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Message of the Week

An observer from Mars would find man the most beautiful inhabitant of this planet since the mind is the most wondrous thing in creation. Physical beauty by our standards is everywhere: sable-coated antelopes, hibicus blooms, grand cayons, desert islands, rain forests, English county gardens, beautiful women, thorough bred horses, great rivers, etc. The mind of a man is indeed true beauty, but man, instead of worshipping this incredible gift which sets him apart from every other inhabitant of the solar system, has been conditioned to worship a graven image, woman.
Man has made the satisfaction, protection, and pampering of woman his religion. He judges his goddess on a value system that he applies to animals or landscape–physical beauty. And to further justify this irrational act, he has had to endow woman with attributes and a mystique which she in reality of course just does not possess. In comparison with man, woman is quite stupid and banal but this is considered feminity. Man cannot comprehend stupidity and a woman’s emotional nature, when in fact woman has no emotion, except, that is, on the scale of a Siamese cat. When by some lucky chance she utters something in which may in some way indicate knowledge born out of guile, he dignifies it as woman’s intuition………. -Robert Spicer, pg 35-36 of Ballbreaking.


Reminder, life is not all about women

Just live your life the best way you can and enjoy been you! Believe it or not when you do this, good and beautiful things happen. Consider it a crime and disgust to put women and sex before you, before manhood. This halts, stunts and diminishes confidence. Validation of SELF is not determined by someone else or sex so don’t be deluded by those who judge, it is not up to them.

Represent YOUR life and make it stand for something. Stand firm and let nothing wobble or weary your position. Don’t be put off by any negative comments, statements, pranks and remarks but take it all with an understanding that at the end of the day only you are qualified to be you.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said ‘It’s great to be misunderstood’. You do not have to be like everybody else, matter of fact you can’t and you cheat and disrespect your individuality and personality for trying. For if there were two of you, one of you wouldn’t be necessary so stay unique. Learn and incoporate the teachings of the experienced, been careful and taking notes on how they got experienced.

Wasting life been depressed and angry is a waste of time and energy. Been happy or happier will always feel good no matter what people think of you or what you think of yourself. Construct yourself! Don’t destruct yourself! No woman is worth your individuality and keeping it exercised like the mind increasing in knowledge or muscles increasing in size, will bring nothing but respect. Show life not boredom and let the world know it is who you are and what you do.

Life is not all about women and sex and despite the sex drive and the surging sexual urges, you’ve got to smile and laugh sometimes saying “screw it, I will get sex, women and anything that I want if I appreciate and do other things with my life than concern myself with a chase of women instead of followin my mission.” And while you are at it, ask yourself how a person who lives life for life itself, beyond the scope of women cannot be confident. How can they not be ambitious? You will find that the answer is that they can’t, they are automatically confident and ambitious driven by the appreciation of a mission in life.

Women are important and should be appreciated and accepted, after all that is where a man was incubated and given birth from. The danger and caution comes in putting women as a basis of life which will only conclude in seeing a mindless, no self respecting slave, with no drive for success but to cater. Behind a great man is a great woman but a man does right to remember to keep them at the back as he lives, not on a pesdestral.There is more to life!

Financial Game from Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump admittedly and indirectly through his explanations and commentary of his business, has expressed some different and unheard of work ethics that some leaders don’t or won’t say (in my humble opinion). He believes in seeking revenge and letting someone know a thing or two about the wrong or mistake that they may have caused. This teaching is a different outlook and is against the norm.

Nevertheless, his attitude should not be despised, it can be summed up as him been a confronter, initiator and problem solver. There is a lot to learn and implement from Donald Trump, letting you know that he is not a billionaire for nothing.

Who is the Master?


‘All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.’~ T.E Lawrence

It is said that it takes three or four years to become a master at anything you put your mind to. Most people become a master at nothing, not even with the activities they love doing. Although some have the talent and skill, it is not utilized to the full potential, too many distractions get in the way.

Talent and skills are different from mastery. Talent you have, it is natural while skill can be developed. Mastery requires the combination between talent and skill to make any venture effortless. A master, in a deep and profound point of view is a person, who has trained day and night, gone through the agonizing pain squeezing out blood, sweat and tears, refusing to give up, persevere and stay determined, making the unnatural natural. At first the process or activity to be mastered is unnatural. With time and practise, the unnatural starts becoming and revealing the naturality of the process. The confidence level rise bringing with it clarity that it can be done.

