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BROTHERHOOD WATCH: I Never Knew TV Production

A production giving many meaningful interviews with people from different walks of life. However, the interview that was done with Yahki Awakened (the nutritionist and herbalist that can break down the science of food) was very useful, informative, and enlightening.



Angela Auset E Baker: Goddess Body Wellness


Angela Auset , Master Educator of the Holistic Sciences, is force in raising awareness & spawning positive action in the realms of healing the human form through vegetarianism, and all that is ‘of the earth’. Having had her own battles with ill health ,culminating at the young ages of 18- 21, ranging from fibroids, ovarian cysts, & kidney issues.

She adopted a vegan lifestyle, & learned of earths natural plant remedials to further assist the body in healing itself. After a year & ½ of ingesting Natural foods and herbs regularly she successfully eradicated ALL forms of female disorders once residing in her temple. This spawned her to “live her making” as a healer, for other women & the world at large. Continue reading