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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Fitness): Darebee


  • Doesn’t matter what your body type is, whether ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph the aim is to build strength. Hardening the body can make you take hits.
  • There will come a time in life, when you’ll have to lift, climb, run, and do a wide range of activities, either to help yourself or someone else, and this will require high stamina.
  • Building synchronicity with your body will allow you to move it better.
  • It helps you to feel comfortable in your own body.
  • It keeps your energy levels high and ready to be used.
  • It increases your survival rate tremendously.

Darebee is a website that can be used to keep yourself fit. They have daily exercises as well as programs that you can participate in. Do be willing to donate anything to keep it going. It is a site that has helped you create a timetable and will aid in your progres



Know this before you have Sex!! (Give Birth to Supremes!)

Amun-RE Sen Atum-RE

Amun-RE Sen Atum-RE (birthname, Michael) has written about 50 books or over at age 27. He goes into spirituality, mysticism and existence in depth and in such a way to have you in awe and reevaluating your entire belief system. Truly he is a gifted speaker and writer and feels no hesitation to teach, express and distribute his experiences, findings and lifestyle. Continue reading

Angela Auset E Baker: Goddess Body Wellness


Angela Auset , Master Educator of the Holistic Sciences, is force in raising awareness & spawning positive action in the realms of healing the human form through vegetarianism, and all that is ‘of the earth’. Having had her own battles with ill health ,culminating at the young ages of 18- 21, ranging from fibroids, ovarian cysts, & kidney issues.

She adopted a vegan lifestyle, & learned of earths natural plant remedials to further assist the body in healing itself. After a year & ½ of ingesting Natural foods and herbs regularly she successfully eradicated ALL forms of female disorders once residing in her temple. This spawned her to “live her making” as a healer, for other women & the world at large. Continue reading

Going Natural

Natural Hair

Something about women with natural hair that just brings out a woman in a different way. Women say that because of breakage and time, weave, wigs, a barcode and dead hair has to be worn. Some women are just following fashion. In these days and time, seems like things are changing. Continue reading

George Richards: Personal Trainer on Calisthenics (Stay Healthy!)

George PKA Hit1

George Richards aka George PKA Hit is a personal fitness trainer from the Bronx, NY. Currently, holding 14 international certifications for personal training:

1 ) I.F.P.A. Advanced Flexibility Specialist
2 ) I.F.P.A Personal Fitness Trainer
3 ) I.F.P.A Prenatal Fitness and Exercise
4 ) I.F.P.A Practical Children’s Fitness
5 ) I.F.P.A Performance Nutrition
6 ) I.F.P.A Performance Stretching
7 ) I.F.P.A Core Training
8 ) I.F.P.A Senior’s Strength Training
9 ) I.F.P.A Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
10 ) I.F.P.A Functional Senior Fitness
11 ) I.F.P.A Women’s Fitness Program Design
12 ) I.F.P.A Plyometric Training
13 ) I.F.P.A Beginning Strength Training for Kids
14 ) I.F.P.A Golf & Exercise Continue reading

The New Jenifer Hudson


Damn this chick just went from a brand new vox wagon, to a sports car. Jenifer Hudson has taking her health seriously and I applaud her for that. Sad thing is, I personally know a myriad of attractive chubby/overweight chicks who would be considered top notch women if only they would stop being lazy and take their health seriously.As the new spokesperson for weight watchers she stated, “I decided to try Weight Watchers because I wanted to make healthy changes, and I needed a plan that would fit in with my busy life.” CHANGE is good and her new look substantially increases her blue book value.  Now,only if this will have a dominoe  effect!

Weight Watchers :

Keeping your chicks in shape!

The majority of chicks I deal with I put on a workout regiment.  Now I don’t apply this to jumpoffs, groupies, or any other chick that I’m not in a close or reoccuring relationship with, I could care less on their habit only applied to my team mates. Just like being on  any team you are required to keep your body in tip top shape. Now you don’t want(unless you’re into that) your chicks looking like a damn man or going incredible haulk on yo ass, but you do want to keep that tummy & those side right, and all the other right spots tight and crisp. Be subtle about it, just approach her like “yo babe, why don’t we workout together, every other day, just to challenge each other., or thow hints like “you know I really like my women in shape”, etc etc.  Don’t feel bad for given these chicks on your team an ultimatum, is it not a coach’s job to upgrade, & improve his player?  And even Michael Jordan needed a coach.

 Here’s a few links to help you out!