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Movie Monday’s

Spy  Games



As it relates to macking, this is a very game riddled movie.  One of the most profounds skills these agents aquire is on gathering intelligence, probing, and generally manipulating people.  Brad pitt’s character learns from his teacher & mentor how to aquire a vast network of people that they refer to as assets.  These are people in which they retrieve living quarters, money, information, and other pertinent vaulables.


R.I.P, Gary Coleman (8th Feburary 1968-28th May 2010)

Gary Coleman

“Wha’choo talkin’ bout Willis?”

Yeah Gary Coleman is dead! Tragic!

He was 42 years old and died of intracranial hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain, causing him to slip into a coma. He fell and this happened. Coleman was on life support in very critical condition and it was his wife that told them to pull the plug. For those who don’t know, Gary Coleman played a character on the sitcom ‘Different Strokes’.

Some people are calling it the ‘Different Stroke’ curse because Todd Bridges (the person that played his older brother on the show) had health problems because he suffered from drug addition and Dana Plato (the person that played his sister on the show) committed suicide at the 34 years of age on an overdose on prescription medicine.

Gary Coleman will truly be missed and was part of many people’s upbringing through the character Archnold Jackson on different strokes. He was famous for the line “Wha’choo talkin’ bout Willis?” (Willis was Todd Bridges character-his older brother on the show). Gary Coleman was a brother, one that will always be remembered and will be missed. Mr Gary Coleman, the Brotherhood salutes you.

Gary Coleman2

50 Cent Weight Loss

50 cent

Apparently Curtis Jackson (also known as 50 Cent) is going to be starring in an upcoming movie ‘Things Fall Apart‘ (a film he wrote).50 Cent plays a man suffering from cancer and lost a lot of weight to play his part in the movie.He also got most of his tattoos removed to play the part. 50 Cent going to the extreme to play a character in a movie is no surprise, in his book the ’50th Law’ co-written with Robert Greene, it explains how discipline this man Curtis Jackson truly is.

50th Law

50 Cent2

Although such tactics has been done by Denzel Washington, Matt Damon and Tom Hanks, one can only admire the seriousness of it coming from a rapper.The film has finished shooting and 50 cent had this to say: ‘Ill be back in shape in no time.’ He is also back on tour.It is all down to his performance now.

50 Cent3


Seizing Opportunity


Timing is everything in this life. And around the same time last year, I would say about May of 2009 I was about ready to retrieve 5  figures I had saved up from hustling as youngster out of a bunch of mutual funds & CD’s I had accumulated over the years.  Six months prior than this I had been researching on finances, economics, and the basics of the wall street scene.  I had fixed myself up with a practice account on a then popular stock trading site.  I watched week after week of the stocks dropping admist what was then deemed the worst part of the so called recession.   One of my favorite economist had predicted that the U.S. economy would collapse in feb. of that year. I guess Obama had other plans, since my accounts had matured, I took all of the money I originally invested made some small investments with them and put it in a new savings account and took the interest aquired immediately into a trading account.  I started looking at all of the possible tech stocks, and decided to invest in amazon,inc, google, and microsoft.  Two to Four months later two of those companies stocks increased over 200%+.  Giving me one of my first real come-ups with the most recent technology stock boom since the early 2000’s.  The only regret I had was not investing all of my life savings.


Stocks dive, Dow off 376 on world economic worries

NEW YORK (AP) — “Stocks took their deepest plunge in more than a year Thursday as fears grew that Europe’s debt crisis could spread around the world and undermine the U.S. economic recovery. The possibility has been brewing for weeks, but analysts said some investors are just waking up to it.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 376 points, its biggest point drop since February 2009. All the major indexes were down well over 3 percent and are now showing losses for 2010. Interest rates fell sharply in the Treasury market as investors once again sought the safety of U.S. government debt.The number of people applying for unemployment benefits last week rose unexpectedly and the Greek government’s response to its debt crisis sparked new protests in Athens, but analysts said neither event appeared to set off Thursday’s selling.They said more investors seemed to be grasping the possibility that the U.S. recovery could be in jeopardy, and that many were realizing that the stock market’s big rebound since March 2009 may not have been justified.

