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Too much of anything is bad

Too much work

A man and a woman are different in nature. Most men spend most of their time trying to make a woman obsesssed and ‘hynoptized’ by placing her on a pesdestral, demostrated by the overhyped, unnecessary and undeserved gestures that he feels only he can do due to finance and admiration, enabling him to execute his feelings of his like and love for the woman.

He makes his happiness dependent on a woman, forgetting that because she is different from him and is unable to fully grasp the type of man he is unless she is taught, she may take a while to understand him. The man “razzled dazzled” by the woman, feeling that he has struck gold and that his happiness is complete, confuses affection with love and suffocates the woman, lacking the understanding and the sense to know that a man, a true to the core man doesn’t behave in such a manner as to put a woman above himself and others.

She is different but equal and unable to see this, he traps himself in a lifetime of confusion and irritation from been disrespected, used and insulted. The woman who has now seen nothing but a slave doing her every whim and getting her everything-the world, now feels like a master who can click her fingers whenever she needs anything. Why oh why she ask herself, should she be so stupid enough to give the slave what he wants and love him when she can get anything she wants? If she did, he would no longer be a slave.

Then a realization hits her and deliverance from any guilt that she may be feeling and burying from using the man for selfish means is released as she understands that she cannot love such a man because she doesn’t see a man. She is blinded from his attempts to show manhood yet awake to the fact that the man’s display of love of acquiring her, like she can be bought like a piece of meat, is not manhood. She leaves or tolerates him with disrespect or if she is not in a relationship with him, keep him chasing.

Love that beautiful and wonderful essence that is pure, true and elevates is pushed aside and replaced with hate if not irritation. The man starts to attempt to rectify his mistakes or show difference in behaviour but this translates to indesciveness and inconsistency. The woman’s negative reactions brings about the change and the man tries to change the way he serves not yet understanding that she doesn’t want to be served but led.

For although she asks for the world, she has to know why she is given anything and if she is truly deserving of such expressive treatments. She has to feel like she has passed some manly test to receive her reward happily, saying and meaning it heartedly, that “this is mine.” Although women, the beautiful, devious, manipulative, yet nuturing, affectionate, ego boosters that they are, put a man through many tests, no matter how hard and well laid out it may be, it can be passed with manhood.

Male energy is all that is needed for any diabolical scheme and plots from feminine demise. Just like too much sweets will rotten the teeth as well as destroy the gums, affection from a man has to be given in bits and long enough to be appreciated. It is not a crime or lame to etch into the skull, the memory, that too much of anything is bad. Though the woman will ‘kick and scream’ for more sweets as a form of test to see what her man will do and whether she will be rewarded for her childish, immature behaviour, it is up to the man to say no, correcting her and letting her know, reassuring her that he is a man and will not be dominated by female energy because being a female, although its in his DNA because of his mother is not his nature.

By this unaffected and strong display of character the woman accepts and submits to his leadership and his particular gestures of his personality and individuality. She feels safe knowing that she no longer has to restrain and hide her feminine ways under an icy and almost unexplained, confusing attitude created as an attempt to hide her emotional nature from hurt and pain. Most importantly she feels no insinuation and mannerism that she is a possession or something to be reached or obtained. A sense of partnership devours her fears and curisosity from uncertainty.

In the end, although the attempting square is in no way physically hurting his subject of desire, psychologically she is bored, unfulfilled and influenced to manipulate the situation to see just how far a man would go with his winning and dining, his gifts and sudden expectations for a stranger. She waits as she manipulates as respect for him decreases for the man to use his words notoriously and smoothly to get to know who he is dealing with. After all she is a woman and women enjoy and delight in the fine art of communication. If he does know her and has been with her for a while, she manipulates the situation mostly to teach him a lesson.

In the end a man who lets a woman be and treats her on equal terms but differently due to the fact that she is different in nature, is the one that can co-exist together and destroy the resentments and boredom in his relationship.

The same happens in business where to close a deal, gifts upon gifts are given to impress and show eagerness to represent a person, skilled and wanted. Eventually the person ends up going to the business that was more truthful, real to his needs and wasn’t all about money. Relationship is like a business where it is assigned by nature for a man, physical, one minded and more logical first, is leader and the woman, emotional, multi-thinking and tasking and more nuturing first, is a manager.

To lead such a bussiness and partnership the man must and be capable to use his time and development with an ambitious mind to turn his business into an empire, a success that enables him to relax deservingly personally and financially. His woman, razzled dazzled by her man’s ambition and determination to elevate himself and her, will be more than willing to help and more willing to push herself and do what it takes, submitting so that he is able to lead as she manages.

