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Brotherhood Read: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

It didn’t feel right to just share The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding without sharing the 22 Laws of Marketing. So here they are:

  1. The Law of Leadership
  2. The Law of the Category
  3. The Law of the Mind
  4. The Law of Perception
  5. The Law of Focus
  6. The Law of Exclusivity
  7. The Law of the Ladder
  8. The Law of Duality
  9. The Law of the Opposite
  10. The Law of Division
  11. The Law of Perspective
  12. The Law of Line Extension
  13. The Law of Sacrifice
  14. The Law of Attributes
  15. The Law of Candor
  16. The Law of Singularity
  17. The Law of Unpredictability
  18. The Law of Success
  19. The Law of Failure
  20. The Law of Hype
  21. The Law of Acceleration
  22. The Law of Resources

Mr Locario’s New Book is Here!

Oh, you have never heard a title so direct, blunt and honest for a long time, if not in your life. Mr Locario’s new book ‘How To Have Sex With 2 Women A Day’is here and keeping it truthful. The book’s information is reinforced and expressed with a film production that Mr Lacario and crew put together. So for those of you who find it hard to pick up a book, you have being luckily catered for. Continue reading

Brotherhood Watch: Men Are Better Than Women Movement

Dick Masterson

Allow me to introduce you to Mr Dick Masterson. This is a man that simply don’t give a damn and will speak on what he feels women are doing wrong and almost boastfully express how men are better than women.

His purpose is three fold.

1. To expose the clumsy feminist dogma of equality — which reeks of desperation and failure at its core, and explore many theories and thoughts on the nature of men being better than women — which they are. Unequivocally.

2. To do so in an environment safe from the cocklasherous brow-beating of an out of control feminocracy and bereft of the lies and malfeasance that are only too typical of the female race. To provide a veritable utopia of enlightened man-thought and revaluation of all things true.

Dick Masterson 2

3. To share and discuss tactics for evading and detecting prevalent methods of feminist manipulation; recognizing the deceit of women en masse and putting a boot in the ass of feminism. Continue reading

A moment with D.J Harmon

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BOTG: What makes you a certified Mack?

DH:What makes me a mack is the fact that I am a mission to master the game of life through knowledge and understanding. I strive to analyze, understand and manipulate every aspect of life so that I will be in control as much as I possibly can. I know what to say and when to say it, because I understand who I am saying it to.

BOTG: When did you know that you were truly full-fledged Mack?

DH:I can’t think of any one point that it just clicked in my mind that I’d hit the level of a mack. I can pinpoint when my journey began, however, and that would be the first time I really got played by a female. At that moment, I was a destined to be a mack because I decided to stop being a square.

BOTG: What made you want to teach or spit game?

DH:I have always been, and will always be, a student of the game. I’m on a constant quest to learn as much as I possibly can about the game and women. A wise man once told me that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Spitting game comes natural.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction of men and women today?

DH:The interactions between men and women today are completely unbalanced. Somewhere along the line, chivalry transcended everything that it should have been and turned into the axiom that men should kiss a woman’s behind at all times. For the majority of social interactions, women wield the power because men surrender it. A man puts in his bid, and a woman chooses whether or not she will give him the time of day.

BOTG: When approaching a woman, what is the first thing a man must do?

DH:The first thing a man must do when approaching a woman is to strategize. A man should have a plan of action when stepping to a woman, if possible. He should observe whatever he can about her in order to put himself in the greatest position possible to end up successful.

BOTG: Upon approaching a woman, what is the first thing you usually say?

DH:It really depends on the situation. It could be no more than a simple “Hello. How are you? My name is D.J.” If I note something interesting about her, what she’s doing, or what’s going on around us, I may comment about that before making an introduction.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy.

DH:I think there are two separate definitions of a ‘nice guy’. There is the nice guy that you don’t want to be and there’s the nice guy that you do want to be. The one that you don’t want to be is a pushover. He’s a punk. He allows women to control and run over him and he has no backbone or sense of masculinity. The nice guy that you do want to be is respectful, grounded, and reasonably accommodating.

BOTG: Is it good to be nice?

