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Brotherhood Watch: Dr. Jordan Peterson

Clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is very strong-willed and head strong in his research and works, and so tells it like it is using logic, science, statistics, and of course psychology. He has faced feminists and several people challenging his views as well as changing lives from is views.



Elemental Relationships (Cater to your Game)

Astrology Chart

More and more, the reading of star signs or astrology in general, in an elemental sense, makes sense. Most people view the study of astronomy or astrology in a wrong way, due to so-called pyschics giving false daily readings and over dramatized way of reading it. Yet the constellations are much more galatically driven than someone’s way of making quick cash. Continue reading

Larry Leisure Suit

Larry Leisure suit

When you reach your teens and you are slightly sex driven or looking to practise getting different type of women. The game Leisure Suit Larry would stir you into a certain direction. It can change a man’s techniques in approaching women. But the character (Larry) in the game is cunning, manipulative and very sex driven. The game can be hilarious and frustrating (lol) but very entertaining. A man can seriously get carried away playing this. Been that Larry was so sex-driven added more comedy to the game. Overall such games should teach any man that thinking with your dick will make you lie, and put you in arkward situations, and influence your wordplay. The best game is the truth!

[I always used to get stuck playing this big chested woman at strip poker. I didn’t have a clue how to play poker so she always won (Larry ended up naked *shaking head*). Interesting game. New versions or parts are out since it came out.]

Manhood Academy

Manhood Academy

It doesn’t matter how many times society changes, more often than not, women prefer men to be in charge. Being in charge ultimately is PART of being a man. Women have noticed the change and they don’t like it! To reclaim this mindset and manhood in general, the Manhood Academy was created. Continue reading

Boy vs Marriage….lol

Some mothers are just instigators! Give it to the boy though, he feels so strongly about what he believes. I wonder if the boy will look back someday and laugh or whisper under his breath how serious he was. He is putting up a good fight in defeating the programming. The boy said he don’t want to get married! Hilarious!

Know this before you have Sex!! (Give Birth to Supremes!)

Amun-RE Sen Atum-RE

Amun-RE Sen Atum-RE (birthname, Michael) has written about 50 books or over at age 27. He goes into spirituality, mysticism and existence in depth and in such a way to have you in awe and reevaluating your entire belief system. Truly he is a gifted speaker and writer and feels no hesitation to teach, express and distribute his experiences, findings and lifestyle. Continue reading

Man Woman Myth Production


The author of the site is from the UK, is happily married with children and is eminently well-adjusted. He decided to create a site showing his documentary video series out of a desire to point out the numerous and glaring failures of Feminism and to bring out the indirect misandry perpetuated today. He is simply a man who has a clear view on the toxic nature of Feminism, its corrupting effect on women and it’s larger negative effects on all of us. Continue reading

TrueWise: The Black Woman is Earth

Overstand that there are four elements that make up all other elements in nature. The four elements are 1) Water, 2) Earth, 3) Fire, 4) Air

Water and Earth are FEMININE attributes of nature.
Fire and Air are MASCULINE attributes of nature.

Feminine is negative (-) flow of nature.
Masculine is positive (+) flow of nature. Continue reading

Spectrum of Man and Woman


Man and woman are at opposite ends of a spectrum of feeling. It is this very spectrum that determines the nature of man and woman and the behaviours of man and woman.

——————–45 (135)—————-90—————- 45 (135)

Everything is in degrees just like water turning into ice and gas (steam). The highest degree in this case is 180 and a person can start at both ends (0 degree). The extreme of the spectrum of feelings is man and woman at opposite ends. In between the spectrum are those who are a woman with a woman’s body but feel like a man (45[135]-she/he) and a man with a man’s body who feels like a woman (45 [135]-he/she); therefore giving rise to homosexuality.

In between the two feelings of masculine and feminine is birth. A man and woman are born or raised feeling the way they feel due to circumstance or influence over their freewill. A woman is on the west side and man is on the east side. Man is positive (+, proton) by nature and woman is negative (-, electron) by nature, hence the two attract. Attraction is what is keeping the spectrum together. It takes man and woman for birth to happen.

West is just north horizontally and east is south horizontally. So that means north is woman and south is man vertically. All are held together by attraction. In the case of behaviour women are MORE emotional and men are MORE logical. Continue reading