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REMINDER: Stay strong!

Remember that mental strength is required to address all the circumstances of life, to address all circumstances that can throw you off balance. To gain mental strength requires mental exercise, it requires confidence. Remember you can always regain balance and create a strong mindset, you can always create a strong life. May you continue strong! Don’t ever give up!


The Compliment Structure


Many men wonder whether giving compliments hinders their success with women. Being that women like ‘bad boys’, men have decreased and have become hesitant to saying anything nice to women in fear that they will be perceived as a nice guy. Apparently it is better to be perceived as a bad boy than a nice guy due to the fact that women say bad boys are exciting and nice guys are boring. Continue reading

TrueWise: The Black Woman is Earth

Overstand that there are four elements that make up all other elements in nature. The four elements are 1) Water, 2) Earth, 3) Fire, 4) Air

Water and Earth are FEMININE attributes of nature.
Fire and Air are MASCULINE attributes of nature.

Feminine is negative (-) flow of nature.
Masculine is positive (+) flow of nature. Continue reading