The Nature of the whole thing (Masculinity and Femininity)



It was Ralph Waldo Emerson that said ‘To be great is to be misunderstood’ so don’t be afraid to be different. It is true that if you weren’t needed you would have never been born (ask yourself why you are not a child miscarriage) so recognise that there is uniqueness in you, there is purpose in you and when you stop wasting time trying to be someone else and feeling sorry for yourself then you will be able to utilise your uniqueness and find your purpose.

From the time we are born we are born into a system where it SEEMS that the only way to survive is to conform. Up until the time we wake up till the time we sleep, we do nothing but work trying not to worsen our situations in this system we call ‘life’. Anyone who steps out of conformity seems to be lost and because we have been taught to be systematic (‘brainwashed’) from the time we are young all of it seems strange. It becomes so strange and out of place that the person quickly runs back to conforming so that they can feel ‘normal’ again.

The strange feeling is not the only reason the person runs back. When a person steps out of the system almost everybody who are still in the system critise, look at the person in shame, insult and disrespect the person to let the person know that it was them that disrespected them first by trying something new (stepping out). Yet there are a few who would look on in amazement, a few who will cheer and a lot who will admire the braveness of it all because the truth of the matter is many people want to step away from the system but they don’t have the courage to.

All the hate and all the love of stepping out of the system stems from one thing, the person is misunderstood. People fear what they don’t understand and most will admire from far but that person will always be treated as a ‘lost soul’. This treatment will go on until you either decide to conform again or make the greatness of stepping out (been misunderstood) be seen.

Stepping out of the system makes you realise that you have the opportunity to CREATE and not conform. The person who steps out realises from a different view point that they can help the system or try influence much change in it. In order for men and women to get along with each other in this system, we have created unwrittens rules to keep the conformity going on in the system.

So because of it men try their hardest to please women and women try to give men the chase. This it seems is the only way the attraction between a man and a woman is validated. Anyone who steps out of this conformity is seen as rude but the person who steps out is the person who finds self.

In order to to create much change a man and a woman must know the purpose of their journey within the system.


A man’s journey is to be ‘king’ (a man who can handle every aspect of his life and is not afraid to do so). He will go through problems, failures and struggles until he realises (just like everybody else) that all these problems, failures or struggles can be summed up as OBSTACLES.

Like all obstacles a person can either go around it or go through it. Going around it gives a person time to become stronger and become more capable to deal with the obstacle later. Going through the obstacle means destroying it or adapting to it so that when an obstacle like it comes again, it would seem ‘normal’.

A man will go through his fair share of tragedies, disappointments and heartache but he will realise that these to can be summed up as obstacles. The greatest thing in his life is to be ‘crowned’ (recognised and respected as a real man) as ‘king’. On his journey stagnancy may occur if he becomes an obstacle to himself. He becomes an obstacle to himself when he starts feeling sorry for himself, lacks confidence or focuses all his resources and productivity on and for himself.

There are two things in life that a man cares about, 1) To be able to get women and 2) To be successful (financially and in providing) and not be seen as a loser. The man knows that if he chooses women first then he may eventually become good at getting them but not good at keeping them due to been unable to provide (a woman wants financial security). Nevertheless there are some women that will grow with the man till success comes (they are the best types of women).

By choosing to go after women he will know their behaviours, body languages and a little bit about the nature of women. This will help him in getting women but will delay ideas and opinions in been successful. If the man goes after money first (lets face it almost everyone measure success by the amount of money they have) then he may eventually become rich or wealthy but knows nothing about women.

He will become a victim to golddiggers, prostitutes, groupies and even hood rats and because he has no game with women he will use his income to get women. Even if he settles down with a woman his woman will be the Boss of him, she will not really respect him. Then for the first time in his life he will realise that he has a lot of work to do to become ‘king’. If the man sees his woman has an obstacle then she is not the right woman for him. If a woman sees her man has an obstacle that shows she has lost respect for him and is likely to leave him.