“The economic recovery story has started to look like a mirage,” said Tom Samuels, manager of the Palantir Fund in Houston. “If that’s correct, stock prices are well ahead of economic reality.”Investors are concerned that the debt problems in countries like Greece and Portugal will spill over to other countries in Europe, cause a cascade of losses for big banks and in turn halt economic recovery in the U.S. and elsewhere.”It’s starting to look like one of these tragic stories were one person falls through the ice, then everyone else rushes in to help and ends up drowning,” independent market analyst Edward Yardeni said.They’re also worried that China might take steps that will limit its economic growth, which would also affect the U.S. recovery. Analysts said the market is vulnerable to rumors about any of the major economies right now.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 was down almost 12 percent from its closing high for the year, which was reached April 23. Most analysts consider a drop of more than 10 percent from a recent high to be a “correction.” This is the market’s first correction since stock indexes hit a 12-year low in March last year. The fact it has occurred in just 19 trading days shows how anxious traders are right now.The Chicago Board Options Exchange’s Volatility Index — known as the market’s fear gauge — leaped almost 30 percent to its highest level since March 2009. The increase in the VIX signals that traders are bracing for more drops in the market.The VIX closed at 45.79, nearly three times its 2010 low of 15.73, reached April 20. But it’s about half of the record high of 89 it reached in October 2008 at the height of the financial crisis.Analysts said traders were retreating from any investment thought to be too dangerous to own right now. That has meant heavy selling in stocks, commodities and troubled currencies like the euro.

The Dow has fallen 1,137 points, or 10.2 percent, since hitting its 2010 high April 26. It has fallen by at least 100 points in nine of the 19 trading days since its peak.The Dow fell 376.36, or 3.6 percent, to 10,068.01. The S&P 500 fell 43.46, or 3.9 percent, to 1,071.59. The drop was the worst for the Dow since February 2009, and the S&P’s worst since April 2009.All of the 30 Dow stocks fell, while 497 of the 500 S&P stocks closed lower.The Nasdaq composite index fell 94.36, or 4.1 percent, to 2,204.01, its largest percentage drop since February.At the New York Stock Exchange, only 153 stocks rose compared with 2,994 that fell. Volume came to a heavy 2.1 billion shares.Bank of America Corp. had the biggest percentage drop in the Dow. It fell $3.25, or 6.3 percent, to $15.28. Sears Holdings Corp. had the worst percentage drop in the S&P 500, falling $10.86, or 10.9 percent, to $88.70 after reporting first-quarter earnings.

The dour market got some confirmation from a Federal Reserve official that Europe’s problems could be a “potentially serious setback.” Fed Gov. Daniel Tarullo said that if the debt crisis curbed lending and the flow of credit globally, that would endanger both the U.S. and global recoveries.

“Although we view such a development as unlikely, the swoon in global financial markets earlier this month suggests it is not out of the question,” he said in prepared remarks.””There’s a question out there now that potentially we could be talking about a collapse of the eurozone or countries breaking away from the euro,” said Tim Quinlan, an economist at Wells Fargo & Co. As recently as four months ago, that wasn’t even considered to be a possibility, he said.Such a stark change in views has unnerved investors, but analysts said they weren’t seeing signs that fear is sweeping the market.”These are not panic losses,” said Todd Colvin, a vice president at MF Global Inc. in Chicago. “These guys are taking some profits off the table and taking some capital where they know it will be safe. And where’s that? That’s cash or even Treasurys.”

High unemployment remains one of the biggest obstacles to a sustained recovery in the U.S., and concerns about it grew when the Labor Department said new claims for unemployment benefits rose by 25,000 to 471,000, their largest amount in three monthsThat came as an unpleasant surprise to investors who were expecting a slight drop. The latest report snapped a streak of four straight weekly drops and questioned the strength of the job market.Greek workers, meanwhile, again took to the streets protesting recently approved budget cuts that were necessary for the country to receive a bailout. Greece was able to repay debt that came due Wednesday only because it had access to a rescue package from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.”

One of the first lessons I learned on Wallstreet is that it’s an high volatile and emotional sector, and is not for the faint of heart.  The news article above  I sense great panic, as a mater of fact quite similar to the articles I was reading same time last year.  So will you just sit back and watch, or will you man up and seize the oppurtunity?

Top Notch Ladies

Top Notch Lady

Top notch ladies are not hoes. These women have been taught or learnt the fine arts of looking after herself, her man and her family. They know that a relationship is a two sided process. They know that they must also share their love with their man so that he can constantly feel it while they receive his love. Top notch ladies respect their man because they know that crushing their man’s spirit, crushes their relationship which will eventually start to crush her.

A Top notch lady is one that has it altogether. She is ambitious and strives to better herself all the time. She is the virtuous wife mentioned in the scriptures, Proverbs chapter 31. Men are quick to marry such women. Such women cook to strengthen their man and their family. They feel a sense of pleasure and power knowing that it is by their hands and skills that is sustaining their family.

