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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Anime): The Moment Endeavour went plus ultra

If you’re a anime fan or just love the anime My Hero Academia, you’ll understand why this season 4 episode finale made fans cheer, cry, and go ballistic.

To see how this character develop from season one to season four is a reminder that we all have a choice to change.

The overall premise of this episode was about self-reflection and a man redeeming himself to the point of putting his life on the line.


Walking Down Memory Lane: Redemption-Stanley Tookie Williams

Stanley Tookie Williams

Stanley Tookie Williams was the co-leader of the Crips and Blood. He later became full leader when Raymond Lee Washington, his best friend and co-leader, died after been gunned down.

Raymond Lee Washington
Raymond Lee Washington

Tookie and Raymond formed a group known as Cribs (later to be known as Crisps) to protect themselves and the neighborhood from bullies and troublemakers. Tookie Williams was constantly bullied and decided to do something about it. They were young when they formed the cribs and it later got out of hand. Raymond Washington soon decided to extend the protection and neighborhood watch on his block and area but instead of calling it Cribs (Crisps) he called it Blood.

Tookie and Raymond were partners in this but as more youngsters joined, it soon got out of control. It soon became a battle of turf and the agendas of the group was lost. At one point in his life Tookie met Arnold Schwarzenegger who was in awe with his size. He said that Tookie had arms like legs. At a young age a personal trainer came to Tookie asking him if he wanted to weight lift, Tookie agreed and weight lifted all his life. He called it driving iron.

Tookie Williams
Tookie Williams

Stanley Tookie Williams was arrested and given life. He faced many charges and was ultimately blamed for the death of many. Inside prison his outlook on life started changing as he started reading a lot. It was there he found and understood Martin Luther King’s dream, Malcom X plea and many other great leaders. He started to meditate as well. He was still driving iron, lifting large weights which wowed prison guards who urged him to join contests but he always declined. Continue reading