So what is loyalty? Most people don’t know, they guess! A lot of guys out there walk around in ignorance then try to justify it with intelligence. For example, some guys don’t want to learn game because they feel they already know and got game. These same guys are the ones who think the game is all about the interaction between men and women. They aren’t brothers but just wannabes.

A brother is someone you can actually call brother. This is the ultimate recognisation of loyalty because its like you are making this person part of your family. Game recognises game and the peeps with no game merely exercise their ignorance. Then because of their ignorance they go against their fellow men especially when they are exercising game (player hating). Instead of learning, they try to pull down the person causing them to feel ‘bad’ not knowing that this mere action just shows their ignorance. They then have the audasity to say they don’t need game.

Loyalty is destroyed because of jealousy and jealousy occurs from envy and this occurs from ignorance. ‘Know thy self’ is what everybody need to remember and venture on. If you know yourself you will not be envious or jealous of another, therefore you are in a constant state to exercise and MAINTAIN loyalty. A brother who has loyalty LIFTS his other ‘brothers’ instead of putting them down. When a guy pulls down another they ALWAYS go down with them.

For example;

There is always one guy in the group who always has something to say. He will comment on everything and try to establish himself as an alpha male through his antics. There will always be that one brother in the group he picks on. This brother is the type that is quiet and reserved. This type of brother knows all about loyalty and keeping his mouth shut. He is observant and tactful (Being observant can make you tactful-constant assessment brings awareness).

This type of brother is the true leader of the group. The guy trying to exercise his alpha nature may get the position but not the power. The guys in the group may follow him but not confide in him. They may follow him just for the sake of having direction in the group. The brother getting picked on may eventually respond to the alpha’s comments just to shut him up once and for all but he knows himself and through knowing himself he knows the type of guy the person is. It is loyalty that keeps brothers together,it’s time we all reconnect.

Loyalty is a viture and it should be celebrated.


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