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Brotherhood Read: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

It didn’t feel right to just share The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding without sharing the 22 Laws of Marketing. So here they are:

  1. The Law of Leadership
  2. The Law of the Category
  3. The Law of the Mind
  4. The Law of Perception
  5. The Law of Focus
  6. The Law of Exclusivity
  7. The Law of the Ladder
  8. The Law of Duality
  9. The Law of the Opposite
  10. The Law of Division
  11. The Law of Perspective
  12. The Law of Line Extension
  13. The Law of Sacrifice
  14. The Law of Attributes
  15. The Law of Candor
  16. The Law of Singularity
  17. The Law of Unpredictability
  18. The Law of Success
  19. The Law of Failure
  20. The Law of Hype
  21. The Law of Acceleration
  22. The Law of Resources

Brotherhood Read: The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

The writers of The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing did justice with this one. If you remember that YOU are the biggest brand in this world, you will find just how effective this book – these laws are. The laws will make you a success as well as any business you create. Branding just like marketing has laws. The 22 immutable laws of branding are:

  1. The Law of Expansion
  2. The Law of Contraction
  3. The Law of Publicity
  4. The Law of Advertising
  5. The Law of the Word
  6. The Law of Credentials
  7. The Law of Quality
  8. The Law of Category
  9. The Law of the Name
  10. The Law of Extensions
  11. The Law of Fellowship
  12. The Law of the Generic
  13. The Law of the Company
  14. The Law of Subbrands
  15. The Law of Siblings
  16. The Law of Shape
  17. The Law of Color
  18. The Law of the Borders
  19. The Law of Consistency
  20. The Law of Change
  21. The Law of Mortality
  22. The Law of Singularity

It should be noted that brands extend to the internet, and in this area, new sets of laws apply, 11 immutable ones to be specific. The 11 immutable laws of internet branding are:

  1. The Law of Either/Or
  2. The Law of Interactivity
  3. The Law of the Common Name
  4. The Law of the Proper Name
  5. The Law of Singularity
  6. The Law of Internet Advertising
  7. The Law of Globalism
  8. The Law of Time
  9. The Law of Vanity
  10. The Law of Divergence
  11. The Law of Transformation

Spectrum of Man and Woman


Man and woman are at opposite ends of a spectrum of feeling. It is this very spectrum that determines the nature of man and woman and the behaviours of man and woman.

——————–45 (135)—————-90—————- 45 (135)

Everything is in degrees just like water turning into ice and gas (steam). The highest degree in this case is 180 and a person can start at both ends (0 degree). The extreme of the spectrum of feelings is man and woman at opposite ends. In between the spectrum are those who are a woman with a woman’s body but feel like a man (45[135]-she/he) and a man with a man’s body who feels like a woman (45 [135]-he/she); therefore giving rise to homosexuality.

In between the two feelings of masculine and feminine is birth. A man and woman are born or raised feeling the way they feel due to circumstance or influence over their freewill. A woman is on the west side and man is on the east side. Man is positive (+, proton) by nature and woman is negative (-, electron) by nature, hence the two attract. Attraction is what is keeping the spectrum together. It takes man and woman for birth to happen.

West is just north horizontally and east is south horizontally. So that means north is woman and south is man vertically. All are held together by attraction. In the case of behaviour women are MORE emotional and men are MORE logical. Continue reading

Lasting Leadership

Lasting Leadership

The book Lasting Leadership is very, very insightful, assessing the mind, fortunes, misfortunes, perservance, persistence, virtues and will power of 25 well known leaders. All of these leaders at one time or another met trials and moments where they could have given up and shut down their business but they stood under the weight of bad press, publicity and mistakes.

Even when some of their own partners told them to shut down and said that it was all over, they restrategized and researched of new ways to innovate and ammend mistakes and disappointment. Each leader emphasizes that it is not about the product but about the people. Once you understand people skills, it is easy to give the people what they want. Along with it comes loyalty and respect. Most of these millionaires and billionaire leaders made mistakes but the loyalty of the people kept them going.

Jack Welch said to be the legendary boss of General Electric stated: Continue reading