PAYING HOMAGE (April 1984 – 26th December 2022): Phillip “Sinful the P” Brandon Gilmore

At the age of 38 years old, Phillip Brandon Gilmore who is also known as “Sinful the Playa” also known as “Sinful the P” has transition, and the passing is a shock and a strong hit for the people that knew him and followed him. As Phillip was losing weight rapidly (120 pounds in a short space of time), people started to be concerned even though he was telling everybody that he was fine. The cause of death is said to be aids or HIV but there are still other speculations.

Phillip Gilmore often spoke about his street-life and pimping days as well as his struggle and acceptance of his religious upbringing. His mother raised him Christian while the streets called him Sinful the P. He would preach the Game, using a blend of rhyming, rhythm, and religious teachings and Bible quotes. His charismatic, larger than life personality developed a following in a very short space of time and it’s no surprise that his influence was strong. He was also a musician.

Not everybody can or would agree with everything he said, even his lifestyle, but everybody can agree that he spoke the truth, he had knowledge, and he kept giving warnings to people who have chosen the path of pimping, the street-life, and in a way being an atheist. This was a man that was true to the GAME! This is not understatement! How he taught or preached on the Game was filled with intense sincerity while he put GOD and GAME together for people to grasp the concept of there being another level to mindset.

He leaves behind a lasting impression and the definition of charisma and a positive mindset. Again, many people might not have agreed with him, but he did teach, share his experiences, and delivered a lot of lesson to make people ponder, wonder, and think! Phillip Brandon Gilmore aka Sinful the Playa or Sinful the P, the Brotherhood Of The Game salutes you.

His family were not in support of his lifestyle and so there is problem on how he was buried. One of his closest friend Freeze Iz It had to address it with his family.




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