DH:It is good to be nice. It isn’t good to be a pushover.

BOTG: Tell us about your book ‘ The Mack Mentality; Dating & Survival Principles For The Modern Day Mack’

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DH:The book is something I’m really proud about because I think it is necessary for the world that we’re in today. The dating game really is a mess. The book is meant to restore balance by empowering men with knowledge and game. Inside the book are 32 principles that men should abide by to keep the upper hand in their dealings with women.

This book isn’t about how to be a player and it doesn’t contain a bunch of lame pick up lines that the squares use. This book is about giving men the confidence, attitude and understanding so he will not need to use lines. The Mack Mentality is about controlling and manipulating minds.

BOTG: What influenced you to write the book? Continue reading

Deciphering the Matrix

The Matrix
Disclaimer: There will be a lot of analyzing of the film so if you haven’t seen it, you do not have to continue reading. Also correct me if there are certain things that has been explained wrong as these explanations is what has been assessed so far.

There is so much truth in the film Matrix, that it is worthy of closer inspection.

Matrix was written by Sophia Stewart. Her work was stolen by Joel Silver, Andy and Larry Wachowski and she sued Warner Brothers.

Sophia Stewart
Sophia Stewart

Matrix Book
Matrix Book by Sophia Stewart

The Third Eye is an energy point (chakra) located a little above the middle in between the eyes. Its physical attribute is the pituitary gland, meaning that when it is stimulated it can affect the increasing and decreasing functionality of the third eye (its spiritual attribute). The third eye is also known as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

A picture showing the third eye.

Third Eye
A picture showing the third eye in anatomy terms.

Don’t Think You Are, Know You Are

Before going into the characters understand that the Matrix is a computer programme. Meaning that everything is in a two base system. A two base system deals only with 1’s and 0’s. 1’s and 0’s are the language of all computers. The combination and sequences of 1’s and 0’s are called binary bits. The two base system is otherwise known as a binary system.

Also understand that 8 bits make a byte. The signifiance of this is the fact that there were 8 people on the Nebuchadnezzar ship until Neo joined, making 9 (no longer a byte). One of the crew member on the ship was Cypher who later wished he wasn’t unplugged. He wanted to be back in the Matrix (computer programme). This made him betray his crew which led to his death. After his death there were 8 crew members again (a byte again).

The Matrix Ship
The Nebuchadnezzar (Morpheus’s Ship)


Cypher’s functionality and ‘betrayal’ is in his name. A cypher in supreme mathematics is a 0. A 0 in computer terminology means off. In this case, deflective.

CHARACTERS Continue reading

Paying Homage: Andre “Gorgeous Dre” Taylor

Andre Taylor

Born from a Prostitute (his mother) and his father was a Pimp. He was raised a man despite been surrounded by Pimps and prostitutes. Gorgeous Dre is often caught saying “Before you are anything you got to be a man first.” It was a lesson his father (the pimp) taught him. Dre was sent to jail as Gorgeous Dre the pimp and reformed, enhancing in his faith towards the Heavenly Father and came out Andre Taylor.

He wrote of his experiences in his book ‘The Road To Paradise’. Andre Taylor now goes round lecturing about the pros and cons of the Pimp life as well as how it deters a person from the path of the Creator.Andre Taylor, the Brotherhood of the Game salutes you.

The Road To Paradise by Andre Taylor



A Feminine Touch: Sylvia V Hillman

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About the Author

Sylvia V. Hillman was born in Phoenix, Arizona to a large and tumultuous family of stepparents and siblings. Her mother’s marriage to the local mortician quickly moved the family from the abject poverty of the local housing project into a nice middle class home whose façade was more promising than the dynamics within. The oldest of 5 children, she took on the responsibilities of parenting her younger siblings and sacrificed much of her own childhood caring for them and helping out in the family’s mortuary business.

The only thing more formidable than Sylvia’s orthodox upbringing was her wild imagination. She used it as a way to escape the harsh realities of daily life and would delight or frighten her sisters with tales of favored toys coming to life, or of prince charmings rescuing fair maidens. The hard, cold lessons of youth, unusual anecdotes about the family business, and her musings on ordinary adolescent rites of passage found their way into the poems and fiction she began seriously crafting in her twenties.

