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BROTHERHOOD WATCH: James Freeman Clarke

James Freeman Clarke

James Freeman Clarke

is said to be a minister who was against slavery. The man seems to have upheld the attribute of manhood throughout his life.

[As mentioned, James said]

A false notion of manliness leads boys astray. true manliness is humane. it says, “we who are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak.

It’s work is to protect those who cannot defend themselves; to stand between the tyrant and the slave, the oppressor and his victim.

It is identical in all times with the spirit of chivalry which led the good knights to wander in search of robbers, giants, and tyrannical lords. Those who oppressed the poor and robbed helpless woman and orphans of their rights.

There are no tyrant barons now, but the spirit of tyranny and cruelty is still to be found.

The good knight today is he who provides help for the blind, the deaf and dumb and the insane.

Who defends animals from being cruelly treated rescues little children from bad usage, and seeks to give working woman their rights. He protects all these sufferers from that false manliness which is brutal to weak.

The true knights today are those who organize to prevent cruelty or to enforce laws against those who for a little gain make men drunkards.

The giants and dragons today are those cruelties and brutalities which use their power to ill-treat those wo are at their mercy.

True manliness is tender and loving

False manliness, cold and hard, cynical and contemptuous.

The bravest and most heroic souls are usually the most loving. Garibaldi,

Giuseppe Garibaldi


Louis Kossuth


Giuseppe Mazzini

the heroes of our times; Luther, who never feared the face of man; Gustavus-Adolphus


and William of Orange,

William of Orange

are examples of this union of courage and tenderness. Bold as lions in the defence of the right, such man in their homes and their private life have a womanly gentleness.

False manliness is unfeeling, with no kindly sympathies, rude and rough and overbearing. true manliness is temperate; it is moderate. It exercises self-control. It is capable of self-denials and renunciation.

False manliness is self-willed and self indulgent.


A moment with Tazz Daddy

BOTG: What influenced you to get on radio and to start your company Tazz Daddy Enterprises?

TD: I started in radio at 9 years old, making me the youngest brother in the history of the business to get a job in radio. I fell in love with communicating with people. Entertaining people! As I grew in grace and popularity, I began to understand that I had a responsibility to awaken people to a greater purpose of responsibility and community. I don’t preach at people, but I tell them the truth. If they can’t deal with it, that’s something that they have to work out internally.

As far as the business goes, I’ve never been one to deal with working for someone else for very long. I believe in entrepreneurship on all levels. There is no reason why anyone especially in a country as free as ours should have to work for someone else. Instead of talking about it I live it each and every day. The job I have is a job choice, not a job of necessity. It also adds to my long term agenda of exposing my brain to as many people as possible. If your current job does not allow you the flexibility of the freedom to pursue your alternate goal, then you’re just another drone in the Corporation that isn’t really benefiting you beyond your paycheck. In my opinion this is a crime. Tazz Daddy Enterprises specializes in making things happen. Whether it’s a seminar, a motivational video, or a book I’ve written, I strive to show people that the impossible is attainable with dedication and hard work for oneself.

BOTG: Your radio show and alternative media hub, TazzDaddy has been awarded many times. We’ve got to ask, what is your work ethic?

TD: I was homeless and broke in 2009, due to a lot of horrible circumstances that I wasn’t prepared for. God saw fit to give me another chance at life. I learned the game. I realized that my fate and my destiny was mine to control. I work hard now, while I’m young, so by the time I reach 40, I’ll never have to work again. My day starts at 3 am and doesn’t end until about 8. I’m either running my businesses, or I’m running Social Media for Clear Channel. The Tazz Daddy brand stands for excellence, so I have to make sure that I protect the brand while still giving people the quality Game they’ve come to expect from me.

BOTG:We noticed that you are clued to the Game, what do you think of the interaction of men and women today?

TD: I think that there are a lot of men who are afraid of being men because they are constantly emasculated by society. We have a generation of women who are taught that they don’t need us for anything. We have to stop getting our advice from Oprah and Dr. Phil and our bitter mothers who don’t have their stuff together and start soaking up this game from people like Tariq Nasheed, Flyness, and myself.