Most men mean well with their outlandish antics and find it hard not to do too much, too soon but ending up like most, learning the harsh, violent and radical effects that teaches them the hard, merciless lessons, that doing too much will backfire in hurtful ways. Square players although dipped and concentrated in the game but ignoring some lessons of the game exercised by not fully trusting the game with its rules, principles and unwritten laws to abide by it, end up doing too much. The result is the showing of simpish and lame behaviour that could cause all women to harden and generalize that all men are the same.

Ultimately it is not about the woman and or what she has but about a man’s selfish needs to acquire something in a selfish and uncreative way. For although he is a ‘hunter’ showing that he goes after what he wants, the ‘prey’, there are effective strategies. Even a deer will run away by too much noise, sensing the eagerness and desperation of the hunter. A woman is more smitten by words than materials and more stimulated by well thought out, no matter how small, gestures that shows a man’s ability to get through to her mind and her harden gatetway to her heart with such minimal display of affection but large and meaningful intent. He shows that he is serious with minimal yet natural and heart felt execution.

A man can tire himself out chasing and chasing, keeping her running and running cause the chase is not just in the approach but in displays after displays of wasted time without words–that which she is truly smitten by. It is said that time is money, these squares with hearts of gold, but projecting clay and its properties of softness would be bankrupted.

A man’s attention should be on himself and business, striving to self improve. This causes a lot of gravitational pull, the attraction that he needs to get a woman or women willing to manage for him as he leads. Her attentiveness to him will come with a wonderous and curious eyes to adapt to the mystery and recurring thoughts of who he is and certainty that indeed he will be successful by the way he invests his time in his purpose. He doesn’t have to do much or too much but focus on himself and mission. Too much of anything is bad and when men stop chasing, they can rest and feel rejuvenated by this universal truth.


Never give up!

Never give up

Things are going to happen in your life that will make you want to give up on yourself. Plans don’t always go accordingly and the unexpected catches you off guard. True test of character is revealed in the moment of crisis. Confront your challenges! Shying away from problems makes it bigger than it is. It gives problems power. Life is a lesson and some lessons are tough but school is in session.

Things will definitely go wrong. Relationships break up, jobs are lost,or someone dies. Life can be draining, depressing and cruel in many ways. If you let it, it will beat you. Struggle means that you haven’t been defeated. So struggle against this opponent called life to show that you can and will fight back. You are not an easy opponent. The worthy opponent is the one that accepts the challenges! The worthy opponent is the one who gets cut but don’t bleed. It is the one that keeps getting up. He or she proves their worth in life.

The world will hate you the more you love yourself. This is no reason to give up. Somebody will mention something negative about your looks, family, and life. This is no reason to give. You may lose everything and feel like there is no hope. There is always hope, don’t give up! Hope is always there when a person doesn’t quit. Giving up is what removes it. If you claim that you are a child of God, that means you are gods amongst men. A deer gives birth to a deer, a lion to a lion, dogs to dogs and so been a CHILD of God makes you a god. Only God can give ‘birth’ to gods.

Pain is simply a sensation telling you that you are still alive. It was Ghandi that said, nothing can hurt you without YOUR permission. It was Rza that said if you live through defeat, you are not defeated. It is tough for the rich and poor alike. True surviviors are those who don’t quit. Quitting on yourself is a disservice, a sin and dishonour to yourself. Never give up! Life is filled with many tests. Pass!

Be True to the Game

Truth and Consequences picture

Men can be taught game as much as they want but without trust in the lessons, it is pointless. Iceberg Slim, Rosebudd, Mickey Royal, Gangsta Brown, Donald Goines and many others have lived life with a lot of women, as pimps. Each of their books say similar things. It stands to reason then that what they say can be trusted. The ups and down, how to treat a woman good, how to connect with a woman can be trusted. Beyond that, been true to the Game means been true to yourself.

If you love a woman, say you love a woman. If you are nervous or scared to approach, say you are nervous or scared to approach. If you are unable to say no to a woman, say so. These things don’t have to be said to anyone else, they can and should be said to yourself. The beginning of freedom is to free yourself from the burden of lies and denial. Be truthful to yourself to set yourself free.Whether you believe it or not, the truth shall set you free. Do not lie to the Game, be true to it. Been part of the game requires it. The Game is life and whether you like it or not you are a part of it. Its play or be played!……Life is what you make it!