Everybody has and is given 24 hours in a day. A lot of people waste it watching others mastering the art of acting on the television. Some people waste time clubbing and sleeping. There is nothing wrong with having a good time and it is good to socalize and get rest from hard work but if clubbing and sleeping are your only goals, your day’s target, then something is very wrong there, there is no hard work. The average hours of sleep is said to be eight hours. Eight hours is said to be needed to feel fully rejuvernated. Note that this is based on a feeling of rejuvenation and this can vary from person to person.

Donald Trump in one of his audiobooks (I think in the audiobook ‘Think Like A Champion’) says how he only gets four hours of sleep a day. Four hours according to Mr Trump is enough. You don’t want to waste the whole day sleeping. Donald Trump is a billionaire and is a master at what he does.

Think Like A Champion by Donald Trump

One of the best explanation of Mastery was by George Leonard in his book ‘Mastery’. George Leonard is a master at Aikido and even wrote a book called ‘The Way of Aikido’. Aikido takes roughly 15 years to master or be a grandmaster. Steven Seagal, the actor can vouch on this. Check out his biography.

In Mastery, pg 5, George Leonard explains what mastery is:

It resists definition yet can be instantly recognized. It comes in many varieties yet follows certain un-changing laws. It brngs rich rewards, yet is not really a goal or a destination but rather a process, a journey. We call this journey mastery, and tend to assume that it requires a special ticket available only to those born with exceptional abilities. But mastery isn’t reserved for the supertalented or even for those who are fortunate enough to have gotten an early start. It’s available to anyone who is willing to get on the path and stay on it–regardless of age, sex, or previous experience.

The trouble is that we have few, if any, maps to guide us on the journey or even to show us how to find the path. The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery. We’re continually bombarded with promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast, temporary relief, all of which lead in exactly the wrong direction…………………..The master’s journey can begin whenever you decide to learn any new skill……..

In other words, the road to Mastery is a process not a quick fix. One has to put in work to acquire the feelings and emotions behind mastery. The process brings lessons that cannot be taught and experience of enlightenment. Even the tolerance to pain has to be gained through the process. George Leonard sums up the process to Mastery in five key steps:

1) Instruction – learning how to yield to instruction is very important.
2) Practise – practising increases experience and gives feedback.
3) Surrender – surrendering to your teacher(s) and the demands of your discipline. Not complaining.
4) Intentionality – Your attitude, focus, your determination.
5) Edge – What are you going to sacrifice to practise in being a master.

Mastery by George Leonard

Bruce Lee did nothing but train, day and night, night and day. He would develop his mind by reading books on power, techniques, meditation and anything that would elevate the body and the mind. Investing all his time reading in his home library to be a better person, a mastered person so to speak. He would practise day and night to the point where sometimes he wouldn’t eat and he would be seen collapsing, fainting from over exertion. Through all his training he created a new form of martial art called Jeetkundo. He practised all forms to create this new form.

He was oftened heard telling his pupils to forget everything they have learned and know, don’t try remember anything but feel and flow. This boy that was bullied at a young age became a Master, reaching new plateau and surpassing expectations. Doctors said he would never walk again after a gruesome tornament match that ended with his spine broken, making him unable to walk. He didn’t listen and kept on training, soon his spine became stronger and he was able to walk again. He trained till he died.

Isaac Newton instead of partying and messing around during his summer holiday, invested all his time studying to find the law of gravity. Day and night, not pausing, he studied, locking himself in his home, surronded by journals, books and models striving to find the answer. He found it when an apple fell on him. Now Mr Newton’s name will be remembered forever. The law of gravity were not the only laws he found out, during is time of study, the three laws of momentum, which unforgettably are called Newton’s laws certifies his accomplishment and hard work.

Albert Einstein who was said to be dyslexic in his youth and was later classified a genius, did not see himself as a genius. He said that he was a man who was always questioning why and then sought out to find the answer. How far would you go? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Your attitude, your journey begins with you. As it has been heard reviberating throughout the echoes of history, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, it still bares great meaning today, right now. You have to see yourself as a master and hold on to the vision of it, the process is the blueprint into becoming what you see. That which you see, you can conceive. Mastery like in all states, levels and characteristics, begins from the inside out. Until you can look at yourself and believe in yourself answering the lingering question “Who is master?” with “I am”, then the motivation and the determination of the journey begins.

