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R.I.P Lorenzen Wright (4th November 1975- 18th July 2010)

Lorenzen Wright

Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright died from gunshots wounds. He was murdered!

Lorenzen, 34, was last seen alive at 2am on July 18th, leaving his ex-wife house who lives in the Memphis area. He was visiting his two daughters and four sons, ages 4 to 15. Many hours later a brief 911 call came from Wright’s phone.

The dispatcher on the other end heard a garbled male voice utter an expletive. At least 10 gunshots could be heard in the background.

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” the dispatcher asked.

Then the phone went dead.

The dispatcher called back. No one answered.

On July 22nd Wright’s family filed a misssing person report. On July 28th police found Wright’s body in the area where the 911 call came from.It is believed that he died the same day he called. Lorenzen Wright is described as a dedicated father and person who was always laughing, cheerful and bubbly.

Lorenzen Wright, the Brotherhood of the Game salutes you.

Lorenzen Wright1


Put Sex Last

Sex last picture

It is said that money first, sex last.

Money can bring sex and lots of it. A lot of golddigging women will take advantage of men with money. When or if money goes a man can be left with child support or sexual transmitted disease. Some men’s lust will not allow them to do background checks on women they stick their dick in. The moment is now, so the moment is right according to some. Most men do not have the ability to say no to sex. Some do not know when it will be on offer again so rushing at it seems appropriate.

Most men chase money so that they can eventually have lots of sex. In some twisted way it is fulfilling knowing that the tangibles they work so hard for can bring many manipulative women. These women who want nothing more than to make a name of themselves use and shake what their mama gave them. They weaken a man and so gain control of him. It is not a bad hustle!

Money and sex does not make a man. A material and a meaningless process does not make a man. And sex is meaingless without love. CHARACTER, the security and integrity of self makes a man. The Brotherhood is all about character. A lot of women will and have slept with a man of character. The man that rather work on himself, his spirituality and surroundings for the sake of earning a living. He earns a living not only to feed others but also with the understanding that it is not in a man’s nature to be lazy. It is even a punishment, a curse you could say (Adam had to start toiling the ground).

Character can be seen through action. Money is an illusion that confuses most men. They get it and feel that it has brought character with it. This illusion has caused many men to sell their souls to the devil. Sex to most is all that matters! Money boosts ego and ego spreads this illusion with the mentality that it was through shear hard work alone that made it happen. Even fools can work hard at been foolish. Hard work is PART of character not the totality. Fools can win the lottery and have a lot of sex to. This already tells that a lot of women (golddiggers) will hustle to get that money. They are ‘working’ hard to.

Seek character first fellas. Money and sex will be given to a man of substance. A man everybody feels deserves all he gets. Put sex last! Sexual interactions makes the body lose energy and decrease in performance. Players in any sports are told not to have sex the night before as it will affect progress. Mind and body must be focus on the game.

Yet when love is involved in sex, a man is and can be rejuvenated by it. Rejuvenation comes from the satisfaction that he has slept with the person he wanted. The person he loves. Sleeping around without love or a level of connection makes a man lose energy. He wastes energy. He wastes his manhood. The depletion of energy shows in different areas of his life in a negative way. Lust is not a good thing. Love is everything! So sex should be last for love to build.

The art of taking the energy of sexual desires and directing it into creativity (Sexual Transmutation) has developed character in some men. Character first, sex last is the correct motto. Although money does not determine character. Going after money is better than sex. No man has ever lost a woman by focusing on getting money. It is the love of money that the Most High warns people about. He never said one couldn’t strive to get it. Love of money brings greed not the teachings and ability to acquire it (think of the troll in ‘Lord of the Rings’).

Men have lost women going broke. But to the man of character broke or not, the woman stays. She stays with him without seeing titles. Women with a man of character don’t see a man with money, they don’t see a man that they are giving sex to, they see a man by nature not titles. He was a man with money and he is still a man without it. He will still be a man when he gains money again. Such a woman will help instead of leave.

The game is not about sleeping with as many women as possible. The game is life. It is play or be played. To play is to gain control and strategize. The game is chess! With women, a man’s aim should be to have fun. Thinking of sex with your woman all the time will hinder the relationship. Every game has an element of fun in it. A woman can never consider her relationship boring when she is always having fun. A man doesn’t have to show how much he is into her if he keeps her excited in the game. You will be connecting on a mental and spiritual level due to the physical been last. This brings emotional attachment. It will be harder for the relationship to deteiorate.

When sex is last a woman KNOWS this man is disciplined. Most of all she doesn’t feel like she will be used. Women will throw more sex in just to increase the fun (just to keep playing). Any game will always need players. Putting sex last will allow a man to connect with a woman’s mind and open up the gateway to her soul, her heart. This requires patience.

Character is shown when a man seeks to better himself and strives to handle business. Character makes a man a worthy opponent of the game. Everything else follows character and sex will definitely come to a man who is not a slave to it. Put it last and it will come. Afterall, anything last will always try to be first.

