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There are many ways to get closure, some people will get it softly, blatantly, and harshly.


BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Anthony Recenello

Mr Anthony Recenello, has for the past 15 years, has been relaying his findings to clients about dating. His online course, which he calls textual healing, and is free, is taken by many . He is also a singer and has amass a relatively big following on social media. He wrote the book The God Pill: Unlocking True Attraction, Confidence, and Happiness in Introverts: A Solution To The Toxic Red Pill Philosophy, which emphasises that dating or success in relationship is no longer about financial status or social status, but about mannerisms and behaviours. Mr Anthony Recenello, the Brotherhood Of The Game salutes you.


The of how to seduction is to improve the interaction between women and men. It is a sister to the Art Of Seductions. The aim or mission is to distribute as much resources (articles) as possible on the subject. Within three years, they aim to have over one thousand articles on every area of dating.



BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Love Finds Its Way Production

An interesting website that is based on psychology and biology of desire created by Manish Yadav. Apparently over 900,000 women and men have transformed their relationships as a result of the insight on the blog. The blog has been featured in Lifehack, Return of Kings, Menimprovement, Urban Dater, and many more.

If you’re still dating this site can be beneficial in giving some tips.



PAYING HOMAGE (April 1984 – 26th December 2022): Phillip “Sinful the P” Brandon Gilmore

At the age of 38 years old, Phillip Brandon Gilmore who is also known as “Sinful the Playa” also known as “Sinful the P” has transition, and the passing is a shock and a strong hit for the people that knew him and followed him. As Phillip was losing weight rapidly (120 pounds in a short space of time), people started to be concerned even though he was telling everybody that he was fine. The cause of death is said to be aids or HIV but there are still other speculations.

Phillip Gilmore often spoke about his street-life and pimping days as well as his struggle and acceptance of his religious upbringing. His mother raised him Christian while the streets called him Sinful the P. He would preach the Game, using a blend of rhyming, rhythm, and religious teachings and Bible quotes. His charismatic, larger than life personality developed a following in a very short space of time and it’s no surprise that his influence was strong. He was also a musician.

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Brotherhood Watch: Dr. Jordan Peterson

Clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is very strong-willed and head strong in his research and works, and so tells it like it is using logic, science, statistics, and of course psychology. He has faced feminists and several people challenging his views as well as changing lives from is views.


Elemental Relationships (Cater to your Game)

Astrology Chart

More and more, the reading of star signs or astrology in general, in an elemental sense, makes sense. Most people view the study of astronomy or astrology in a wrong way, due to so-called pyschics giving false daily readings and over dramatized way of reading it. Yet the constellations are much more galatically driven than someone’s way of making quick cash. Continue reading

Larry Leisure Suit

Larry Leisure suit

When you reach your teens and you are slightly sex driven or looking to practise getting different type of women. The game Leisure Suit Larry would stir you into a certain direction. It can change a man’s techniques in approaching women. But the character (Larry) in the game is cunning, manipulative and very sex driven. The game can be hilarious and frustrating (lol) but very entertaining. A man can seriously get carried away playing this. Been that Larry was so sex-driven added more comedy to the game. Overall such games should teach any man that thinking with your dick will make you lie, and put you in arkward situations, and influence your wordplay. The best game is the truth!

[I always used to get stuck playing this big chested woman at strip poker. I didn’t have a clue how to play poker so she always won (Larry ended up naked *shaking head*). Interesting game. New versions or parts are out since it came out.]

Manhood Academy

Manhood Academy

It doesn’t matter how many times society changes, more often than not, women prefer men to be in charge. Being in charge ultimately is PART of being a man. Women have noticed the change and they don’t like it! To reclaim this mindset and manhood in general, the Manhood Academy was created. Continue reading