By telling yourself the truth, it allows you to accept your weaknesses to WORK on them. The truth is the “so what’s next?” in your system. It is the “How can we resolve this?” process in your blood. Weaknesses can turn into strengths! Trust the lessons as you learn them. If it says been nice or too nice loses respect then to gain respect is to do nothing or decrease the act. Be true to the game to trust it. This also requires you to trust yourself to follow what you learn. It is the making of a man.

Love is allowed in life. It is the greatest feeling in the world. But learning game allows a man to be careful about who he shows love and know who doesn’t love him. Be true to the game and the game will be true to you. Like begets like, like attracts like, you’ve got to sow what you reap. If you lie, you get lies, what goes around comes around, the world is round playas. Be true or face the consequences.

You can’t really second guess a person’s biography, experiences or lessons when you know it happened and when you see it happening. So then trust what you learn from these ‘old timers’ and adapt. Life will always be a lesson, it is the best teacher. No matter what you do in life, be true to yourself. That is loyalty to the game (yourself).

Focus on her Soul

Soul image

A lot of men find it hard to get or keep a woman. The lack of ability to get women can result negatively in a man’s work. His mission suffers. Some men go to extreme length to pay for a woman’s company, trying to fill the emptiness of not knowing what to do to attract or keep a woman. Desperation surfaces. Many men have it backwards, to get a woman or keep a woman is to change focus. The perception that women are givers instead of receivers first has to be destroyed. A man makes the first move. He leads!

Most men, lets say 95%, focus on the physical attribute to get and keep a woman. Physical attributes attract but in no way does loving her body keep her. Women are internal beings. Everything is on the inside. Everything is feeling based. The insides of a woman is much more important than the outside. This unknown phenomena got men ‘forcing time’ trying to make things happen quickly with women. Most men usually rush to get at a woman, aiming to be first before another man gets there. To a woman, it reveals his sexual intentions. Patience is a virtue! Taking time to know a woman will allow her to instill the man in her being. She starts to mirror the man subconsciously. He gets in her system.

Another man may get there first with hastiness only to run into many problems that hastiness brings. Much more obstacles appears without strategy. Hasty men may get into a relationship with a woman later to realize that it will not last. He wasn’t prepared! He was too busy competing to lead. A lot of men have instabilise themselves with the notion that the longer they wait, the sooner they will be put into the friendship zone. Nonsense! A man is put into the friendship zone by the way he ACTS not in his ability to wait. The ability to wait brings stability. He does nothing stupid. He does nothing to put her off and better yet it gives him time to strategize.

Don’t get titles confused with virtues fellas. Women can say or do a lot of things to test a man. What they feel soon becomes apparent through the contradictions of what was said or done before. Women are led by emotions and emotions are unpredictable.This explains why a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer eventually succeeds. Still, understand that sucess in getting a woman does not mean stability.

Money will not keep her but it helps. Financial freedom will enable most women to tolerate a man. This doesn’t ensure respect or her love. Women have been known to cheat while claiming to be in ‘love’. Not even love can make a woman stay. Being led by her emotions gets her in trouble. The unpredictability of emotions allows women to be easily controlled. Yet this two edged sword can cause a man to be cheated on in a relationship. The remedy is to focus on the soul!

The Mind of a woman is a pathway to her soul,
The eyes of a woman are the window to the soul,
The Heart of a woman is the gateway to her soul,
The Name of a woman is the identity of her soul,
The vagina of a woman is an entrance to her body.

Connecting to a woman’s mind, keeps her acknowledgement of a man. A woman finds herself thinking of the man. He is smart, charming, he is everything she wants him to be. He occupies her mind.

The heart is a fragile organ. Women are easily hurt. The heart should be seen like a petal, handled with care with the words of assurance and encouragement. ‘Praising’ and ‘worshipping’ her for her looks or the way she does things only translates to insecurities. More appreciation is needed not adoration. A woman wants to be loved and wants to be reassured that pain can be taken away by a man. Confirming that male energy is powerful enough to make her feel safe. This will open up her heart, knowing that it is safe to do so.

A woman loves the sound of her name just like everybody else. Familarity and security is created. Connecting to a woman’s soul or spirit is what will keep her! It is what will get inside her. Focusing on her soul translates to ATTENTION. Women seek attention. The DIRECTION of your eyes fellas is an indicator to how attentive you are. Focus it on hers! This is the first link. It is like playing computer games. When you take your eyes off the screen, you lose! You need to be focused to win. While playing computer games the fingers or the pad is hardly ever looked at, the concentration is on the screen. The fingers to your pad becomes automatic. Same thing here, she will focus on you by focusing on her. Attention is a two way process, certain behaviours become automatic.