What the man needs to do is step out of this system and realise that he can ATTRACT both women and success by working on his CHARACTER (himself first). Any man can have women at one time or the other but it doesn’t mean they will respect him. They are more likely to use him than treat him like ‘king’. Any man can gain success through this journey but it doesn’t mean he will be happy because along the way he did things to jeopardise his integrity or he just feels like he wasted all his golden years working.

In both cases the man felt he had to chase these things just because this is how the system is governed. By stepping out just for a second he will realise that all he had to do in order to get both is to ESTABLISH (build a ‘kingdom’) himself. When he works on his character he begins to become more established. Through this establishment comes confidence which creates attraction.

In order words when a man starts building the place where he is to be ‘crowned’ as ‘king’, he attracts the whole world to see.



Women also have to work on their character so they can display their VIRTUE to a man. There are two things that women care about, 1) attention and 2) appreciation. By displaying their virtuosity a woman can position herself anywhere and a man will notice her.

A woman’s journey is to maintain been a lady and to one day be ‘crowned’ as queen (a woman of high virtue who can handle her business and allow her ‘king’ to be ‘king’). Every girl turn into a woman but not every woman can be a lady and the aim of every lady is to be ‘queen’ and maintain the ‘queenship’.

BEHIND every great man is a great woman (a lady) but a ‘queen’ takes it further to stand BESIDE her man (her ‘king’). A lady and queen compliment each other it’s just that one is deserving of bigger roles. How you can spot a lady or a potential queen in this system are the ones who still understand the roles of a woman in their journey. In this system women do not know their roles anymore because they fail to see just how important their roles are.

Men are the HEAD and women are the HEART in a relationship or marriage. It is the heart that supplements the head (her man and even her kids) , therefore it is good when a woman knows how to cook. In biology terminology the heart is the organ that provides blood(oxygen-life) to all the other organs. If it stops there is no life. Men are the Head but they will always need the suppot and supplements of a woman (the heart).

James Brown said it best:

It’s a mans world but it’s nothing without a woman’s touch. So much truth in that. Women today feel that supplementing the man shows weakness so they refuse to be ‘dominated’. Women you help him stay alive! So nowadays women have created a new comformity in the system and that is not to be ‘controlled’ by men. It is those who step out of this conformity that realise that it is a PARTNERSHIP and TEAMWORK situation. They are the ones whose virtuosity shines because by them realising this, it means they have been working on their character.

A lady on her journey to become ‘queen’ has her obstacles to but the quest is to maintain her virtue no matter what happens so that she may be ‘crowned’ or maintain that potential to be ‘crowned’. A lady and a ‘queen’ want a man of character and when they find one or see one they are attracted to him because then she can ‘rule’ with him by his side or take care of business behind the scene to help him shine. She knows that when he shines, she shines because they are one.


Along the journey a man and woman will come together. His masculinity should compliment her femininity, his character should compliment her virtue, his establishment should make her position herself well to be noticed and his leadership (as the head-direction,focused,has a good vision) should compliment her management skills (as the heart-supplementing and multitasking).

No matter what the obstacle they can get through it together, he’ll direct (not let her emotions get the best of her.Women are emotional creatures) her and she’ll supplement (keep his strength up) him and together they make a two-hit combo but as one entity to defeat any obstacle. Obstacles will be passed through at a shorter time. The Head and Heart working together gives stability but to overcome all obstacles together there has to be COMMUNICATION.

It is communication that will allow them to vibe and flow together so that they may grow together. Through growing together they end up vibing on the same vibration level so much so that their growth begins to flow much easier. Growing together soon creates a comfortable atmosophere for STABILITY (note not predictability) to occur.

Love is created in this comfortable atmosphere and it is the energy or force that maintains the stability created from growing together. As they grow together on this journey the love for each other becomes like blood vessels sustaining each other. Only a man and a woman who has stepped out of the system will realise this. Many people still in the system will try to break them apart because such love was not developed out of conformity, therefore it is misunderstood.

Yet greatness comes from been misunderstood. Through these misunderstandings greatness will one day be the new ‘conformity’. Yet even that could be misunderstood………

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