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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Finance): Remote jobs – Side Hustle

If you are unsure what remote jobs means, to put it simply, it means jobs that you do online and therefore can do at home if you have a internet connection.

As the cost of living is going up, it is becoming more imperative that other streams of incomes are necessary. This means doing side hustles to help keep you above ‘financial water’. This is further emphasised by the impending forecast of the possibility of another recession happening. Another recession will truly affect everybody’s finances and how severe the effect may be depends on the stream of income. Remote jobs can help build the finances while at the comfort of your home, while noting that remote jobs are just one of many side hustles. These websites are of great help.

Remote Jobs

We Work Remotely





A moment with Royal Flyness

BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement?

RF: While the Feminist Movement has its rightful place in history (beginning centuries ago), many in the present day have confused its original intentions and are using it to fulfil their own agendas.

Centuries ago, the movement began as an earnest effort to seek social, political, and economic justice. It was revitalized in the 60’s and took on a lot of the same principles. In some pockets, this effort continues into the present day. However, too many women who profess to be “feminists”, are bitter and jaded with respect to manhood, and us it as a platform air their resentments.

BOTG:How did the name the Royal Flyness come about?

RF: After gaining some confidence and “swagger”, a few women would say that I acted as if I was “royalty”. One woman in particular would call me “Your Royal Highness”. I simply remixed “Highness” into “Flyness”.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction of men and women today?

RF: It’s a sad state of affairs. The majority of men and women just aren’t on the same page. There are things both genders could improve upon. A major problem with men is that they need to be more honest about their intentions—namely admitting when they only want physical relationships. On the other hand, women need to do a better job of being who they wish to attract. There are way too many women with foul attitudes and in poor health who feel deserving of a prince.

BOTG: When approaching a woman online, what is the first thing a man must do?

RF: The first thing a man must do when preparing to do some “online mackin” is to address his profile. Crisp photos and brief-yet intriguing bio or statement is a good start.

BOTG: Could you use this same approach online, offline?

RF: Absolutely. In each of my books, I discuss appearance (in photos), conversation techniques, and overall style. Each of these elements will help you off the net as well. For example, I used to be horrific with women back in the day. Around age 16 and 17, I was shy and awkward with women which is why I turned to online dating. However, once I got it down, I had no problems kickin’ it with women in person.

BOTG: Would you say that it’s harder to get women online than offline? If so why?

RF: This depends on the person and the situation. It also depends on the lady that’s being approached. In general, successfully approaching and meeting a woman in the club is more difficult, given the amount of flossin’, frontin’, trickin’, and simpin’ everywhere. Yet, meeting a woman online can also be tough when she’s being bombarded with brown-nosing men. Both forms of dating have their nuances.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy.

RF: Me. I think I’m nice…most of the time.

BOTG: Is it good to be nice? Continue reading