BOTG: Tell us about your novel ‘The Great Sexpectations of Atlas Riley’ and where we can get it?

TD: It’s a coming of age tale about a man who is trying to find himself. Unfortunately he happens to get into one awful relationship after another without being equipped with Game. It’s a great tale of what not to do. You can order it from Amazon.com or BN.com or wherever books are sold.

BOTG: What influenced you to write it and call it that?

TD: I wrote it when I was in Tennessee. The reading comprehension level among my young male listeners was at an all-time low so I gave them something that they would enjoy reading. Little did I know that women would enjoy it so much! The book sold quite a bit when it was first released and still does pretty good numbers today.

BOTG: When approaching a woman, what is the first thing a man must do?

TD: Science says that there are 2 animals that can smell fear: Dogs and Bees. They forgot WOMEN! A man must be confident BEFORE he even thinks about approaching a woman. Men must feel confidence flowing through them. They must have a total sense of who they are. Then and only then, can they be truly successful in the Game.

BOTG: Upon approaching a woman, what is the first thing you usually say?

TD: I usually observe for a second, and say something based upon my observations.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Andre “Gorgeous Dre” Taylor

Andre Taylor

Born from a Prostitute (his mother) and his father was a Pimp. He was raised a man despite been surrounded by Pimps and prostitutes. Gorgeous Dre is often caught saying “Before you are anything you got to be a man first.” It was a lesson his father (the pimp) taught him. Dre was sent to jail as Gorgeous Dre the pimp and reformed, enhancing in his faith towards the Heavenly Father and came out Andre Taylor.

He wrote of his experiences in his book ‘The Road To Paradise’. Andre Taylor now goes round lecturing about the pros and cons of the Pimp life as well as how it deters a person from the path of the Creator.Andre Taylor, the Brotherhood of the Game salutes you.

The Road To Paradise by Andre Taylor



Don’t chase, Attract or Replace!

Don't chase them, replace them cap

Definition of chase Two people running. One in front running and the one behind running after the one in front. To chase something, the one in front always has to be running.

In this case, in the case of a man and a woman, the women are usually the runners.They are the ones in front running away and the men, well most men, are usually the chasers, the ones running after the women (the runners). The definition is complete! Women call this playing hard to get. “I can’t be easy.” she will say, and “He’s got to show me that he is serious about getting with me.” is another common saying. Men call it persistence “I can’t let her get away”, “no romance without finance”, “it ain’t tricking if you got it” and “she has to know how I feel about her.” I, the Brotherhood, call it a bunch of nonsense and time wasters.

If the man and woman STOP running and FACE each other, then COMMUNICATION can happen. It is not about sex, worth, money or tiring yourself out but CONNECTION. Connection and communication are two major processes that is not allowed to happen quick enough due to all the running and ignorance of acceptance and determining worth.

They say women are choosers, yet the fact is that if a man never approaches, they cannot choose. It would be more correct and proper to say that ultimately, women are acceptors. They accept what is been given from a man. For a woman to receive the verbal exchange and feel connection, the running must stop!

There is no insinuation here that no man shouldn’t approach a woman. By all means approach as many women as you want but give no definition to chasing by tiring yourself out from running. Attract! This means working and elevating yourself so much so that it is seen and felt everywhere. This, as small or large as it may be, will take off a woman’s running shoes. She will become open to connect through and by your elevation of self.

Fellas, you’ll also have to remember and understand, that in the case of women, persistence is in words not neccessarily in action. Women respond and are smitten by what they hear. A great wordsmith can turn the meanest, baddest, chick into a tender loving kitten. In this case, it would be more effective to replace the word persistence with the word persuasion. Words and how they are put together, can persuade!

Persistence is NOT in showering a woman with gifts, poetry, phone calls and showing off (flossing). For the fact is that you may flaunt your money and get with women but you only succeed into turning a woman into a golddigger indirectly. Note, it would have been you that turned her into one. She follows your lead and sees the flaunting as natural. The respect that you may think that you are getting is a small probability of being genuine. When the money goes, which is the reason for her direct or indirect manipulation combined with the illusion of respect, she goes! Again, words can persuade so you can get her back. Work on your mouth piece!

