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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Fitness): Tao Physique

Calisthenics has a lot of advantages.





Mooji: Relationships and Fear


Anthony Paul Moo-Young, known as Mooji, moved to the UK and he is presently living in Brixton, London. Anthony worked in London’s ‘West end’ as a street portrait artist for many years, then as a painter and a stained glass artist, and later as a teacher at Brixton College. For a long time, he was well known as Tony Moo, but is now affectionately known as Mooji* by the many seekers and friends who visit him.

Mooji is a direct disciple of Sri Harilal Poonja, the renowned advaita master, or Papaji, as his followers call him.


Mooji experienced a life changing encounter after meeting a Christian mystic. It brought him, through prayer, into the direct experience of the Divine within. As his spiritual consciousness awakened, he gained many insights about everything. This was part of his inner transformation. Continue reading

A moment with Tazz Daddy

BOTG: What influenced you to get on radio and to start your company Tazz Daddy Enterprises?

TD: I started in radio at 9 years old, making me the youngest brother in the history of the business to get a job in radio. I fell in love with communicating with people. Entertaining people! As I grew in grace and popularity, I began to understand that I had a responsibility to awaken people to a greater purpose of responsibility and community. I don’t preach at people, but I tell them the truth. If they can’t deal with it, that’s something that they have to work out internally.

As far as the business goes, I’ve never been one to deal with working for someone else for very long. I believe in entrepreneurship on all levels. There is no reason why anyone especially in a country as free as ours should have to work for someone else. Instead of talking about it I live it each and every day. The job I have is a job choice, not a job of necessity. It also adds to my long term agenda of exposing my brain to as many people as possible. If your current job does not allow you the flexibility of the freedom to pursue your alternate goal, then you’re just another drone in the Corporation that isn’t really benefiting you beyond your paycheck. In my opinion this is a crime. Tazz Daddy Enterprises specializes in making things happen. Whether it’s a seminar, a motivational video, or a book I’ve written, I strive to show people that the impossible is attainable with dedication and hard work for oneself.

BOTG: Your radio show and alternative media hub, TazzDaddy has been awarded many times. We’ve got to ask, what is your work ethic?

TD: I was homeless and broke in 2009, due to a lot of horrible circumstances that I wasn’t prepared for. God saw fit to give me another chance at life. I learned the game. I realized that my fate and my destiny was mine to control. I work hard now, while I’m young, so by the time I reach 40, I’ll never have to work again. My day starts at 3 am and doesn’t end until about 8. I’m either running my businesses, or I’m running Social Media for Clear Channel. The Tazz Daddy brand stands for excellence, so I have to make sure that I protect the brand while still giving people the quality Game they’ve come to expect from me.

BOTG:We noticed that you are clued to the Game, what do you think of the interaction of men and women today?

TD: I think that there are a lot of men who are afraid of being men because they are constantly emasculated by society. We have a generation of women who are taught that they don’t need us for anything. We have to stop getting our advice from Oprah and Dr. Phil and our bitter mothers who don’t have their stuff together and start soaking up this game from people like Tariq Nasheed, Flyness, and myself.

BOTG: Tell us about your novel ‘The Great Sexpectations of Atlas Riley’ and where we can get it?

TD: It’s a coming of age tale about a man who is trying to find himself. Unfortunately he happens to get into one awful relationship after another without being equipped with Game. It’s a great tale of what not to do. You can order it from Amazon.com or BN.com or wherever books are sold.

BOTG: What influenced you to write it and call it that?

TD: I wrote it when I was in Tennessee. The reading comprehension level among my young male listeners was at an all-time low so I gave them something that they would enjoy reading. Little did I know that women would enjoy it so much! The book sold quite a bit when it was first released and still does pretty good numbers today.

BOTG: When approaching a woman, what is the first thing a man must do?

TD: Science says that there are 2 animals that can smell fear: Dogs and Bees. They forgot WOMEN! A man must be confident BEFORE he even thinks about approaching a woman. Men must feel confidence flowing through them. They must have a total sense of who they are. Then and only then, can they be truly successful in the Game.

