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BROTHERHOOD WATCH: University Of The People (UOTP)

If you still want that degree, Master or a certificate, you still have a chance by going through the University Of The People (UOTP). Like the name express, it is a university for everybody. You simply need to choose what you want to study and pay the tuition fee. It seems like a lot of people have gone this route to getting their degree and using it to parlay into the job that they want.

Don’t look down on such methods if you do want a degree that is, for it is just another path, another way, of doing things.


University Of The People


BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Magnates Media Production

Definition of Magnate – a wealthy and influential businesswoman or businessman:

Founder and CEO of this production is John Frazer.

If this production, which is based on how wealthy businesses started, doesn’t get you inspired, motivated, encouraged, or empowered, then you are watching it wrongly. The way a lot of the common companies started, ranging from Facebook, Tencent, Instagram, Cocacola, the dark web, and many more are well explained.

Magnates media not only brings focus to the positive of each wealthy business or on the women and men behind it, but on the dark side of the business as well; ranging from extreme labour conditions to poisoning.

The documentaries on each company is likely to have you addicted but most of all inspired. You will catch yourself creating new ideas and empowered to try a new venture. Afterall, the commonality between all the wealthy women and men was that they TRIED.

As they tried, they learned. Magnates media production gives emphasis and focal to these points even without meaning to. John Frazer simply tells the story of how the companies started and you learn the background of the individuals.

Magnates Media is definitely a production to look out for. If you want to be wealthy yourself some day, watching these documentaries can help.

Magnates Media (John Frazer LinkedIn)

BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Paraphrasing Sites

If you are going to use chatgpt, remember that many other people will be using it too. This means you’ll have to be cautious about plagiarism. Many people will be using chatgpt for school assignments, work reports, and writing stories or online reports. This means you’ll need paraphrasing tools to make whatever you’ve written or whatever chatgpt has written, original.

Such sites like:



BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Website): Way Too Social

Way Too Social started since 2007. The man running it is majored in psychology and communication. It is a site based on the passion for studying and sharing the interaction between women and men. The website is supported by advertisement of David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating.

Business Contact Information:
Way Too Social
Attn: Chris Calo,

17534 Blv Gouin O.
Pierrefonds, Quebec
Canada H9J 1A8

Administrator and Author: Chris Calo
Author: Razzputin



BROTHERHOOD WATCH (Fitness): Yah’ki Awakened

Yah’ki is a Spiritual Holistic Teacher, Herbalist, Crystal Healer, Musician and Positive Speaker on health especially on the melanated physiology. He blends biblical and ancient mystical principles into a scientific explanation. Yah’ki has a company focusing on DNA repair, intracellular detoxification, and cellular generation, which aims at using, powerful alkaline botanicals, high energetic diet, and natural herbs. The main goal is to promote love, peace, unity, and self-awareness.