Connection means never parting so do not break it. Increase it! The vagina connects to a woman’s body NOT her soul. She has needs to. Having sex will not keep her! It doesn’t matter how good you are, she can still cheat. Connecting to the internal components will align her emotions towards you. Making her feel connected will make her feel for you. Each path that leads to her soul will bring emotional attachment. It will increase in connection. You do yourself a disservice without connection. Focus on her soul!

Brotherhood Watch:Music

It is said that every ten years the octave, frequency and sound of music changes. Music in this era has changed from the years before. Everybody can agree that back then (70’s, 80’s and 90’s) music was much more than images or glamour, it had a message. It had empathy, it had ‘self respect’.

They say that every ten years the frequency, octave and sound of music changes. Music is the only energy that can get to both sides of the brain at the same time. It affects emotions. This makes sense because we have two ears to pick up sounds (left ear leading to the left side of the brain and right ear leading to the right side of the brain).

It is said that there are certain evil spirits that can travel through certain sound notes. The A note especially been that it is the note that affects the thought chakra [energy point]. The universal sound is a C sharp (C’). The universal sound sounds like a Aum hence why some people do it during meditation. The purpose is to realign themselves to the universe. Those who are spiritually intune say that there are evil spirits that try to possess a person through music. This is why many people say be careful what you listen to. It is debatable but believable. Music is influential.

Everybody is starting to know about the illuminati’s ways. A lot of people believe the illuminati have been using music has a medium for casting spells. In relation to religion it can be said to be controversial. But it does have a hint of truth.

Illuminati or not, religion or not, music has changed.

Put Sex Last

Sex last picture

It is said that money first, sex last.

Money can bring sex and lots of it. A lot of golddigging women will take advantage of men with money. When or if money goes a man can be left with child support or sexual transmitted disease. Some men’s lust will not allow them to do background checks on women they stick their dick in. The moment is now, so the moment is right according to some. Most men do not have the ability to say no to sex. Some do not know when it will be on offer again so rushing at it seems appropriate.

Most men chase money so that they can eventually have lots of sex. In some twisted way it is fulfilling knowing that the tangibles they work so hard for can bring many manipulative women. These women who want nothing more than to make a name of themselves use and shake what their mama gave them. They weaken a man and so gain control of him. It is not a bad hustle!

Money and sex does not make a man. A material and a meaningless process does not make a man. And sex is meaingless without love. CHARACTER, the security and integrity of self makes a man. The Brotherhood is all about character. A lot of women will and have slept with a man of character. The man that rather work on himself, his spirituality and surroundings for the sake of earning a living. He earns a living not only to feed others but also with the understanding that it is not in a man’s nature to be lazy. It is even a punishment, a curse you could say (Adam had to start toiling the ground).

Character can be seen through action. Money is an illusion that confuses most men. They get it and feel that it has brought character with it. This illusion has caused many men to sell their souls to the devil. Sex to most is all that matters! Money boosts ego and ego spreads this illusion with the mentality that it was through shear hard work alone that made it happen. Even fools can work hard at been foolish. Hard work is PART of character not the totality. Fools can win the lottery and have a lot of sex to. This already tells that a lot of women (golddiggers) will hustle to get that money. They are ‘working’ hard to.

Seek character first fellas. Money and sex will be given to a man of substance. A man everybody feels deserves all he gets. Put sex last! Sexual interactions makes the body lose energy and decrease in performance. Players in any sports are told not to have sex the night before as it will affect progress. Mind and body must be focus on the game.

Yet when love is involved in sex, a man is and can be rejuvenated by it. Rejuvenation comes from the satisfaction that he has slept with the person he wanted. The person he loves. Sleeping around without love or a level of connection makes a man lose energy. He wastes energy. He wastes his manhood. The depletion of energy shows in different areas of his life in a negative way. Lust is not a good thing. Love is everything! So sex should be last for love to build.

The art of taking the energy of sexual desires and directing it into creativity (Sexual Transmutation) has developed character in some men. Character first, sex last is the correct motto. Although money does not determine character. Going after money is better than sex. No man has ever lost a woman by focusing on getting money. It is the love of money that the Most High warns people about. He never said one couldn’t strive to get it. Love of money brings greed not the teachings and ability to acquire it (think of the troll in ‘Lord of the Rings’).

Men have lost women going broke. But to the man of character broke or not, the woman stays. She stays with him without seeing titles. Women with a man of character don’t see a man with money, they don’t see a man that they are giving sex to, they see a man by nature not titles. He was a man with money and he is still a man without it. He will still be a man when he gains money again. Such a woman will help instead of leave.

The game is not about sleeping with as many women as possible. The game is life. It is play or be played. To play is to gain control and strategize. The game is chess! With women, a man’s aim should be to have fun. Thinking of sex with your woman all the time will hinder the relationship. Every game has an element of fun in it. A woman can never consider her relationship boring when she is always having fun. A man doesn’t have to show how much he is into her if he keeps her excited in the game. You will be connecting on a mental and spiritual level due to the physical been last. This brings emotional attachment. It will be harder for the relationship to deteiorate.

When sex is last a woman KNOWS this man is disciplined. Most of all she doesn’t feel like she will be used. Women will throw more sex in just to increase the fun (just to keep playing). Any game will always need players. Putting sex last will allow a man to connect with a woman’s mind and open up the gateway to her soul, her heart. This requires patience.

Character is shown when a man seeks to better himself and strives to handle business. Character makes a man a worthy opponent of the game. Everything else follows character and sex will definitely come to a man who is not a slave to it. Put it last and it will come. Afterall, anything last will always try to be first.

Listen to the confession in 40 days and 40 nights

40 Days and 40 Nights FULL MOVIE

A Man should know how to Defend and Protect

Zen strength symbol

Defend yourself, protect your love ones. This is the law of the fight.

Children are not been taught how to fight or fend for themselves. They are taught to be polite and to run in the face of danger. Sometimes in life there comes a point where we are cornered and the only way out is to fight our way through. Sometimes this is the only solution. Been cornered could come in the form of a person, an event, negativity and an obstacle. Basically anything that poses itself as an opponent.

In the past, children went through ‘rites of passage’. A passage where they had to pass tests to be a man. They went through their passage as little boys and girls and came back strong as men and women. They were educated about self first. They knew the importance of manhood and womanhood. They knew how important they were in life. This not only gave them the courage to fight but a reason and purpose to do so. Fighting and the art of it has had one philosophy that one has to venture and come to the realization on their own.

That is that one doesn’t fight for fighting sake. One doesn’t fight to destroy or show off skills.One doesn’t fight or learn to fight to be a master. It is not about the belts or the trophies. It is not about the money or the fame. It is not even about winning. One fights to take a STAND!

I took up Taekwondo and Wu Shu while growing up and came to the realization that taking a stand is what all fighters do. Some become aware and overstand this philosophy. Some take a stand without knowing while aiming for a prize or a name. But it is all the same. To fight, is to be willing to stand your ground. This means that it is not about size, skills, or belts. A master can be surpassed if his weaknesses are found. YOU can become the master if you persist! To persist is to take a stand!

A man has to be able to defend himself and protect his loved ones. He must have that will to say that even if death grips me, death will forever remember the name of the life it tried to take easy but had to struggle. It should be a man’s duty to let his kids go through some kind of ‘rites of passage’. This means he must prepare for their coming.This means he has to constantly educate himself for his kids. He is their master and the greatest aim for every master is for his pupil to become a master or surpass him. If kids become masters themselves then there is no need for a man to be over protective. Bruce Lee, once said:

‘All vague notions must fall before a pupil can call himself a master.’


Note everything is Martial Art. The keyword there is Art as in the Art of fighting.

Lifting weights and gaining muscles is impressive but can limit movement if not combined with martial art. All muscle groups in a body must be trained. Muscle builders seem to train their body in just one dimensional way (the body is three dimensional). It seems that most body builders forget that the body can rotate, it can jump, it can be flexible while muscles build. Most body builders are too stiff to do anything else. Combined with Martial Art and gymnastics, a man will be able to do so much more. Man must flow like water.

Martial Art is split into two areas. The philsophy and the practical. Overstanding the philsophy gives you the why and the hows. The practical gives you the experience and the preparation. Combining both gives you emotional content. Meaning you do it all without thinking.

A bully will no longer be a bully if the victim takes a stand. When the victim has stood his (or her) ground, the bully disappears. There is now a Tornament. They are aligned face to face. No runners, just fighters. The opponent may be skilled, they may be bigger or stronger but ultimately, victory is not determined by size or skill but by who has the biggest will. Some opponent may be big but slow, others skillful but not able to execute them well. Be bold to will! Have will to defend and protect.

The Tao symbol not only symbolizes the balance of yin (woman) and yang (man) but illustrates that everything has its opposites. Opposite of tall is short, up is down, right is wrong, good is bad, fat is slim, cold is hot and so on. Everything balances out. It is important to understand that standing your ground is about maintaining balance within yourself. The opposite of fear can be said to be courage but ultimately it is love. Love balances all.

Tao symbol

Then there is the art of fighting without fighting. Strategy is important in every fight. Having strategy can stop fights. Taking a stand already shows that you may not want to fight but will if you have to. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu states:

‘He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.’

It also says:

‘Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.’

Art of War Book

Art of War by Sun Tzu

Life is a War and it needs Warriors to live it well. It needs Soldiers to fight it. It needs the mentality of fighters. Note this message is not influencing the making of a thug or gangster, mobsters, whatever title that defines been an outlaw. The message here is that a man must know how to be a fighter. He must have a fighting mentality. Or he will be defeated. Life is the biggest bully!

One of the best book for Guerrilla Warfare is Total Resistance. Good for strategizing, tactical movements and improvising.

Total Resistance

Total Resistance by Major H. Von Dauch

Some people will say if love balances all then why focus on fighting? According to some it would be more logical to focus on love because by doing that it becomes a loving world. This is understandable but we live in a world where there is more hate in men’s heart. Some will even go as far as to bring up the fact that Yashua (Jesus) said, turn the other cheek. The other cheek simply means use love against hate. There are no teachings in existence that says that one should dishonor themself. Turning the other cheek does not mean taking a beating when you can defend yourself (honor yourself)..

When parents punish they say that they do it out of love. A man does not learn to fight but to take a stand. In love he defends himself and protects the things and people that he loves. To fight is not to cause violence but to defend and protect!

In the ‘Tao of Wu’, it states:

If you live through defeat, you’re not defeated. If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won. Lose yourself to improve yourself. Only when we shed all self definition do we find who we really are.

Tao of Wu

Tao of Wu by Rza


Life is not about winning but survival. Survive first to win! Good men fall but the great ones get back up.


The Game is a Chess Game

First of all lets learn chess………

Chess originated from Khemet (Egypt) and was originally called Senet. It was played by Nerfertiti and the Moors (Moors means black).

Nefertiti playing senet (chess)

Nefertiti playing Senet (chess)

When a man and woman are single

The chess board symbolizes the world, more like a battlefield. Both sides are governed by Allies (The Castle), Politics (The Bishop), Military (The Knight), Royalty or President (The King and Queen) Religion (King’s Bishop) and Police (King’s Knight).

Everybody is born a pawn (‘no status’) and the aim of the game is to overcome all these adversities or forms of control to be able to set your own rules (be King or Queen).

In terms of the Game, a man has to see the board as a mindset of a woman. The way a woman uses allies, politics, miltary, religion and police are very different to the way a man would use them. A man (pawn) will struggle to be King (overcome or overthrow) and a woman (pawn) will struggle to be Queen (overcome or overthrow).

Do understand though that those in power (politicians,religion, miltary, royalty, presidency and so on) are made up of men and women as well but they got their power because men and women (pawns) allowed them to have power over them. This was done because they believed that these people (men and women) can help lessen the struggle or because they were persuaded to through lies.

In terms of the Game it is a battle of the mind, it is a Game of strategy. How a man strategizes and how a woman strategizes will be different. Once a woman’s mind has been ‘overthrown’, then she will surrender or submit to the man TOTALLY. A man must get into a woman’s head before the bed, so yes he must strategize to find ‘entrances’.

But if a man’s mind gets ‘overthrown’ by a woman, she will hardly have no respect for him and can either use him or get rid of him. She will see no king as she struggles to be queen (to have more control over her life). A queen needs a king and a king’s mind is not ovethrown by a queen, it is connected to it (a mind she can support).

When a man and woman meet

It is a chess game. But it doesn’t stop there, it goes deeper still, on a whole, the chess board shows how both sides and all pieces are trying to gain and maintain control. To do that they must overcome or overthrow but deeply, when a man plays (meets) a woman, he has to take into consideration, her dad (King), mum (Queen), family (military-Knight), friends (allies-castle), her beliefs (religion-bishop) and other things she has or can have influence over (pawns-strangers). The woman has to do the same. Now, for a man (or woman) to gain complete control over himself in his relationship he will have to strategize.

If a woman doesn’t have a father or mother, there are father and mother figures. This is the same with family and friends, there will always be a figure, there will always be a piece on the board. On the chessboard, strategizing is about the man’s and woman’s movements. A man and woman can also be influenced by each other, therefore taking the bait to be ‘overthrown’. Both the man and the woman must struggle till they know or accept each other. Profoundly, there is one piece that is not on the board, the Most High (and the devil- which are other influence factors but this one is separate from the church, this one is a personal relationship).