If a woman doesn’t want to stop running and stop giving you the chase, then replace. Connection and communication are factors that mend things, create things and clears up misunderstandings. If she doesn’t want to go through the process and shuts you out, yet still argues, insult and disrespect, saying that you don’t understand her and that it is none of your business; a relationship will go sour and marriage will lead to divorce. It would be expected.

If you’ve approached and she doesn’t take time to listen, it’s her lost! Not only that but she has exposed the lack of ability to communicate and to easily connect. Note: A woman doesn’t have to listen or connect with you but she definitely doesn’t have to be rude or harsh about it. You’ve done nothing wrong but exercise the process of nature by trying to obtain and connect with what you like.

A person’s worth and value can only be observed, detected, accepted and appreciated if time is INVESTED TOGETHER. A man and woman cannot be together and build anything if they are always running. It surprises me that most women don’t get this! Physical connection is one thing but most women will never experience mental or spiritual connection with a man because of all the hurdle and tests they make men go through. “He’s got to learn.”, “I’m worth the chase”, “Buy me this, buy me that.” Most women will keep running to gain constant attention and appreciation from the attention. This is equivalent to dangling a carrot in front of a donkey to get it to move.

Don’t chase! Attract or Replace! A lot of women are time wasters and not worth your time and your money.

The ratio of men to women is 4:1. This means that every man in this world can have four women. Some statistics even say that it is 7:1.

Too much of anything is bad

Too much work

A man and a woman are different in nature. Most men spend most of their time trying to make a woman obsesssed and ‘hynoptized’ by placing her on a pesdestral, demostrated by the overhyped, unnecessary and undeserved gestures that he feels only he can do due to finance and admiration, enabling him to execute his feelings of his like and love for the woman.

He makes his happiness dependent on a woman, forgetting that because she is different from him and is unable to fully grasp the type of man he is unless she is taught, she may take a while to understand him. The man “razzled dazzled” by the woman, feeling that he has struck gold and that his happiness is complete, confuses affection with love and suffocates the woman, lacking the understanding and the sense to know that a man, a true to the core man doesn’t behave in such a manner as to put a woman above himself and others.

She is different but equal and unable to see this, he traps himself in a lifetime of confusion and irritation from been disrespected, used and insulted. The woman who has now seen nothing but a slave doing her every whim and getting her everything-the world, now feels like a master who can click her fingers whenever she needs anything. Why oh why she ask herself, should she be so stupid enough to give the slave what he wants and love him when she can get anything she wants? If she did, he would no longer be a slave.

Then a realization hits her and deliverance from any guilt that she may be feeling and burying from using the man for selfish means is released as she understands that she cannot love such a man because she doesn’t see a man. She is blinded from his attempts to show manhood yet awake to the fact that the man’s display of love of acquiring her, like she can be bought like a piece of meat, is not manhood. She leaves or tolerates him with disrespect or if she is not in a relationship with him, keep him chasing.

Love that beautiful and wonderful essence that is pure, true and elevates is pushed aside and replaced with hate if not irritation. The man starts to attempt to rectify his mistakes or show difference in behaviour but this translates to indesciveness and inconsistency. The woman’s negative reactions brings about the change and the man tries to change the way he serves not yet understanding that she doesn’t want to be served but led.

For although she asks for the world, she has to know why she is given anything and if she is truly deserving of such expressive treatments. She has to feel like she has passed some manly test to receive her reward happily, saying and meaning it heartedly, that “this is mine.” Although women, the beautiful, devious, manipulative, yet nuturing, affectionate, ego boosters that they are, put a man through many tests, no matter how hard and well laid out it may be, it can be passed with manhood.

Male energy is all that is needed for any diabolical scheme and plots from feminine demise. Just like too much sweets will rotten the teeth as well as destroy the gums, affection from a man has to be given in bits and long enough to be appreciated. It is not a crime or lame to etch into the skull, the memory, that too much of anything is bad. Though the woman will ‘kick and scream’ for more sweets as a form of test to see what her man will do and whether she will be rewarded for her childish, immature behaviour, it is up to the man to say no, correcting her and letting her know, reassuring her that he is a man and will not be dominated by female energy because being a female, although its in his DNA because of his mother is not his nature.