A Buddhist proverb states:

‘When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.’

Understand that this means that you’ll have to be ready to do what it takes and to take every struggle and pain that comes with the journey. Whatever your venture may be, mastery over yourself will always give you mastery of your environment.

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Good Luck!

Grind Vs. Hustle: Why You’re Going In Circles…


This one might come left field to some cats but follow me, I believe we’re on the cusp of something bigger than we’ve ever seen before; a Hustle renaissance, if you will. I’ve been talking about having Hustle for quite a while now and occasionally I’d refer to having to ‘grind’ through the more difficult or undesirable parts of your journey to get to the promise land of silk and money. Then, as I conversed with people in my circle about how they view on progression I began to see what exactly it was that was holding so many of us back from reaching that next level: our attitude on the game of life. There is no such thing as having to ‘grind’. In the literal sense it would be you trying to wear down opposition until everything is smooth and malleable like a sandpaper job. The problem with that is in the process you will begin to get worn down yourself! I finally got why the wealthy got wealthier and the poor and broke got done in–the attitudinal and operational difference was too great.

Bruce Lee had it right…

One of his most famous quotes mentioned becoming formless and shapeless like water. Water doesn’t have to grind, it goes along its own path and over time erodes the opposition down to the point it can move freely by it, through it and over it. By taking the shape of your environment you’re able to stay incognito and find the easiest and most efficient way to carve the situation to your liking. The greatest of successes aren’t the ones that tried to go hardbody alone, like water they cultivated a following of similar droplets to take up the fight with them. Be like water, my friend.

To grind means indefinitely working harder…

When you grind, you’re putting precious energy and time into performing a task that will eventually tire you out. No Atlas type exists with the ability to hold the world on his shoulders; no matter how great your stamina, you will eventually have to stop. Doing this alone means that all of the production stops with you. Find ways to work smarter and not only save your back during the heavy lifting but implement new features (like that bright yellow forklift) that will aid you in your process.

Assets, Assets, Assets…

The wealthy have them. Not just financial one either–they have a rolodex full of people that can and will aid them to get where they need to. The object of the game is to become the ultimate puppet master who’s fingers are connected to the life strings of every sector he deals in. Networthing is the greatest skill you can have, even more so than actual talent in anything. Matter of fact, you don’t even have to be good to succeed as long as you know people who know people. I’m not condoning that last statement but dammit it’s true. Look at any form of media outlet and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In closing; do not ever grind. Hustle.

Read more at the HustleHarderBlog.

A Moment with Tha BossMack TopSoil

BossMack Topsoil

Before I answer one question in this interview I would like to thank Tha Brotherhood of The Game for even considering me worthy of examination and discussion. I would like to further state that I am no Expert or Master of this thing we call “Tha Game”, I am still very much a student of tha Game and I am always willing to learn and improve myself. One thing about tha Game I am certain of and that is my ignorance of it. There are many individuals who claim to possess great knowledge of tha Game, I am one of tha individuals in pursuit of knowledge that I do not yet possess. I am tha reverse of wise, I can only tell you of my experiences, The Brotherhood has put the following questions to me, I only hope you do not laugh as I respond as best as I can.

BOTG: What makes you a certified Mack?

BT: I think being a Mack is an understanding of Human Behavior distilled into rules and regulations that one chooses to live by. These rules and regulations are woven into tha tapestry of my entire being, So thus I live by those rules on an unconscious level.

BOTG: When did you know that you were truly full-fledged Mack?

BT: Realistically, I started to abide by strict rules and regulations back in 1995. I started functioning on an unconscious level by 1997.

BOTG: What made you want to teach or spit game?

