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There are many ways to get closure, some people will get it softly, blatantly, and harshly.


Brotherhood Watch: Dr. Jordan Peterson

Clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is very strong-willed and head strong in his research and works, and so tells it like it is using logic, science, statistics, and of course psychology. He has faced feminists and several people challenging his views as well as changing lives from is views.


Elemental Relationships (Cater to your Game)

Astrology Chart

More and more, the reading of star signs or astrology in general, in an elemental sense, makes sense. Most people view the study of astronomy or astrology in a wrong way, due to so-called pyschics giving false daily readings and over dramatized way of reading it. Yet the constellations are much more galatically driven than someone’s way of making quick cash. Continue reading



Energy + Motion = E-motion

Energy in motion circulates the body constantly and when acted upon it becomes action (Act + Motion = Action). This is why there is a difference between motive and action. Emotions can bring out the best or worst in a person. Emotions can either create or destroy and when put into action, it becomes work done. Emotions are real. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Dr.Tiy-E

Dr. Tiy-E

Dr. Tiy-E, also known as “The Love Doctor,” is the quintessential “Renaissance Man.” A life coach, sex therapist, author, playwright, radio/television personality, dancer, educator, and athlete. Dr. Tiy-E’s energy is infectious. Whether he’s in the classroom, on stage or in the studio, Dr. Tiy-E is on a mission to encourage others to find peace and love through establishing & sustaining healthy relationships. Continue reading

Don’t Apologize for Being A Man


It seems like for the longest time men have restrained and strove to hide their natural behaviours and instincts in being a man. This was done so as a defense mechanism and as an expression to show a form of abiding to social norms that would get them in trouble if they don’t. It is mostly because of this that men, most men seem too proper, gentle, timid and unnatural. Continue reading

Paying Homage: Dedan Tolbert

Ask Dedan

Award-winning author, advice columnist and talk show host, Dedan Tolbert entered the entertainment industry in 2005 with the release of his award-winning debut novel , “The Love We Had…”.

Mr Tolbert has dedicated his life to helping women avoid many of the uncomfortable situations they often find themselves in by giving dating and relationship advice that encourages self reflection and examination which would make a woman left lonely, abused or unfulfilled. He makes women realize that certain behaviour exercised to show ‘independent’ or a negative vibe will make a man run or lead them along. Continue reading