By this unaffected and strong display of character the woman accepts and submits to his leadership and his particular gestures of his personality and individuality. She feels safe knowing that she no longer has to restrain and hide her feminine ways under an icy and almost unexplained, confusing attitude created as an attempt to hide her emotional nature from hurt and pain. Most importantly she feels no insinuation and mannerism that she is a possession or something to be reached or obtained. A sense of partnership devours her fears and curisosity from uncertainty.

In the end, although the attempting square is in no way physically hurting his subject of desire, psychologically she is bored, unfulfilled and influenced to manipulate the situation to see just how far a man would go with his winning and dining, his gifts and sudden expectations for a stranger. She waits as she manipulates as respect for him decreases for the man to use his words notoriously and smoothly to get to know who he is dealing with. After all she is a woman and women enjoy and delight in the fine art of communication. If he does know her and has been with her for a while, she manipulates the situation mostly to teach him a lesson.

In the end a man who lets a woman be and treats her on equal terms but differently due to the fact that she is different in nature, is the one that can co-exist together and destroy the resentments and boredom in his relationship.

The same happens in business where to close a deal, gifts upon gifts are given to impress and show eagerness to represent a person, skilled and wanted. Eventually the person ends up going to the business that was more truthful, real to his needs and wasn’t all about money. Relationship is like a business where it is assigned by nature for a man, physical, one minded and more logical first, is leader and the woman, emotional, multi-thinking and tasking and more nuturing first, is a manager.

To lead such a bussiness and partnership the man must and be capable to use his time and development with an ambitious mind to turn his business into an empire, a success that enables him to relax deservingly personally and financially. His woman, razzled dazzled by her man’s ambition and determination to elevate himself and her, will be more than willing to help and more willing to push herself and do what it takes, submitting so that he is able to lead as she manages.

Most men mean well with their outlandish antics and find it hard not to do too much, too soon but ending up like most, learning the harsh, violent and radical effects that teaches them the hard, merciless lessons, that doing too much will backfire in hurtful ways. Square players although dipped and concentrated in the game but ignoring some lessons of the game exercised by not fully trusting the game with its rules, principles and unwritten laws to abide by it, end up doing too much. The result is the showing of simpish and lame behaviour that could cause all women to harden and generalize that all men are the same.

Ultimately it is not about the woman and or what she has but about a man’s selfish needs to acquire something in a selfish and uncreative way. For although he is a ‘hunter’ showing that he goes after what he wants, the ‘prey’, there are effective strategies. Even a deer will run away by too much noise, sensing the eagerness and desperation of the hunter. A woman is more smitten by words than materials and more stimulated by well thought out, no matter how small, gestures that shows a man’s ability to get through to her mind and her harden gatetway to her heart with such minimal display of affection but large and meaningful intent. He shows that he is serious with minimal yet natural and heart felt execution.

A man can tire himself out chasing and chasing, keeping her running and running cause the chase is not just in the approach but in displays after displays of wasted time without words–that which she is truly smitten by. It is said that time is money, these squares with hearts of gold, but projecting clay and its properties of softness would be bankrupted.

A man’s attention should be on himself and business, striving to self improve. This causes a lot of gravitational pull, the attraction that he needs to get a woman or women willing to manage for him as he leads. Her attentiveness to him will come with a wonderous and curious eyes to adapt to the mystery and recurring thoughts of who he is and certainty that indeed he will be successful by the way he invests his time in his purpose. He doesn’t have to do much or too much but focus on himself and mission. Too much of anything is bad and when men stop chasing, they can rest and feel rejuvenated by this universal truth.

Never give up!

Never give up

Things are going to happen in your life that will make you want to give up on yourself. Plans don’t always go accordingly and the unexpected catches you off guard. True test of character is revealed in the moment of crisis. Confront your challenges! Shying away from problems makes it bigger than it is. It gives problems power. Life is a lesson and some lessons are tough but school is in session.

