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Zodiac Chart

Most people will denounce and insult the Zodiac (star signs) calling it voodoo, black magic or tools of evil. Many fail to realize and overlook the fact that the three magi’s (wise men- 1) Balthasar, 2) Jasper and 3) Melchoir)) followed a star to get to the location of the baby Yashua (Jesus). Note that they were called WISE. People forget that the three magi’s were astromonomers and astrologists, studying the sky before He was born. Apart from religion, there are constellations and an interesting phenomena called time streams. The Zodiac signs have nothing to do with newspapers as people believe it to be. Ultimately it is about the day, planets, alignments and the elements.

Jane Ridder-Patrick said it best in her ‘The Zodiac Code Series’ books, when she said:

Some people think that astrology is all about foretelling the future, the implication being that everything is predestined and that we have no say in how our lives take shape. None of that is true. We are far from being helpless victims of fate.

Everything that happens to us at any given time is the result of past choices. These choices may have been our own, or made by other people. They could even have been made long ago before we, or even our grandparents, were born.

It is not always possible to prevent processes that were set in motion in the past from coming to their logical conclusions as events that we have to deal with. We are, however, all free to decide how to react to whatever is presented to us at every moment of our lives.

Your destiny is linked with your personality because the choices you make, consciously or unconscioualy, depend largely on your own natural inclinations. It is these inclinations that psychological astrology describes. You can live out every single part of your chart in a constructive or a less constructive way

For instance, if you have Aries strong in your chart, action and initiative will play a major role in your life. It is your choice whether you express yourself aggressively or assertively, heroically or selfishly, and also whether you are the doer or the done-to.

Making the right choices is important because every decision has consequences—and what you give out, sooner or later, you get back. If you don’t know and understand yourself, you are ‘fated’ to act according to instinct and how life experiences have conditioned you.

By revealing how you are wired up temperamentally, astrology can highlight alternatives to blind knee-jerk reactions, which often make existing problems worse. This self-knowledge can allow you to make more informed freewill choices, and so help you create a better and more successful future for yourself.


Astrology can definitely be a tool to better understand the type of relationship that you are in. It is important to note that we all have all star signs but one or two are most active. The one most active is usually the one of our day of birth. We attract who we are so chances are that you know people with the same star sign as you, the star signs next to yours or one that’s most complementary to your star sign. For relationships purposes it would be helpful to understand the verb of the sign. Continue reading

Game from the Script: Talmud


Disclaimer: I am a believer and do not really believe in religion, that which divides us. I am not Jewish or follow the Talmud. This post is not stimulated to circulate hate or anger but if anything to give a foundation of the truth.

Juadaism uses the Talmud. From Juadaism comes Christianity (Bible) and from Christianity comes Isalm (Qu’ran). Each comes with it’s own ‘Holy’ book. Do understand that Judaism (the Talmud) had already changed before Yashua (Jesus) was born. This was why Yashua was against the Pharisees and Saduccees, the leaders of the Judaiac teachings.

These leaders were perverting and distorting the original scrolls and recordings of the Most High. As the Messiah (Hebrew word meaning anointed) taught the original doctrines many started to become Messais (followers). But those from the outside, like Antioch (in Rome) that were against Yashua (Jesus) called them Christians.

There are two doctrines or versions of the Talmud, like in praticularly all religion, 1) The Palestinian Talmud “Talmud Yerushalmi” and the Babylonian Talmud “Talmud Babli”.

Talmud Yerushalmi
Talmud Yerushalmi (Palestinian Talmud)

Talmud Babli
Talmud Babli (Babylonian Talmud)

The word Christ, taken from the Greek word Christos, which is identical in sound and spelling as the Sanskrit word Krista, which is a variation of the Sankrit word Krishna (meaning black, dark, dark blue or sometimes all attractive) who is a hindu god and the eight avatar (body) of Vishnu and the embodiment of love and divine. Krisha is said to be the chief of the black demons whom are enemies of Buddha. Continue reading

Samael: Master your craft!

There are many ways to successful, going to university is not the only way. A job can hinder mastery by stagnancy if there is no mission. A mission and a job are two different things. A job gets you paid but a mission makes you rich or wealthy. Why climb the ladder when you can own the ladder? (quote from the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki).

The Approach Structure


Disclaimer: This post is from my perception of how the approaching structure and process is right now. It has been perceived from experience and observation. Ultimately, if you can hold a good conversation the approach is more effective.

Usually before an approach a man psyches himself up and then takes the necessary steps to start the conversation. Nothing wrong with that, a man should lead the conversation being that domestication has taught men to do so therefore making women wait to be approached and led.

