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How To Have Sex With 2 Women A Day

Have to have sex with two women book cover

Hands down this was a very fascinating and enjoyable read. It brought many new things to the forefront with explanations, examples and even the author’s own experiences to back up everything been said. The book brought to light such words as feel talk, ultimatum call and temporary buddy approach (very insightful). Continue reading


The Compliment Structure


Many men wonder whether giving compliments hinders their success with women. Being that women like ‘bad boys’, men have decreased and have become hesitant to saying anything nice to women in fear that they will be perceived as a nice guy. Apparently it is better to be perceived as a bad boy than a nice guy due to the fact that women say bad boys are exciting and nice guys are boring. Continue reading

Brotherhood Watch: David DeAngelo

David Deangelo

Author of Double Your Dating, David DeAngelo breaks down the programme (so to speak) of human social behaviour in regards to men and women on the dating scene and relationship. David DeAngelo argues that alot of human social behavior is related in some way to sexual reproduction, and that human mating habits do not differ significantly from other species. Continue reading

Amy Torres: What these B*TCHES do WRONG!

Ignorant message

There has been a recent uproar from women towards a straight talking, who men at this moment in time are fully supporting and admiring lady, called AMY TORRES. Miss Torres recently put up a video directed at women telling them how they mess up in their relationships. She was anything but nice or polite in her expressions. Though women that watched it should have paid attention to the positive and supportive reactions of men, they as usual, tried to put Amy ‘in her place’. Many women came out with ridiculous remarks, insulting Amy, saying that she didn’t know what she is talking about. Continue reading

Jessica Claire

Jessica Claire

Jessica Claire dating advice is not bad. She coaches men and women exposing certain tactics and strategies from a woman’s perspective. Fellas do be careful though, certain advice involves how you use flowers, gifts and so on. Such areas can be dangerous, just remember less is more.


Brotherhood Watch: David X

David X

David X is the man that has been with over 500 women and when asked about his experiences and methods of approaching and maintaing relationship, he knocks it down to three virtues, 1) Honesty, 2) Trust and 3) Respect and two ultimate rule:

1) Who cares what she thinks
2) You are the most important person in the relationship

Let’s be honest, at first sight when you see him, many will be thinking what can this old, overweight man teach me. But when he expresses what he knows and what works and has worked for him, whether you believe him or not, it makes sense. It would be hard to deny.

Married now and with kids he wrote one of the most effective, eye opening, perspective changing and powerful free ebook a while back. Check it out and ask yourself if it’s filled with lies. Continue reading



One of Vanae biggest motto is “YOU are your best investment”. Helping both men and women come together and putting to use what she studied. Earning a B.A. in Communication, Psychology (minor) and a Masters in Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy she at least knows where to begin counselling. Do note that degrees don’t mean much to matters of the heart and feelings.

Nevertheless Vanae does do well in empowering people for inner fulfillment, personal growth and the love we deserve….This is her passion and she takes it seriously.

Vanae Channel

Vanae again

A moment with Kevin Ferere

Kevin Ferere


BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement?

KF: It was a movement that meant well for it’s era and simply got out of hand; because it fed into the selfish side of our human nature. Power can never be trusted.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction of men and women today?

KF: It has become more of a sublime, psychological combat zone simply because people don’t know what it is to be honest with themselves and their thoughts and emotions. However, we are in the birthpains of an enlightened era where more people are being educated about each other. Which will inevitably pay dividends as we reach a plateau of cordiality with time.

BOTG: Tell us about your book ‘Leave the Fairy Tale Up To Disney; The Reality Of Dating.’

Leave the Fairy Tale Up To Disney; The Reality of Dating


KF: It was a “vomiting” of thoughts festering in the back of my mind since I was old enough to date. I’ve sat back and watched too many people practically ruin their lives simply because of a relationship. No one was telling these people the things I had to tell them, and if they were telling them anything, it was sugarcoated and dumbed down.

BOTG: What influenced you to write this book? Continue reading

Be Cool!

sun and water

The planet gravitates and orbits around the sun, a star. Astronomically, men are the sun and women are the moon (a planet). The sun seem to rise and fall due to the turning of the Earth (a planet, a ‘woman’-hence the term MOTHER Earth). The moon goes through four major phases (there are actually 8 phases but four major ones): 1) New Moon, 2) the 1st Quarter, 3) Full Moon, and 4) The 3rd (or last) Quarter, then back to New Moon again.

Sun and moon analogy
Sun (man’s emotions) and Moon (woman’s emotions-emotional) analogy. Note how the sun is fixed but the moon goes through different phases affected by the Earth (a planet, another ‘woman’) and the sun (a man).

Don’t worry, I’m not going into the Bella, men fighting over one woman with shirts off saga; I mean Twilight saga, but all you need to know is that men’s emotions are like the sun, rising and falling and women’s emotions are like the moon, going through phases and unstable. The word emotional is equivalent to the phases of the moon. These phases are caused by the turning of the Earth (a planet, another ‘woman’) and by the sun (a ‘man’) when it nears or passes it. It is important to note that the moon’s gravitational field is linked with that of Earth, meaning it turns when the Earth turns.

In the animal kingdom, a male lion (the king of the jungle) has like four or five lionesses (‘wives’) feeding him as they are the ones that actually hunt, catering to him and giving him a heir (cub, a son or daughter). The male lion, protects! This setting and grouping and system, is called a PRIDE. Nobody complains about this structure or word when it comes to the Lions. The male lion, sees his lionesses, his family as his pride. This is natural. He is a lion being a lion.

The lionesses (females), gravitate towards the male lion, nurturing him and staying by him for protection. A male lion may sleep all day but trust me when I say that they are the best hunters in the world. Everything about them from their whiskers to their toes is engineered for hunting.The male lion is kept strong and kept king by the lionesses cater. This is the unity of strength and nurture at work.

A male Lion
A male Lion

Lion and Lionessess
A male lion surrounded by three of his lionesses

Continue reading