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REMINDER: Stay strong!

Remember that mental strength is required to address all the circumstances of life, to address all circumstances that can throw you off balance. To gain mental strength requires mental exercise, it requires confidence. Remember you can always regain balance and create a strong mindset, you can always create a strong life. May you continue strong! Don’t ever give up!


Reminder, strive to control Fear

Fear and Love Image

Fear is the opposite of love (hate is created from fear). The fear to approach, to express, to voice out, to fail, to lose, to try and to live, are all hinderance to love and to who you are. Accepting fear and letting it grap a hold of you means you will be controlled by everything outside of you, putting you out of control. Fear will always struggle with love. Something that doesn’t struggle is dead. Struggle shows proof of life.

It shows proof that something is trying to exist, that something is trying to live. So embrace and accept struggle! Our emotions cannot be eliminated; that would make us machines, but they can be controlled. In between struggle is control. To journey on self discovery means controlling fear to take the first step. Fear paralyses and to live is to be free and feel it. To be free is to be in and feel a state of love. The Love of the Game perhaps because life is a Game. The fear to risk is stagnancy. The fear to be yourself is a stranger; it’s not you. The fear to live is existing. Have faith and use it to answer fear when it knocks.

Reminder, all girls turn into a woman but not all women turn into a lady, a Top notch female or have the Ryde or Die Mentality

If you let your dick think for you, you’ll fall victim to most women’s lies and deceit. It is hard to resist a woman who can please and who looks so good, it sends shivers through the spine when she touches you; but it is not impossible. Most women enter relationships these days in disguise and having agendas. They may look good fellas but if you let your dick control you, you’ll fail to assess her character. This failure can cost you a lot, especially if all the woman has is her looks.

The fact is that beauty is not a virtue but a decaying and depreciating asset (in terms of the body). Not every woman has the mentality to stick it through, stand by her man or elevate and support her man. Women these days don’t even understand what it is to support or submit.They constantly confuse it with oppression. With the mentality of anything a man can do I can do it better, most women will destroy the relationship they have. Most women will sleep around and ultimately, they will disrespect (remember women are emotional- Emotions are unstable and women, most women will act on impulse, on ‘feelings’.)

Women truly believe that there is so much power with the organ between their legs that they fail to realize that this occurence only happens due to the lack of men’s control over theirs. A lot of women will play on a man’s emotions, whispering and joking to friends about how they can manipulate a man and turn him into a puppet. Men’s fault! These days, the unit is not strong and women seem to have replaced femininity and loyalty with sexual liberation.

Beauty is enticing but still not a virtue. This if anything is why you, as a man, should assess a woman. Don’t give your heart too soon because of beauty and sex. Know the woman you dealing with! The mentality of women these days seems more to crucify than solidify. Be careful fellas!

Don’t hate women, assess them! Don’t hate women, teach them! Don’t hate women, lead them! To be followed and worthy of submission, don’t chase or praise them! Attract them!

…..It is quite incredible that men, whose desire for knowledge knows no bounds in every other field, are really totally blind to these facts, that they are incapable of seeing women as they really are: with nothing else to offer but a vagina, two breasts and some punch cards programmed with idle, stereotyped chatter; that they are nothing more than conglomerations of matter, lumps of stuffed human skin pretending to be thinking human beings.

If men would only stop for a moment in their blind productivity and think, they could easily tear the masks off these creatures with their tinkling bracelets, frilly blouses and gold-leather sandals. Surely it would take them only a couple of days, considering their own intelligence, imagination, and determination, to construct a machine, a kind of human female robot to take the place of woman. For there is nothing original in her—neither inside nor out—which could not be replaced. Why are men so afraid to face the truth?……..~pg 47, The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar.