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BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Anime): The Moment Endeavour went plus ultra

If you’re a anime fan or just love the anime My Hero Academia, you’ll understand why this season 4 episode finale made fans cheer, cry, and go ballistic.

To see how this character develop from season one to season four is a reminder that we all have a choice to change.

The overall premise of this episode was about self-reflection and a man redeeming himself to the point of putting his life on the line.


Tijana Jackson: Ex Convict now Motivational Speaker

Tijuana Jackson
Disclaimer: If this is Romany Malco (not sure if it’s him) then support him or feel very free to correct us on it.

Tijuana Jackson is an ex convict turned motivational speaker, spiritual Teacher, author, physical trainer and life coach. Born in Hollywood, Florida he spent a large portion of his childhood in and out of foster homes as well the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). By age twenty he had gained most of his education throughout Community Colleges of southern Florida.

At age twenty-seven TJ was arrested for siphoning gas from a school bus. The misdemeanor escalated to a felony because Jackson was also smoking a cigarette, therefore endangering the lives of the children who were still on the bus. After serving 18 months in prison the judge took mercy and granted Tijuana Jackson a house detention sentence of 9 years. Continue reading