Although a top notch lady is ambitious she knows that money isn’t everything. With that said she is never too busy for her man or family and invests a lot into the growth of her relationship. Top notch ladies are never boring, they are the type that are comfortable with themselves but will be adventurous, act hoish for her man (like stripping, ripping his clothes off and doing deep sexual things) and stay loyal to the end. Top notch ladies never keep their relationship boring and they know not to as well, she becomes all things to her man. This keeps him intrigued and hooked. Top notch ladies are the true ryde or die chicks, they stick it through to the end unless the man truly shows that he is unworthy of her love.

Top notch ladies will teach their kids and they do read a lot. They read up on everything from sex and relationship to factual stuff. They educate themselves. Top notch ladies care and they show it. They are tough and will exercise to stay looking good and also to keep her man intrigued by what he sees. They lead and are capable of leading their men to the right path if he is about to stray. They exercise what most women don’t, wisdom.

Top notch ladies understand that they are the heart of the relationship while their men are the head. They understand their role and love their womanhood. A feminist can never be a top notch lady because although female power is important, male power is to but feminist don’t even want to understand this.

A man with a top notch lady adores his woman, there is no way he can ever get bored. He’ll think twice of ever taking advantage of her and he’ll always want to be with her because they have fun together. The Game should be fun! Top notch women become best friends with their men, this further strengthen the bond that they have. Other women to their men are just that, other women. She on the otherhand is special.

A Top notch lady will listen to others but will not jeopardize her relationship or affairs based on assumptions. She exercises wisdom. She understands that affection is a two way process. Her man will not be the only one giving romance in their relationship.

A top notch will be a freak and a romantic for her man, again this will be all part of investing in the growth of her relationship. She is a hard worker and does or can have a career (her man will feel comfortable about this because he knows she will put her family first-she is the heart of it) but will stay at home to look after the kids if she feels that her kids are straying or like she and her man are not seeing enough of each other.

A prostitute, whore, hoes, madams, strippers, hoodrat or whatever you want to call them can turn into a top notch lady. A hoe doesn’t have to be a housewife but she, like everybody else can discipline herself to better herself. She can become top notch and leave her past behind. Instead she can use her hoish ways for her man. A top notch is not a hoe (a woman who opens her legs to everybody).

It will be harder for hoodrats to be top notch because they are used to a certain type of environment but it is not impossible. Women who were fortunate enough to be schooled by wiser men and women find it easier to be a top notch lady and most kids born out of a top notch lady will learn how to love themselves, their partners and their family as well as maintain it.

Top notch ladies are what every man is looking for especially if they are dymes (women that are considered beautiful). A man who finds one (cause they are rare) is considered a very fortunate man. He will be capable of loving her with all his heart because of the security from loyalty she gives him. He will feel blessed. A man who leaves a top notch lady is stupid indeed. He will feel the pain of regret and will feel no shame to beg for her back.

Top notch ladies keep their legs closed only for their man. They do have a sense of spirituality and will pray, meditate, fast and use their me-time effectively. Their me-times are used to cleanse themselves from negativity. Their men usually join them in this and sometimes they ask their men to join them in this, afterall they see their men as extensions of themselves so everything should be cleansed. Their men will gladly join them in this because any time invested with a top notch lady is fun as well as worth it. This will be the feeling behind it all.


Scavenger Hunt

Scavengers are men that will go after ANY woman. It doesn’t matter whether a woman is a hoe, prostitute or hoodrat, they will attempt to sleep with them. It doesn’t matter if the woman is overweight, super skinny, or anything else they will attempt to sleep with them. It doesn’t matter whether the woman has been out with his friend, they will attempt to sleep with them. Scavengers go for any woman.

They could go into the hood (a filthy, unkept environment) and attempt to sleep with every woman there. A scavenger can know the game but they hardly have no standard or preference when it comes to women. Anything goes. Scavengers can even be rich or wealthy, it doesn’t matter as long as they have sex and are satisfied.

Like vultures and hyenas been scavengers in the animal kingdom; scavengers in human form go after every woman. Especilly women that most men wouldn’t go after. In the animal kingdom scavengers are those who go after dead bodies and especially the remains of other animal’s (predators) kill.


Seems like everybody is trying to get paid. It seems like the recession got everybody acting crazy to get money. Now Superhead (Karrine Steffans) pave the way for all this sexual trash talk in her first book. Then she try rectify her angle and herself through her second book only to realize that a lot of ‘damage’ had been done through her first book. She basically called herself a hoe indirectly now everybody is finding it hard to take her seriously. Nevertheless she did get paid. Her books sold well.

Then we have this so-called newcomer by the name of Kat Stack trying to do the same thing. Only she took it further by distributing numbers and now you have a male version of Superhead and Kat Stack called Supertongue doing the same thing. He is exposing the celebrity women he slept with. Everybody trying to get paid and recognized.