Many people think that game is just the interaction between men and women. They believe that game is about chasing or getting as many women on the ‘team’ as possible. This is not so. Game is the development of self, the establishment of your existence and the continuous growth of your life. You don’t play to win, you play to be remembered as a great individual. Through that you are always a winner. Through that you will also be remebered as a Legend in the game(life). Before you go though, you should have left a Legacy to continue your skills in the game.

The whole world is one big giant playground. Little boys and girls make up different games for the enjoyment of youth. Chess, draughts, hop scotch, tag, doctors, battleships, kiss chase, jump rope and so on. All the games played taught  us strategy, coordination, determination, persistence, LOYALTY, relationships, team work and leadership. These are still the characteristics that we need in order to interact with each other as we grow. As kids, innocence made it easy for us to interact. A stranger with candy could easily allure us to come, other kids believing in something made us believe in it, we were just gullible. The question of why to win in the game was less than the how to win. This how was so strong that some of us would lie and cheat to win. The same thing still goes on into adulthood. Until a person knows why they are doing something or why they want to do that specific thing they want to do, the hows come naturally.

When a man and woman reaches adulthood, interactions with each other becomes hard this is because it has being MADE hard. TV and Government are the ultimate participaters in making this hard. They think for people and easily influence people to create a ‘norm’ to live by. Men and women change but the game still remains the same. The game is law because it is part of the laws of nature. If a man and a woman master the laws (rules) of the game, then they will truly ESTABLIH themselves to ATTRACT anything they want. 

Many times people have said come with your A-Game.This simply means come at your best, BE A CHALLENGE AND DO GREAT!

Men and women in the game have being divided up into different characteristics in order for them to be recognised in the game by their behavior (and even choices). Men are divided up as: Players, Macks and Pimps. The ultimate goal of any man is to be a Renaissance Man.

Women are divided up as: Hoodrats, Dymes and Strippers and prostitutes.The ultimate goal of any woman is to be a Top-Notch Lady. For herself and in life.

Men are giving away their power to women who are in constant competition with each other.Therefore the loyalty that kept players,macks and pimps together is dimishing. There are more women than men in this world and yet the loyalty is diminishing.It really doesn’t make sense but emotions can be hard to control sometimes(this could explain part of it). Men are all for themselves these days, hating on each other to get what they want. There are a few brotherhood left and a woman is placed high on the peddle stool as a prize of the game.

WOMEN ARE NOT A PRIZE BUT COMPANIONS.THEY ARE NOT ABOVE GENDERS BUT EQUAL WITH DIFFERENT ROLES.They to are in this playground!…They too have roles to play.They to need Sisterhood, they to need loyalty and yet it is them who seem to be ‘controlling’ the world. They have no choice but to ‘control’ it because men are making them take the role.

No brotherhoods anymore, the days of unity amongst men is dying out.Men have forgotten that it is not only to play to ‘win’ but to play to make a difference.To live respected and die regretted is the ultimate virtue of the game.


3 thoughts on “GAME

  1. ADDO

    Deep comentary, I agree totally with every thing you said. There is no honor amongst men or people for that matter anymore. Greed and insecurity make the outer world turn. Until Cats look deeper things will remain the same….


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