanding of angles.

Watch Videos on Angles

The star signs also helps outside of a relationship. It helps in the interaction with everyone.

Astronomy-Astrology (Books)

Relationship Astrology

Amun-RE Sen Atum-RE


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