Sexual Positions

A lot of men think that they are great in bed but they don’t have a clue at all. Sex is more than just positions, sticking it in and out and ejaculating. It is about HARMONY and CONNECTION.

A lot of men will stay in sexual ignorance because of assumptions. They assume that they know all there is about sex. Some men are embarrassed to learn about the subject afterall it is not ‘holy’ like. But the truth is a man who can please his woman will have a great sense of satisfaction. His woman will be satisfied and will not have to wonder how it would feel to be satisfied sexually.

Some men have huge egos because they make women moan and scream during sex. They forget that women fake this. Even if they can, it does not mean she is satisfied. Kenya Morre in her book ‘Game Get Some; What Women Really Want’

Kenya Moore's Book

Says that a woman doesn’t have to have an orgasm to have great sex. Yet most men focus on giving women orgasms instead of the harmony and connection. You must know that working on sexual harmony and connection automatically gives women multiple orgasm. Harmony and connection surpasses the physical. It affects the mental and the spirit as well. There are some men who have made their women experience orgasms without entering inside her or touching her clitoris. The harmony and connection is intense.

With harmony and connection a man and woman become in sync and a woman finds herself crying because of the intense emotions of it all.

Men definitely need to educate themselves sexually. A wise man knows that his sexual education doesn’t stop at the ‘birds and the bees’ (the birds been women because of the fur and softness and the bees been men because of the sting [translating to penis]).

Men should not be ashamed to tell their women that they want to become great lovers. This will bring much joy to their woman because it means she will never have to fake it. She can be honest, helping him on his journey to be that great lover for her. Oh, what fun this will be. There are many books to aid partners on this journey (especially ignorant men) but five more will be recommended:

Sex God Method

The Sexual Mastery System

Female Orgasm Black Book

She Comes First

Kama Sutra by Ann Cooper

These are great reads and will teach you many, many things.

For example, Did you Know that there are 4 different ways that a woman can ejaculate.

1) Clitorial ejaculation
2) G-spot ejaculation or vaginal ejaculation
3) Female Ejaculatory orgasm
4) U-spot ejaculation

Did you know that the

-The clitoris is made up of 18 parts
-After the first orgasm (a clitoral orgasm) it becomes easier for women to have multiple orgasm.
– It is said that the penis is like a reflection of the internal parts of the clitoris.
-It takes ten to twenty seconds for a woman to finish an orgasm.
-It takes five to ten minutes for a woman to return to normal after an orgasm.
-There are over 8 thousand nerves that the clitoris is made up of.

Men’s biggest Sexual Fear

The biggest sexual fear for all men is cumming so quick. This translates to not satisfying his woman sexually. It hurts! Women need to understand that. Women also need to understand that at some point in a man’s life it will happen. But most of all women need to understand that it is not a medical or physical problem but a psychological obstacle. If a man can be at ease in his mind, he will be capable to handle himself physically. Most women make things worst by saying and doing the wrong things. A man fears not been able to please well and this shows in his lack of control to harmonize with his woman. A woman can provide him mental security by saying things along the lines of “Take your time baby, I’m not going anywhere”, “Don’t worry baby, you soon gain your control and I’ll help you”, “It happens baby, I’m not one of those women who judge. Just figure it out so that you can harmonize with me baby.Don’t worry we in this together.”


When a man gets horny and he knows he is about to have sex, he forgets five things:

1) That it is a Process
2) Not to Project himself from the moment
3) Breathing
4) Balance
5) Variety

Most men usually rush, mostly so that the woman doesn’t change her mind. They want to be arousing her before she has any notion of saying no. But this mindset is what messes them up.

A man forgets its a process and not a quick fix so he starts to project himself, meaning he tries to come outside of the moment thinking of the destination (ejaculation).

To last longer during sex, breathing, balance (rythm, pace, harmony) and variety are very important. By breathing, it makes it feel natural for the body. Been tense will cause an ‘eruption’ (ejaculation) because the body needs to release it. Balance allows the man to gain control of himself, he is in the moment. Variety in sexual position allows different hot spots to be hit and it allows a man to have rest peroids during the physical interaction. It also allows a man to regain balance if he feels he is getting imbalance. Everything is about harmony. When a man reaches a stage where he is in sync, all control is his. He will go on all night long.

Now just because he can go on all night long without ejaculating doesn’t mean that he should. He should satisfy his woman and allow her to see that she has pleased him to. In order words he should ejaculate to allow his woman to feel a sense of satisfaction satisfying him. This should be done before she ejaculates FIRST. Do remember that both of you can ‘saddle’ up again to enjoy it once more.

Sex is not a chore and should be enjoyed. Men need to drop their ego and educate themselves, there is soo much to learn about sex and the female anatomy.

But easier said than done.


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  1. sincere

    Thats all true but in the real world if you dont pleasa your woman,she is going to another man.I went thur that and thats a fear i have today.Does any one out there that knows what those guy in those x rated movies ues such as pills to pick it up?They have so many things out here but so many of those pills may my head hurt and they really dont work.Now the blue pill is scarey cause is dose something to the heart and eyes.Calling out for help from any one.


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