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Virgil Harris also known as King V, is a social media personality known for his comedic skits. He also owns a production company called Rockitstar Entertainment. His comedic delivery is sure to keep you entertained and shouting in laughter.

YouTube (King V)


Brotherhood Watch: Billy Burr

Bill Burr

Billy Burr may be into comedy but the issues he touches on is so true. Normally, mostly all the slave as well as relationship materials are covered by black comedians but in his case he discusses issues through the standpoint of black men as well as causian views. Honest, straight forward and very tactical in his delivery and expressions, he gets all races thinking as they laugh at most of the issues causian men fail to delivery from an honest or fearful point of view. You may not think so and if not, that’s okay but this man is funny to me. Pay close attention to what he says, it comes from a place of truth.

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What Mario should have done!

Angry Super Mario

Come to think of it, the computer games were on the same page as Disney which is the be a captain save a hoe (ultimately, if you think about it). Now do understand that there is nothing wrong going after a love one, like in the film ‘Taken’ but at least assess a woman before helping her. Most women play the victim role and do it soo well using tears and anger (this one especially) just to be saved and to USE men by playing with his emotions. Careful fellas! Most times you just have to stand your ground and say “I’m not taking it anymore!” [How many times did Mario and Lugi have to save that Princess?….lol]

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Get Dormtainment.com A TV SHOW



Back to back to back, the creativity, script and acting has been superb. Laughter all around because the delivery is on point. It’s time to get them on television! All it takes is a moment of your time to sign the petition (no money required, just signing) and let them reach their target. Hilarious nd talented bunch, Dormtainment are doing it and the Brotherhood of the Game salutes. Continue reading

Don’t Jealous Me Productions

Tolu Charles

Tolu Charles Ogunmefun aka Mr Dont Jealous has been bringing on the laughs from relationships to life from a African point of view. Been African himself (Nigerian) he explains the African way of life through a character called Tobbie or Mr Don’t Jealous Me. Born and raised in London England, Tolu is a true comedian at heart and gifted in the art.


Don't Jealous Me poster

Note: Freshies = people who are fresh to the country. You know them by the strong accent, by the way they act and sometimes by the way they dress. In this case Africans.