Learning the game of chess- Movements

chess board

Each movement is noted by letters and numbers for a person to remember. Remembering strategizes gives room for improvements (better thinking).



Chess pieces


Pawns chess pieces

Pawn chess piece movement

Can only move one square at a time except at the beginning where it can move two (signifying a person taking a leap [giant steps] into he or her relationship, this battle). The pawn (strangers) don’t have much control over a woman’s (or man’s) descisions but can gain it if he or she survives or is persistent. Pawns can still influence (overthrow) but their efforts to do so is harder than all the other pieces. Once a pawn reaches the end of another player’s board (whether man or woman) it turns into the greatest piece with the most movability, the Queen. For men and women it is about the movability (strategy) not the gender (queen).


Knight piece


Knight piece movement

Knights move in a L-shape. These are the military or family. A woman’s family can influence her decisions. Her family will back her up or betray her in advise and suggestions. They move to defend her. A man or woman who doesn’t take family mindset into consideration when strategizing will make mistakes. Family are outside interferences. If the woman’s family doesn’t like the man and vice versa, there will be complications. All family agendas must be handled strategically.


Bishop chess piece

Bishop chess piece movement

The Bishop moves diagonally. Its funny because politics are never straight-forward and are filled with propaganda. The bishop represents the mandatory conduct, the law that a man and woman must follow. They have to be strategic when about their movability (when discussing politics) or they will clash tremendously. A man (and woman) have to watch out for the police in this area because they to have their influences. The mindset can be greatly affected by the political system.


Castle chess piece

Castle chess piece movement

Castle (also called the Rook) move up and down and side to side. They are the allies of a man and woman. These can also be pimps, players, macks, prostitutes, madams, vixens, scvanengers and so on. They can influence a man and a woman decisions. Note that prostitutes know more about how to treat men than the woman in the church. Note that pimps know more about women than the man in the church. So a man has to be strategic in how he interacts with his allies. Information can be gotten and it can ruin or destroy his movements (mindset) if he takes it.


King chess piece


King chess piece movement

Kings can only move one square in any direction (note that he can move in any direction). There is only one restriction that the King has and that is he may not move into a position where he may be captured by an opposing piece (otherwise its check). Still, because of this rule two kings can never stand close to each other or capture each other.

Kings are focused and move one direction at a time. This is what every man is hoping to achieve mentally. But in this case (the Game) the King is the woman’s father or any man figure in her life. A man must be very strategic in ‘overthrowing’ this piece (character). Overthrowing it is acceptance. If not, its like going into a lion’s den and not expecting the lion to roar. The King is the most vital piece on the board, if he is ‘overthrown’ the rest will be ‘overthrown’. Once again overthrowing them (the family) is acceptance.

But if the King (dad) still won’t accept the man, he can get the police (movement, King’s Knight) and other top allies (movement, King’s Castle) involved. A man must strategize to counteract such movements.

Then there is religion (movement, The King’s Bishop). Its funny because religion is never straight-forward but can get a man and woman far in the sense that they are spiritually high and have hope for a better tomorrow. Everything is in the Creator’s hand is the motion. The King’s bishop represents the beliefs of the man and woman, the religious beliefs does have influence over a man’s and woman’s mindset. They have to be strategic about their movability or they will clash tremendously. A man (and woman) have to watch out for the family in this area as well. Family can influence the mindset greatly through the religious system.


Queen chess piece

Queen chess piece movement

The Queen can move in all directions in as many squares as she wants. This is equivalent to multitasking. She has one restraint though, and that is she cannot jump over other pieces (like the Knight-the family). She has to move in the line of action to ‘overthrow’. A Queen is what every woman is striving to achieve mentally. The woman has to be strategic to ‘overthrow’ (gain acceptance) the man’s mother.

The man and woman in a relationship or marriage

When the man and woman get together, they are on the same side. The man must be strategic and move as to not let his woman stray. He must aim to be a King in her eyes. If he is seen as a pawn the other King (Royalty or President, court system) will take over him. She must strive to be Queen, virtuous and strategic, she must keep the man happy and capable to protect her with a willingness and adoration that would not be shown if she was a pawn. If she does not do her part, the King will take another Queen.

This chess game of meeting and been in a relationship or marriage for the man and woman ends when the man has ‘overthrown’ the King (dad, royalty and court system [gained control of himself] ) of the woman. It ends when he has gain acceptance and control of himself.

But this chess game is for life, it must always be seen that way to keep a man strategic. Been strategic does not make a man boring, it makes him desired. Being able to move or think three steps ahead, makes a great leader. The strategy is needed so that a woman’s nature does not clash with a man’s nature.

