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10 tell-tale signs of a hoodrat

1.) She always has a constant supply of hot cheetos, sunny delight, and sunflower seeds.

2.)She goes outside(besides going to the salon) with unkempt hair(ex. hair full of rollers, etc)

3.) She walks outside barefoot regularly

4.) She hasn’t once be outside of the neighborhood that she group up in

5.)She has more than 2 babby daddy’s and hasn’t be married once

6.)She has bullet wounds and stab wonds

7.)The majority of her ex boyfriends are either dead, in jail, or on parole.

8.)She only goes to the mall or the club on the 1st and the 15th

9.)90% of her vernacular is composed of ebonics

10.)She has been used as bait to setup a dude.(ex Megan good in waist deep)