He who hesitate, masturbates.-Players community

Thoughts increase by being given away.
The more you believe in them the stronger they become.
Everything is an idea.
How then, can giving and losing be associated?-A course in miracles, ch 5 pt 1, verse 2

There are some men that know the game and understand it. They know all about approaching women and how to conduct themselves around women but the thing that stops them is laziness. The lack of will. They are not bothered to approach. Although fear arises sometimes, they know what they need to do to decrease it and apply game appropriately.

Yes, laziness. A man not bothered is hardly going to approach so he lets his opportunity goes by. This doesn’t faze him because he was not bothered in the first place. Such men know the game but still prefer sitting at home surfing the net or playing computer games. Some would even prefer porn and masturbation than to go out there and approach women. It does sound like fear but it is not because if women came to them, these men know how to get them got.

Fear doesn’t hinder their game, laziness does. The lack of will to even try does. To have will is important. Stepping to a woman is not a process done half way, a man must will himself all the way. When a man sees a woman he likes, it is not about questioning himself to ‘death’ about whether he should approach or not but he must first will himself to take the first step. Will then confidence and courage will be shown and felt. It is as if a man willed himself to have the confidence and the courage. Will first and then the the rest follows.

If the woman is distance away, will can cover the distances. If a woman is walking pass, will can say hi and initiate an introduction. A strong will can compensate for lack of confidence or courage but at the same time it can create them. One must be bothered, one must be bold to will.

Lack of will can portray fear and hesitancy. When a man does reach the woman he approaches, he must will himself some more, he must follow through all the way expressing his thoughts and showing his ideas. Through this there is relief and joy whether he gets the woman or not because he didn’t let an opportuinty pass him by.

How to create Will

1) Understand that by showing laziness it portrays a lack of confidence and courage.

2) Understand that to have will is about attitude. Get your attitude to a never-say-die attitude or a I don’t-care-what-happens,-opportunities-don’t-pass-me-by attitude and laziness is bound to diminish because of the purpose that these attitudes create (makes you want to prove a point).

3) Understand that will is not about been stiff, tense or uncomfortable. It is about been bothered to do what you want to do. Laziness gets defeated (even fear).

The heart that wills to live through suffering even while suffering is the one that will live the longest even though there is no way of survival. But regardless, it is a heart that wills to live (not die) to the end.


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