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PAYING HOMAGE (April 1984 – 26th December 2022): Phillip “Sinful the P” Brandon Gilmore

At the age of 38 years old, Phillip Brandon Gilmore who is also known as “Sinful the Playa” also known as “Sinful the P” has transition, and the passing is a shock and a strong hit for the people that knew him and followed him. As Phillip was losing weight rapidly (120 pounds in a short space of time), people started to be concerned even though he was telling everybody that he was fine. The cause of death is said to be aids or HIV but there are still other speculations.

Phillip Gilmore often spoke about his street-life and pimping days as well as his struggle and acceptance of his religious upbringing. His mother raised him Christian while the streets called him Sinful the P. He would preach the Game, using a blend of rhyming, rhythm, and religious teachings and Bible quotes. His charismatic, larger than life personality developed a following in a very short space of time and it’s no surprise that his influence was strong. He was also a musician.

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Paying Homage: Dr.Tiy-E

Dr. Tiy-E

Dr. Tiy-E, also known as “The Love Doctor,” is the quintessential “Renaissance Man.” A life coach, sex therapist, author, playwright, radio/television personality, dancer, educator, and athlete. Dr. Tiy-E’s energy is infectious. Whether he’s in the classroom, on stage or in the studio, Dr. Tiy-E is on a mission to encourage others to find peace and love through establishing & sustaining healthy relationships. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Dedan Tolbert

Ask Dedan

Award-winning author, advice columnist and talk show host, Dedan Tolbert entered the entertainment industry in 2005 with the release of his award-winning debut novel , “The Love We Had…”.

Mr Tolbert has dedicated his life to helping women avoid many of the uncomfortable situations they often find themselves in by giving dating and relationship advice that encourages self reflection and examination which would make a woman left lonely, abused or unfulfilled. He makes women realize that certain behaviour exercised to show ‘independent’ or a negative vibe will make a man run or lead them along. Continue reading

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi

You may not have heard of him, our so-called black leaders hardly mention him, doctors, physician make no motion to recommend him, yet Dr Sebi has healed many people using just FOOD (yes you read right). Dr Sebi has been approached by the likes of Michael Jackson, Steven Seagel and many others.

Dr Sebi has cured all illness including Aids and H.I.V using the science and in some what way ‘mysticism’ of food. He calls is method Electric Cell Food. He has cured or reverse illnesses such as : Cancer, Herpes, H.I.V, Diabetes, Aids, High Blood Pressure, Blindness, Fibroids and many others. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Michael Baisden

Michael Baisden2

When it comes to entertaining, enlightening and educating, no one in talk radio compares to Michael Baisden. His high energy and love for interacting with his listeners is just one reason for the popularity and success of The Michael Baisden Show. Michael ignites heated discussions with explosive episodic themes like: Living Your Dream, Your Body Is Your Temple, Do Women Know What They Want, and Pimps In The Pulpit. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Hasani Pettiford

Hasani Pettiford

As an award-winning author and speaker, Hasani Pettiford has an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation. For over a decade Mr. Pettiford has been a recognized authority on human sexuality, interpersonal relationships and personal growth and development. Hasani has directly impacted the lives of many nationwide with his best-selling books and speaking engagements.

Hasani Pettiford is the founder of Touch & Agree Family Institute which is located in New Jersey. His organization offers public seminars, customized educational programs and materials and keynote addresses. Hasani has a client list that includes fortune 500 companies, trade and civic associations, churches as well as colleges and universities. He has spoken for more than 1,000 audiences throughout the US, Latin America and Africa. As a key note speaker and seminar leader, he addresses tens of thousands of people each year. Continue reading

Mr Locario’s New Book is Here!

Oh, you have never heard a title so direct, blunt and honest for a long time, if not in your life. Mr Locario’s new book ‘How To Have Sex With 2 Women A Day’is here and keeping it truthful. The book’s information is reinforced and expressed with a film production that Mr Lacario and crew put together. So for those of you who find it hard to pick up a book, you have being luckily catered for. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Paul Carrick Brunson

Paul Carrick Brunson

In the last 3 years, Paul Carrick Brunson (also known as The Modern Day Matchmaker) has become internationally recognized as one of the most successful matchmakers and relationship coaches. As the pioneering African-American matchmaker in the world, Paul has served over 267 clients directly and collectively through live events and social media, matched over 3,000 people on dates.

Paul’s unparalleled ability for successful matchmaking and coaching comes from really knowing and understanding his clients and their needs. Like his clients, he is cultured, well traveled, well educated and trained – he holds a graduate degree from a top business school, as well as additional certifications. His professional career started as an investment banker and most recently included a senior position with a top international firm. He is also a philanthropist who co-founded and chairs a foundation that focuses on school rehabilitations in the U.S. and Jamaica. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Mickey Royal

Mickey Royal is big in the game as a well known, full fledge, P.I til he D.I, Pimp. Spitting serious, unravelling, effective, game, his book ‘The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide’ lives up to it’s title. The instructions in it helps a lot in understanding the game as well as living it. It truly is a guide. He covers all the angles from what a pimp, hustler, Mack and a Ho is. The book is self explanatory and very well written. Mickey Royal has truly lived the pimp life and still living it.

You may be thinking this is too much, a pimp guiding people to be pimps but you would be wrong in that notion. The book guides people to understand the game or you’ll get played. Life is a game, it’s play or be played. If you recognize game, you can never be played. Mickey Royal (like most pimps) bring awareness to what is going on in the game and how to play it. They give you the rules.

There are a lot of men who also want to be pimps regardless of the cost. Most men focus on one aspect which is the women. They want to get into the lifestyle to be having a lot of sex and just for the title. The book guides such mindset through the game for these men to at least do it right until they see whether it’s worth it or not. To be a pimp is serious and dangerous business. Mickey Royal provides an aid. Mickey Royal, Brotherhood of the Game salutes you.

The Pimp Game Instructional Guide

Check out

from pg 18
………Now remember that pimps (kings) are born and not made. If it is in you, it is probably being manifested in a non-encouraging environment. A seed is one part of a four part equation. To grow, a seed needs soil, sunlight and water. A seed can’t grow outside of a proper growth environment. Just as a pimp can’t mature into a true pimp without game. A game is to a pimp what soil is to a seed, elements in which his powers flourish and ripen to where he reaps the maximum benefit.

The more you fall in love with yourself, the more you’ll be hated by the masses. They will be jealous, envious, and in some cases, they will be hero worshipers. But don’t fall for that. Remember the masses are ho’s and tricks who are subconsciously driven by their insecurities and inadequacies on the road of life. In life, there are drivers and passengers. Everyone you don’t see in the mirror when you stand alone in it is beneath you. There’s only one game, pimping. There can only be one game per pimp. Continue reading