Things will definitely go wrong. Relationships break up, jobs are lost,or someone dies. Life can be draining, depressing and cruel in many ways. If you let it, it will beat you. Struggle means that you haven’t been defeated. So struggle against this opponent called life to show that you can and will fight back. You are not an easy opponent. The worthy opponent is the one that accepts the challenges! The worthy opponent is the one who gets cut but don’t bleed. It is the one that keeps getting up. He or she proves their worth in life.

The world will hate you the more you love yourself. This is no reason to give up. Somebody will mention something negative about your looks, family, and life. This is no reason to give. You may lose everything and feel like there is no hope. There is always hope, don’t give up! Hope is always there when a person doesn’t quit. Giving up is what removes it. If you claim that you are a child of God, that means you are gods amongst men. A deer gives birth to a deer, a lion to a lion, dogs to dogs and so been a CHILD of God makes you a god. Only God can give ‘birth’ to gods.

Pain is simply a sensation telling you that you are still alive. It was Ghandi that said, nothing can hurt you without YOUR permission. It was Rza that said if you live through defeat, you are not defeated. It is tough for the rich and poor alike. True surviviors are those who don’t quit. Quitting on yourself is a disservice, a sin and dishonour to yourself. Never give up! Life is filled with many tests. Pass!

Be True to the Game

Truth and Consequences picture

Men can be taught game as much as they want but without trust in the lessons, it is pointless. Iceberg Slim, Rosebudd, Mickey Royal, Gangsta Brown, Donald Goines and many others have lived life with a lot of women, as pimps. Each of their books say similar things. It stands to reason then that what they say can be trusted. The ups and down, how to treat a woman good, how to connect with a woman can be trusted. Beyond that, been true to the Game means been true to yourself.

If you love a woman, say you love a woman. If you are nervous or scared to approach, say you are nervous or scared to approach. If you are unable to say no to a woman, say so. These things don’t have to be said to anyone else, they can and should be said to yourself. The beginning of freedom is to free yourself from the burden of lies and denial. Be truthful to yourself to set yourself free.Whether you believe it or not, the truth shall set you free. Do not lie to the Game, be true to it. Been part of the game requires it. The Game is life and whether you like it or not you are a part of it. Its play or be played!……Life is what you make it!

By telling yourself the truth, it allows you to accept your weaknesses to WORK on them. The truth is the “so what’s next?” in your system. It is the “How can we resolve this?” process in your blood. Weaknesses can turn into strengths! Trust the lessons as you learn them. If it says been nice or too nice loses respect then to gain respect is to do nothing or decrease the act. Be true to the game to trust it. This also requires you to trust yourself to follow what you learn. It is the making of a man.

Love is allowed in life. It is the greatest feeling in the world. But learning game allows a man to be careful about who he shows love and know who doesn’t love him. Be true to the game and the game will be true to you. Like begets like, like attracts like, you’ve got to sow what you reap. If you lie, you get lies, what goes around comes around, the world is round playas. Be true or face the consequences.

You can’t really second guess a person’s biography, experiences or lessons when you know it happened and when you see it happening. So then trust what you learn from these ‘old timers’ and adapt. Life will always be a lesson, it is the best teacher. No matter what you do in life, be true to yourself. That is loyalty to the game (yourself).

Focus on her Soul

Soul image

A lot of men find it hard to get or keep a woman. The lack of ability to get women can result negatively in a man’s work. His mission suffers. Some men go to extreme length to pay for a woman’s company, trying to fill the emptiness of not knowing what to do to attract or keep a woman. Desperation surfaces. Many men have it backwards, to get a woman or keep a woman is to change focus. The perception that women are givers instead of receivers first has to be destroyed. A man makes the first move. He leads!

Most men, lets say 95%, focus on the physical attribute to get and keep a woman. Physical attributes attract but in no way does loving her body keep her. Women are internal beings. Everything is on the inside. Everything is feeling based. The insides of a woman is much more important than the outside. This unknown phenomena got men ‘forcing time’ trying to make things happen quickly with women. Most men usually rush to get at a woman, aiming to be first before another man gets there. To a woman, it reveals his sexual intentions. Patience is a virtue! Taking time to know a woman will allow her to instill the man in her being. She starts to mirror the man subconsciously. He gets in her system.