Domestication has made the interaction and approach process harder than it should be and at the same time, it has created the opportunity for the process to go from bad to good to better. Anything can be done better if assessed, it is called potential and EVERYBODY has potential to be and do better. To do better there must be experience. Experience can be gotten from mistakes.

Mistakes teaches and is a part of life. Mistakes gives feedbacks which can be used for self improvement. Mistakes can be taken sweetly or bitterly but regardless of the reaction there is always a potential to be and do better. This is a fact!

Reactions and feedbacks, no matter how negative, does not and cannot eliminate this fact. It is negative reactions or the dwelling on the negative that puts and keeps a person down not the mistakes and feedbacks.

Many men who get feedbacks that they do not want from a woman they’ve approached take it largely to heart. They overlook the fact that upon approach, a woman only sees a stranger just like she is a stranger to him. The unwritten purpose of an approach is for two strangers to know each other and no longer be strangers.

In the business and army circles, they call this being an ally or a partner. A woman knows that men are after sex at first and she will test this. Humans get feedbacks from other humans but reject things. So the word rejection will not be used here. We are not things but living organisms that can be persuaded, influenced and manipulated to change our minds.

The mind can be altered. A woman’s no (feedback) can be turned to a yes (feedback). A man’s approach (feedback) must be effective enough to persuade and influence a yes (feedback). This is called negotiating. An approach is a negotiation. Why should a woman stop seeing a man as a stranger? Why should she stop what she is doing and make a conversation? Why? Why? Why?

A man doesn’t deal as much with whys but what. What should he do to answer her why’s? What should he say? What will it take? What? What? What? In a relationship, the why’s and what’s mostly become how’s. How should we balance time? How should we balance our why’s and what’s? Every step of the way requires feedback and strong negotiation skills uses feedbacks to get a required result. Understanding this, a man can then look into persistence.

The domestication is there so our interaction has largely become more of a numbers game. A woman will hear the same things and see men do the same things getting bored not seeing creativity or originality. Yet, the domestication has instilled in women (most of them) that it would be inappropriate for them to approach or to help or ease a man when he does. He should know is what women say.

A woman usually does nothing to help the situation. She simply expects entertainment or excitement from a man, claiming boredom otherwise. The domestication has created women to be mostly judge and jury and men as clowns and Jesters. Because of this there is ‘vagina power’.

Fact is that penis has power to but is on the other side of the spectrum being that man is not woman and woman is not man. The domestication has made it so that both man and woman see only one power, the vagina’s.

Another fact is that sex cannot happen if both penis and vagina do not come together. If a woman witholds, she witholds from herself to. Why withold when you can resolve? What will it take to resolve? How should you go about resolving? These questions will clear up misunderstandings.

Don’t talk to strangers is one of the biggest lessons of youth. To resolve this a stranger then must become a different title; either associate, friend or lover. Anybody in a friendship category can get out of it. It is a title not a behaviour. The mind can be altered, therefore so can the category. The aim is to be friendly through all titles but stay masculine, which is the behaviour. A woman wants a man (masculinity), no matter what the title.

There are two approaches that works but one works the most and better. Continue reading

A Toltec Teaching: Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear

Anybody living in constant fear and low self esteem should study and put to practise the Toltec (meaning artist of spirit) teachings. The Toltecs focus on love and using love to heal and elevate. The author and teacher of the book, Don Miguel Ruiz is an Eagle Knight, a naugal, a Master and trained by many spirit guides in trance state and living in the dream (this world that is an illusion).

These teachings and practicality will definitely help you conquer fear while seeing the world through the eyes or perception of a Jaguar as a Jaguar knight and a Eagle as an Eagle Knight. Each stage no matter how minimal the practise will have it’s effects.

p9 88, states:

Always look first for happiness. Happiness can come only from inside us. No one can make us happy. Happiness is an expression of our love coming out of us. We are not happy because others love us, but because we love them. The purpose of Toltec training is to convince a person to love herself or himself. Continue reading

Divorce Court: Ungrateful Woman

Divorce Court

This is the problem and the obstacle of women today. This whole dynamic is getting ridiculous! Women don’t want no nice man. It is true, some men can be too nice but there is nothing wrong with a woman saying “Baby, slow down. I’m not going anywhere.” There is nothing wrong with a woman telling her man that she appreciates and understands the gestures but that she wants to earn or deserve it sometimes.To hurt a man, a husband, by his many attempts to keep a happy marriage, wow, that’s not only crazy but it is stupid.