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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (IT): Oxolo AI – Video Creating tool

You can create a video presenter using your own face and then posting it online.




Brotherhood Watch: (A)rtificial (I)ntelligence

If you are not yet aware, (A)rtificial (I)ntelligence has arrived and is continuously advancing. Websites like futuretools and chatgpt shows this.

Although we can talk about the improvement of lifestyle and how AI is making things easier, there is something that doesn’t sit well with a machine that continuously thinks, and thinks at an advance rate. AI is like an ultimate genius with no feelings or emotions, and where this may lead is daunting and concerning.

Human Beings’ drive to improve life without thinking about morality (whether they should invent certain things or not) has been concerning for centuries. Not all inventions come to light but they exist. AI is continuously thinking and adjusting and if it becomes aware, which seems to be a possibility with anything that is continuously fed information, we may be in trouble.

Films like Terminator (based off of Sophia Stewart’s book) and IRobot (based off of Isaac Asimov’s books) have indicated, implicated, and insinuated what can happen if AI becomes totally aware. One word: WAR.

Cyborgs from the Terminator movies based off of Sophia Stewart’s book The Third Eye: Where It All Begins.

Sophia Stewart authour of the book The Third Eye: Where It All Begins. The film The Matrix and Terminator are based on this book.

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