BT: Once I began to seriously “Cop and Blow” Bitches on a regular basis, I started compiling stories and adventures. When I use to tell Niggas about this Bitch or that Bitch, Niggas would be riveted to my narrative. Also for an extended period of time in tha 90’s I was 100% in tha “Life” meaning, I paid all of my bills from illegal business. I knew I had experienced things many people would find difficult to understand and I had always remembered what one of my homies told me, Tha Homie Bone (Training Day & Bastards Of The Party) who’s from Athens Park Piru, Bone told me “All tha shit that we do in tha hood, it’s everyday bullshit to us, cause we are here everyday, But when you take what we experience and take it away from here, that shit is Entertainment”. So one day I knew I would write Books, It just so happens that I found out about blogs.

I am working on my first two books right now, I should be finished before tha end of this year. I am going to drop “Tha 13 Laws Of Tha BossMack TopSoil” and a collection of Short Stories, I haven’t decided on a name for that.

I must admit with regards to writing, I don’t enjoy writing tha “How to Books” if you can understand me. I like to write stories and from within those stories I like for my readers to pull tha Game “Out” for themselves. “Tha 13 Laws” is kind of like a “how to” book but I back everything up with stories to illustrate ideas and concepts.

I am also going to write a Novel and more short stories.

I felt like no matter what, Niggas in these streets out here know who I am, Niggas know my track record and Niggas observed me Manage Bitches in Real Life.

As I lived tha life of a Street Nigga I just tried to remember everything I saw and experienced, As If I knew I was there as more an observer than a participant. I always had a feeling that I was tha only Nigga that could tell tha story of me an my peoples, kind like that dude with one eye in “300” that got sent back to tell tha story. All of tha Niggas I ran with are Deceased or in Prison , Tha few that are left on tha streets live like recluses.

Another thing, There is an aspect of tha Game I want to expose and hold up to tha light for examination that is absolutely Beautiful, It that part of tha Game where a Nigga achieves such greatness and beauty in his Bitches eyes that in that moment he can do no wrong, it’s a sacred place, very transient. This place is precarious, for it is in this place that people either decide to build up people or destroy them, most choose tha latter.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction of men and women today?

BT: This can be tha subject of a comprehensive essay, I will however try to truncate my response a bit. Also a warning, I am not that intelligent, so hopefully I will be able to articulate my thoughts clearly and not offend those of you reading this whom are superior to myself in cleverness.

At this moment in time this is a White Man’s world that we live in here in America and in tha United Kingdom and that determines the interaction of men and women today in my opinion.

Tha following analogy I borrowed from somewhere, I can’t remember where because I am forgetful at times, so if it sounds familiar that is tha reason. Now I shall explain myself, I view our society like a Great Phallic Symbol, Like tha Washington Monument with tha White Man at tha apex, African American Men are at tha Bottom, But African American women have been elevated to a status higher than tha African American Man and they know it. In this Great Phallus or hierarchy per say, Tha White Woman is below tha White Man, but higher than tha African American Woman.

As this dynamic plays out in tha work place and life in general, this Hierarchy puts pressure on everyone below the White Man in this Phallus. The White Woman continues to fight tha White Man for respect, African American Women feel a sense of superiority over tha White Woman in certain respects because every White Man wants to Fuck an African American Woman. Now I don’t want to omit other races from this discussion, but I feel these two races represent the extreme opposite of each other, So I want to hold them up to tha light for examination.

Since African American women get preferred treatment by White Men in the workplace, More African American Women have jobs than African American Men. This Dynamic has been in place since Slavery and this turns African American families Matriarchal instead of Patriarchal like White Families. Thus tha relations between African American Women and Men are severely strained. This Manifests into Niggas having to prove they are Super Niggas to African American Bitches in order to get respected.

Tha Good News is if you are Super Nigga, You can get that Respect and Homage from a Bitch, But only after a Nigga proves he is a great man. White Men don’t have tha same burden of proof as Niggas, not to tha same degree.

BOTG: When approaching a woman, what is the first thing a man must do?

BT: I usually stalk bitches myself, meaning I observe a Bitch from a distance and try to read her. I take in tha details, I look at Clothing, Hair Style, Mannerisms etc. When I do this I am very covert, I work my way into tha Bitches vicinity and go from there.

BOTG: Upon approaching a woman, what is the first thing you usually say?

BT: I smile and say “Hello”, then give a bitch a very clever compliment, now I can’t tell you exactly what to say here as a compliment because it changes from Bitch to Bitch, as each Bitch is unique.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy.

