There was a time when men helped each other in collecting information, in succeeding, and even in getting women so that the man’s bloodline can continue. Manhood was about celebration and not a competition; but through competition manhood was sharpened and elevated, which was the essence of all competition. Men had rules in place to respect each other and each other’s boundaries. They did this through communication and through honesty.

This site or rather movement is about male empowerment with the understanding that with it comes balance; meaning women’s input can be added for the benefit of male empowerment. Balance is always needed and men who fail to realise this are part of the problem in disrupting strong flow of masculinity. A strong understanding in femininity is bound to motivate strong execution of masculinity in men with the understanding that the feminine or femininity will always need masculinity to complement it. This is Law! Failure to understand this is a disservice to masculinity, ultimately manhood.

This blog was created to build the unity amongst all men and hopefully be perceived as a symbol, as  proof that there are still some men out there still willing to uphold strong masculinity without apologising, without weakening, and without degrading femininity in the process. Unity also implies that women can help but only if they have fully embraced their femininity with the understanding that this is needed in complementing masculinity. Through this understanding of each other’s natural energy, for a woman is not a man and man is not a woman, AND not suppose to be, unifying can only be beneficial to both sexes.

Through unity we aim to increase brotherhood and through brotherhood aim to inspire, influence, and give hope to a complementary sisterhood. This blog was created to bring back and increase loyalty in the game with the recognition that the Game is life!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Arthur Pledger

    Came across some of ya posts in Tariq Nasheed’s message board and thought I would drop you a line over here. I run http://arthurpledger.com and invite you to stop by, check me out, and let me know what you think. Also I would like to steal some of your quotes for my Daily Kick in the Ass on twitter @arthurpledger. Let me kno if thats OK. Holla!

  2. DaRaj

    Thank you for your comment at Lavish Exposure!I am a new fan of this blog. I have been looking for another masculine perspective for Lavish specifically to share some insight in the Love & Relationships section, good to know there is a place where other guys can get some knowledge dropped on them. Peace.


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