Listen to the confession in 40 days and 40 nights

40 Days and 40 Nights FULL MOVIE

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They’re two types of egos, one is that egotistical thing that goes on with most guys when dealing with situations, and the second is actually a false entity that is every human being.  It’s the real evil in our world, the real  devil.   Not some red monster looking creature with horns.   When talking about the latter alot of people aren’t able to understand in abstract terms, this is why I lover personally love movies, because they’re capable of explaining such complex concepts to people in a way that is much more  comprehensible to the  average joe.  Not only the ego aspect is explained, but it teaches you the game of life. Very deep movie.


Message of the week

We men have gotten it wrong. We’ve resorted to a feminized form of masculinity; one based on physical looks and appearances. But we’ve forsaken the hidden things of the heart that truly makes a man a Man. We think our muscles or our cars make us men. We think our jobs or income make us men. But none of these things truly matter. What matters much more is our ability and willingness to always honor the masculine code within us, and do those things that are required, even when it’s not convenient.- Macmajii



University is done. It doesn’t matter how long or how well you did, the fact is that you finished. Many of you would have thought it a waste of time but you still hung in there. Well done!

Really, the next step is to start your own mission using all that you have learnt. Working for someone else will delay the many success that you could have if you started your own business. Nevertheless it is not bad to start off working for a company for a while. Consider it as learning new lessons. Don’t do yourself a disservice by been trapped by the carrot (money, ‘promotions’ and ‘bonuses’) but study the company structure while working in it. It will help in starting your own thing or better it.

Most of you might not know where to start looking for work, so try these sites.



About Debt

Something you should know about money


Do not assume that education begins and ends in a confine of a building. A man must still self educate himself. He must do this for himself, his woman and family. You have still got to read and learn. Squares don’t know that the greatest secrets of success have been written down by many who have gain succes themselves. Success is a state of mind. Once the mind is right, it will materalize.

Read so that ideas, methods and the secrets of life can be gained. White owners during slavery did not want the slaves to learn how to read. By surpressing the minds of the slaves, they were able to pass out secrets through books. The secrets to success. Reading is vital! Fredrick Douglas (a slave) is a prime example of this. As soon as Fredrick Douglas learnt how to read at a young age (the mitress of the house taught him) he went on to develop a newspaper company. He aimed to abolished slavery and it helped!


To those who quit or didn’t go to school, it is not too late. If you are thinking about going to school or back to school, good luck! Education never stops! University is one form of getting educated. A person can still be educated outside the school system.No knowledge is ever wasted! It just needs the appropriate time to be used.

Sounds of the Game

Its all about confidence! Let it pump through the system. Let it pump, don’t hinder confidence with fear. Remember to love yourself and sound off! [Enjoy being you! You are the only one who is qualified to do so-represent!]

Stay Loyal to the Game!

Business Cards

Brotherhood of the Game Business Card image

An Example

Why Business Cards?

Picture this scenario, you see that a woman you like is in a hurry but you don’t want to miss your opportunity in communicating with her. You know that she doesn’t have time for her to hear much (women respond to what they hear) but you also know that saying hi could go a long way.

On approaching her, you begin your quick conversation:

You: Hi, its obvious that you in a hurry but you caught my eyes and it got me doing this. Allow me to get your name.

Woman: Uh huh….lol….yeah my name is………you are right I can’t really stop to chat but it was nice meeting you.

You: Thought so, let me not keep you but here take my card. Whenever you are not in a hurry or whenever you feel like it, call me. Trust me you caught my eyes for a reason……lol.

Woman: lol, thanks, you might hear from me soon. No promises though.

You: No problem, just whenever you feel like you can. I’m now only one call away [Her name]. See you later and enjoy your day.

Woman: Thanks, see you.

Although the above was just an example, it aimed to show the effectiveness of having a business card. Business cards saves a man from too much talking. It makes him seem professional, ambitious and most of all original. Not only that but having business cards also builds curiosity. It leaves a person wondering about the detail of what you exactly do. A woman can call from shear curiosity alone. The aim is to get her comfortable through conversation as quick as possible. So be ready for that call! Note, ready does not mean waiting by the phone letting the day go by. Ready means, continue from where you left off. Its not another introduction but a continuation.

The beautiful part about giving business cards is that it doesn’t matter what a man is wearing at that time or if he was unkempt in that moment. It still shows that professionalism and originality.

Most men by now will be saying well if every man starts giving business cards, how original will that be? Everybody will be doing the same thing! Understand: Originality is not only in the giving. It is also in the design of the card. People do not have the same creativity level therefore all business cards will be different.

Business cards can make things easier! But take into consideration of how it is given. It should not be forced upon. Also take into consideration how you approach and how things are said. Still show confidence and maintain it!

To get free business cards, go to VISTA

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