Another man may get there first with hastiness only to run into many problems that hastiness brings. Much more obstacles appears without strategy. Hasty men may get into a relationship with a woman later to realize that it will not last. He wasn’t prepared! He was too busy competing to lead. A lot of men have instabilise themselves with the notion that the longer they wait, the sooner they will be put into the friendship zone. Nonsense! A man is put into the friendship zone by the way he ACTS not in his ability to wait. The ability to wait brings stability. He does nothing stupid. He does nothing to put her off and better yet it gives him time to strategize.

Don’t get titles confused with virtues fellas. Women can say or do a lot of things to test a man. What they feel soon becomes apparent through the contradictions of what was said or done before. Women are led by emotions and emotions are unpredictable.This explains why a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer eventually succeeds. Still, understand that sucess in getting a woman does not mean stability.

Money will not keep her but it helps. Financial freedom will enable most women to tolerate a man. This doesn’t ensure respect or her love. Women have been known to cheat while claiming to be in ‘love’. Not even love can make a woman stay. Being led by her emotions gets her in trouble. The unpredictability of emotions allows women to be easily controlled. Yet this two edged sword can cause a man to be cheated on in a relationship. The remedy is to focus on the soul!

The Mind of a woman is a pathway to her soul,
The eyes of a woman are the window to the soul,
The Heart of a woman is the gateway to her soul,
The Name of a woman is the identity of her soul,
The vagina of a woman is an entrance to her body.

Connecting to a woman’s mind, keeps her acknowledgement of a man. A woman finds herself thinking of the man. He is smart, charming, he is everything she wants him to be. He occupies her mind.

The heart is a fragile organ. Women are easily hurt. The heart should be seen like a petal, handled with care with the words of assurance and encouragement. ‘Praising’ and ‘worshipping’ her for her looks or the way she does things only translates to insecurities. More appreciation is needed not adoration. A woman wants to be loved and wants to be reassured that pain can be taken away by a man. Confirming that male energy is powerful enough to make her feel safe. This will open up her heart, knowing that it is safe to do so.

A woman loves the sound of her name just like everybody else. Familarity and security is created. Connecting to a woman’s soul or spirit is what will keep her! It is what will get inside her. Focusing on her soul translates to ATTENTION. Women seek attention. The DIRECTION of your eyes fellas is an indicator to how attentive you are. Focus it on hers! This is the first link. It is like playing computer games. When you take your eyes off the screen, you lose! You need to be focused to win. While playing computer games the fingers or the pad is hardly ever looked at, the concentration is on the screen. The fingers to your pad becomes automatic. Same thing here, she will focus on you by focusing on her. Attention is a two way process, certain behaviours become automatic.

Connection means never parting so do not break it. Increase it! The vagina connects to a woman’s body NOT her soul. She has needs to. Having sex will not keep her! It doesn’t matter how good you are, she can still cheat. Connecting to the internal components will align her emotions towards you. Making her feel connected will make her feel for you. Each path that leads to her soul will bring emotional attachment. It will increase in connection. You do yourself a disservice without connection. Focus on her soul!

Brotherhood Watch:Music

It is said that every ten years the octave, frequency and sound of music changes. Music in this era has changed from the years before. Everybody can agree that back then (70’s, 80’s and 90’s) music was much more than images or glamour, it had a message. It had empathy, it had ‘self respect’.

They say that every ten years the frequency, octave and sound of music changes. Music is the only energy that can get to both sides of the brain at the same time. It affects emotions. This makes sense because we have two ears to pick up sounds (left ear leading to the left side of the brain and right ear leading to the right side of the brain).

It is said that there are certain evil spirits that can travel through certain sound notes. The A note especially been that it is the note that affects the thought chakra [energy point]. The universal sound is a C sharp (C’). The universal sound sounds like a Aum hence why some people do it during meditation. The purpose is to realign themselves to the universe. Those who are spiritually intune say that there are evil spirits that try to possess a person through music. This is why many people say be careful what you listen to. It is debatable but believable. Music is influential.

Everybody is starting to know about the illuminati’s ways. A lot of people believe the illuminati have been using music has a medium for casting spells. In relation to religion it can be said to be controversial. But it does have a hint of truth.

Illuminati or not, religion or not, music has changed.