The Game is chess!


Queen's Crown

The word queen originally meant prostitute. It later became a word for royalty. A queen is a woman who rules BESIDE her man (king). She doesn’t try to take his roles and she doesn’t try to lead, she rules beside him and supports him. She follows as he leads emphasing the term that behind every great man is a great woman. She helps her man become great, adding wisdom to his knowledge. Not every woman can ever reach this level of womanhood. Been a queen is not title based, it a measurement of how virtuous a woman is or can be. It is about character.

A queen has a role in leading a nation. In a relationship the queen is a manager, the heart. Where men (kings) are leaders (the head), women (queens) are managers.

Don’t get it confused, a man can turn a hoe into a housewife or a queen. Human beings are not totally set in their ways, the mind can always be altered. Women can reach the level of a queen by cleaning up their act. But it will be harder for some than others. Wealth does not eliminate the struggle to be a queen. Money doesn’t determine character but a lifestyle.

A Madam (ex-prostitute running a stable [bunch of hoes]) is a queen to her hoes but a hoodrat (a person [a woman in this case] contributing to unethical interaction and actions) is seen as just that, a ‘rat’. No status!

The line between top notch and queen is not that long. A Top notch lady who has no balance will make her relationship suffer one way or another. A top notch lady is one who stands by her man and shows it. A queen is one who stands by her man and helps him stay high (rule). She knows that when he stays high in position, she is high.

The opposite of a Queen is a King, both are needed to have heirs to the throne. Both can lead a nation even more effectively showing that Knowledge (man) + Wisdom (Woman) brings Understanding (child, strategy, unity, truth, honesty, respect and loyalty).

A woman follows a man’s lead it is ordained like this. Adam got in trouble for listening to Eve and ate the fruit she gave (led) him to eat. Adam was not the one who commited the crime yet he got in trouble, punished for allowing it to happen. It takes a character of a king to influence a woman to be queen, she follows his lead.

It is important that a man masters himself and strive to better himself each day. He must have that essence of kingship in his being (it is not a title thing). She in turn will strive to do better to be a queen and remain (it is not a title thing). A queen must allow a man to be king. Wisdom come from knowledge and knowledge can come from wisdom. Both are not one ‘entity’ but two therefore in essence both must feed each other not become each other.

It is a woman’s duty to fulfil her roles for her man and family. If she doesn’t her (their) kingdom (togetherness, household) will crumble. A queen understands that it takes TWO ‘organs’ (Head [man] and Heart [woman]) to make a body [relationship] work otherwise it dies. The heart (woman, queen) should not strive to be the head (man, king) because she cannot. Both roles and nature are different.

Brain and Heart working together

Head (Brain, information) and Heart (organ that pumps blood [oxygen] to body, receiving information) working together. It also shows unity from constant communication.

A queen understands that it is the Head (Brain, logical nature of a man, knowledge) that tells the Heart (organ that pumps blood to body, emotional nature of a woman, wisdom) what to do and in return the Heart supplies blood (her touch, wisdom, understanding, essence) to the body (relationship). The Head (king) also needs blood (her love, feedbacks, her ‘work’) to function in order to have him use his logical nature again. The cycle is complete. There is no domination here, just the submission of the Heart (woman) to allow the Head (man) to do it’s duty (or he gets ‘punished’ someway or another, like Adam, for it).

A queen understands that when Head (man) and Heart (woman) work together, they are unified. This happens automatically when both are doing their part. The overall action executed by the Head and Heart is COMMUNICATION. Communication is the key component in all relationships. Head (man) and Heart (woman) can adjust to stay unified. Outside influences are merely invaders or parasites to this unit.

By nature men are Head and women are the Heart of the relationship. A woman is an ‘extension’ of a man and a man is an ‘extension’ of a woman. The two come together to make a whole.

Herb Kelleher,CEO of SouthWest Airlines once said,

Things happen naturally not programmatically. It’s as much a matter of spirit and soul as the mind. The way you deal with people has to emanate from the heart. That’s what gives it meaning and sincerity and provides motivation.

A queen doing her part, her roles can only motivate a king (her man) to do better.

Queen's Crown2

Note: With honesty the flow of communication will keep increasing till Head (man) and Heart (woman) reaches a intense stage of sync (health). The intensity increases with love of each other (the unity). With lies the Head (Brain, man) and Heart (oxygen, woman) get confused and the flow decreases, the unity starts to break from lack of trust. Only a queen understands her role.