A truly gifted writer, Ms. Hillman’s stories takes an unflinching yet humane look at the places and people who have populated her life. She is less interested in a textbook retelling of events than she is in communicating to her readers the complexities of a life on the edge of tragedy, triumph and truth. In 2006, the Twin Cities Film Festival honored her for her short film, “Near Mrs.” which was also aired on Black Entertainment Television the following year. 55 Navy is Ms. Hillman’s first published novel. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement?

SVH: Hmmm good question. I don’t really think of it. And that’s the honest answer. Like every civil rights movement, they start out with the purest intentions and I thank God and the people that started the movements for that – yet what happens is somewhere along the way “extreme” versions of those movements come along and mess up the balance. To me everything must be balanced.

People are imperfect and so they start up sects of movements under the same umbrella of said movement therefore making it hard to put a finger on what some might think of that movement. But over all it was the start and continuance of equality or balance between and among the sexes. Some things I don’t agree with though… i.e. I don’t like the thought of women fighting in the military. I think that God made men naturally protective of women and if a woman is taken as a P.O.W. the mere thought of that could mess with a male soldiers mind as far as giving up or giving in.

The good part about any movement like the feminist or the civil rights movement is that it takes on different forms in the future for instance Prop 8 is against equal rights for gays in marriage and benefits and such. Movements and revolutions have their place as long as they stay balanced.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction between men and women today?

SVH: Again that varies. I mean in general its okay. Like for instance; I have a friend Janks Morton Jr. Look him up at whatblackmenthink and his perspective on this topic could pretty much sum up what I think… which is; Women have been forced to wear the pants in the family at times which means Women are raising boys to be men and although a boy needs his mother; only a Man can raise a boy to be a man.

We live in a generation of Men that were raised by single mothers and so they have a certain view of women that is distorted. They don’t mean to do it but they are either looking for women to be that “everything” or they can’t stand us because they grew up with a mom that was bashing their father for not being there and so they in turn hate themselves and hate the woman that gave them nothing to love about themselves.

This question is loaded for me – I could go on for hours on this topic. Yet I will say that I have met men that were raised by women like me – who have several brothers and good relationships with men and knew to let their differences with the absent father fall by the wayside to let that man into his son’s life and show him the way. Those men grow up to have a more balanced view of women and therefore foster healthy friendships and relationships with women. Now the single woman raising daughters; whoa!

My opinion again varies because you have these women that are trying to be all things to all men whoring themselves out – being gold-diggers and groupies in front of their baby girls so these girls grow up to put heavy demands on men that they can’t live up to but are willing to fake it to get coochie. Then there are (thank goodness) women that are balanced and support our men our brothers because they were raised to respect themselves and others.

BOTG: Tell us about your book ’55 Navy’.

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SVH: 55 Navy is a story loosely based on me and my daughter’s father journey as teen lovers then teen parents and then adults. It’s a love and life story that follows two teenagers who find pure love and don’t know what to do with it. Imagine having 1 million dollars at 14 years old. Now imagine having 1 million dollars now… as an adult. NOW you know what to do with it right? 55 Navy is about family, friendship, abuse, triumph and redemption; I’ve got so many letters from people across the U.S. and the story means different things to different people.

Believe it or not I thought the story would resonate with women but I’ve got more letters from men about how moved emotionally they were because they either had a Sydney in their life or lost a father or a pet.

BOTG: What does 55 Navy mean? Why did you call the book that?

SVH: 55 Navy is the address of the apartment I lived at in Venice, California. I titled the book that way because it’s where the characters story begins and eventually has to end.

BOTG: What qualities do you think it takes a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman?

SVH: Both men and women should be selfless, loving, kind and caretakers. Men are natural hunters; God made them that way. Women are natural nurturers; God made us that way. Our natural born qualities are made to compliment each other. These qualities aren’t so much men or women qualities as they are Human qualities. If we collectively listen to our inner ear and follow The Universal Life Instruction Book – Women and Men would get along just fine. Continue reading