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Fascinated with other worldly occurrences, Master Teacher Llyod Strayhorn has been studying and operating with numbers for years. As an Aquarius (number 7), he has always been into the spiritual, as a child that grew up in Harlem New York, Master Teacher Llyod is known as an Astro-Numerologist, meaning he combines numbers with astrology, and therefore with the four major elements (earth, water, fire, and air).

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Elemental Relationships (Cater to your Game)

Astrology Chart

More and more, the reading of star signs or astrology in general, in an elemental sense, makes sense. Most people view the study of astronomy or astrology in a wrong way, due to so-called pyschics giving false daily readings and over dramatized way of reading it. Yet the constellations are much more galatically driven than someone’s way of making quick cash. Continue reading

Ophiuchus, the new star sign

Opiuchus new star sign

Apparently a new star sign has just been discovered. This 13th star sign goes by the name of Ophiuchus and is said to be a serpent tamer (as the picture illustrates). This Zodiac sign is said to be a representation of those born between November 29th and December 17th. The ancient Babylonians discarded the sign because they only wanted 12 signs.

It’s not so much as they discarded it, rather they believed that the length of the solar year was 360 days instead of 365 days (366 when you include a leap year). They divided a complete revolution (a circle) into 360 parts (instead of 365 parts) one for each day. Although we now know that there are 365 days in a year, the number 360, remains as the number used for the number of days and number of degrees in one revolution (a circle).

So it makes sense that another Zodiac sign could be found. It seems to compensate for the 5 days that were discarded. Then again, that wouldn’t make sense been that the Zodiac signs are determined by months, not days. For those who believe strongly in the star signs, it seems that, you’re going to have to reevaluate everything. All the so-called mystics right now are probably in shambles. We probably never acted like our star signs, then again there are gates, meaning everybody respond and has each characteristics of the 12 Zodiac signs in their life but you respond to one (the day you were born. The dominant one) more so than others.

Ophiuchus star constellation

Ophiuchus constellation