BOTG: Upon approaching a woman, what is the first thing you usually say?

TD: I usually observe for a second, and say something based upon my observations.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy. Continue reading

Entering a new year (2011)


As we near the end of 2010 many people would be recapping on what went on through the year, many would be too busy celebrating the end of it to care, and others will focus on the now and not ‘dwelling’ in the past. One thing is for sure, a lot of people are not satisfied with the current situation that they are in right now. Most people would conclude that 2010 could have been better just like any other year before, suffering from a feeling of worthlessness from a sense of lack of accomplishment.

Although happiness is a state of mind, most people dwell and feed depression and gloom. A lot of people hide behind smiles and laughter when in fact they feel alone and unaccomplished. As we get older it seems that many people have a sense and feeling of unaccomplishment that far outweighs what they’ve done and the lessons they have learnt. To most if not all, accomplishment means having money and the finer things in life. The fact that something was created and lessons were learnt is overlooked due to the fact that it doesn’t bring paper with a picture of a head and numbers on it. Money; the colored paper that many have died and fought for, is made from trees which gives us oxygen. The trees are cut down to keep it in circulation. All this is done to earn a living. The irony is laughable.


To have a better life you’ll have to realize how powerful the mind is.You have to realize and understand to overstand why we are so different from the other animals. Happiness and success are states of the mind. When a person goes into a state, there is always something to gain from it. Sleep is a state that brings forth dreams, messages and knowledge. State of happiness (and success) is one that will bring forth maintenance (money, things of value, results) of the state. In the Dhammapada, Buddha said:

Mind is the forerunner of all (evil) conditions.
Mind is the chief, and they are mind-made.
If, with an impure mind, one speaks or acts,
Then suffering follows one.

Even as the cart wheel follows the hoof of the ox.
Mind is the forerunner of all (good) conditions.
Mind is the cheif, and they are mind-made.
If, with a pure mind, one speaks or acts,
Then happiness follows one
Like a never-departing shadow.


In the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles, pg 21, chapter 5, he beautifully says:

YOU MUST GET RID OF THE LAST VESTIGE OF THE OLD IDEA that there is a Deity whose will it is that you should be poor or whose purposes may be served by keeping you in poverty.

The intelligent substance which is all, and in all, and which lives in all and lives in you, is a consciously living substance. Being a consciously living substance, it must have the nature and inherent desire of every living intelligence for increase of life. Every living thing must continually seek for the enlargement of its life, because life, in the mere act of living, must increase itself.

The Science Of Getting Rich
The Science Of Getting Rich

In The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi states, in the best possible way how life is about strategy. One who knows the Way of strategy is one who will live a happy, successful and fulfilled life. Pg 3 states:

Strategy is the craft of the warrior. Commanders must enact the craft, and troopers should know this Way. There is no warrior in the world today who really understands the Way of strategy.
There are various Ways. There is the Way of salvation by the law of Buddha, the Way of Confucius governing the Way of learning, the Way of healing as a doctor, as a poet teaching the Way of Waka, tea, archery, and many arts and skills. Each man practices as he feels

It is said the warrior’s is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways. Even if a man has no natural ability he can be a warrior by sticking assiduously to both divisions of the Way. Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death. Although not only warriors but priests, women, peasants and lowlier folk have been known to die readily in the cause of duty or out of shame, this is a different thing. The warrior is different in that studying the Way of strategy is based on overcoming
men (and things).

The Book of Five Rings
The Book of Five Rings

Life is about your thought process. Procastination, planning, hesitation are all creation of the mind, just like instigation, development and motion. Where you are now is done by the choices you made. Recession played a big part in 2010, resulting in people’s lifestyle and plans been changed. Your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on money or external things. It should be dependent on the journey of self discovery. It should be dependent on the process of first finding yourself to know yourself, something money or materials can never do. We are entering another year. Do not dwell on what you think you are not or where you think you haven’t been, simply follow on course until you are successful, doing it all in a STATE (not discovery) of happiness.

Dhammadapa, The Science Of Gtting Rich and The Book Of Five Rings