BT: A guy that puts a Bitch on a pedestal and tries to make a bitch happy by doing whatever she says to do.

BOTG: Is it good to be nice?

BT: Yes and No. You cannot be all Asshole to a Bitch and you Cannot be all Nice Guy to a Bitch, there is a balance. This is why I say the government of a stable is a Meritocracy, It’s always important to acknowledge tha good things a Bitch does for you. Just like its good to Check A Bitch when she’s wrong, Bitches are like Kids, There must be Punishment and Rewards. Let me make myself clear, If a Bitch is cooking Bomb as$ Meals for you every night, a Bitch should be rewarded at some point and time. If a Bitch nursed you back to health after you were fucked up in a car accident, a bitch needs to be rewarded. Tha thing about punishment and reward is you must communicate what you are doing and why you are doing it clearly to a bitch so she understands and shit is recognized. For instance if a bitch has been in your corner strong for a year or two, bringing oblation to tha table, treating a nigga like royalty and what not and you decide to treat bitch to a vacation, you let her know, you say “I am taking you on this Vacation because you been holding a Nigga down, you is real and you deserve this”.

BOTG: Why do you think most women want thugs?

BT: I think all Bitches respond to Masculinity and Thugs represent that in a profound sense.

BOTG: Don’t you worry about women listening to your show?

BT: Now thats an interesting question, I know that I have more Bitches as listeners than Niggas. I also know there are some decent, church going bitches with good jobs and families that got two or three episodes of “BossMacknosis Live” in their Ipod. Those Bitches bump my shit and they laughing like a Muthafucka, but knowing in between all of tha “Nigga” this and “Bitch” that, that Nigga BossMack is telling tha truth.

BOTG: Since you started the show, how has things changed for you?

BT: One of tha most bizarre things that has happened to me is tha response from some of my close homies, Niggas I grew up with who approach me for advice on their relationships. Niggas be like “JimC” I need to talk to “Tha BossMack TopSoil” right now I got issues with with a Bitch lol.

A startling thing I learned about doing my shows, I think there are people actually addicted to listening to my shows and I am addicted to MAKING tha shows. Tha Creation of podcast shows has become an art form to me that I take very serious. If you notice, I am always trying to do better shows and give tha listeners some unexpected shit.

BOTG: Why do you refer to women as b*tches? Are they all b*tches?

BT: When I was very small, like 6 or 7 years old, My Mother brought home a Richard Pryor record, I think it was “That Nigger’s Crazy”. My mother put that record on while her and her homegurls sat around in tha living room smoking reefer and drinking Crown Royal with ice. They didn’t even realize I was sitting on tha Green Shag carpet on tha side of tha couch. Now I cannot tell you how I understood what Richard Pryor was saying, but I did, I understood what he was saying about everything and I laughed hard, I made it to tha part where Mud Bone got slapped by his Bosses Fiancee after he introduced himself. I laughed so hard everyone got quite and they noticed I was in tha room, My Moms popped me in tha back tha head and kicked me out. Whenever she was gone I listened to that record.

After that I was fascinated with tha emotional response from Bitches when I called them “Bitches”, I always waited for opportunities to say that shit to a Bitch, I know that sounds stupid. After college I didn’t become a tax paying citizen, I tried to be in tha Music industry and then ultimately I ended up in tha “Life” so to speak, In which I basically sold pounds of weed in other States. I never entered tha square world and in my world tha language I used is what you hear when you hear me speak when I’m doing my shows or videos, or what you read when you read my blog, to me it’s a language of tha “Truth”.

Tha words “Bitch, Nigga and Muthafucka” are tha foundation of my communication, those three words contain more energy than any other word in tha English language except Jesus and God.

Ultimately, I mean no harm by using tha word “Bitch”.

BOTG: Would you say that you stumbled on Macking by accident?

BT: I think for me it seemed more like Macking was tha best thing for me. I use to believe that that one bitch was tha best policy while I was growing up, but realistically I never seen anyone happy that was in that type of relationship. I saw my Grandfather as Nigga with money and flash, he changed Cadillac’s every year and he had Bitches and all tha Bitches kissed his Ass. My uncle was tha same way, they were like that and they were Happy.

As I got older and began to deal with bitches I realized that I was just different than otha niggas, there was no way I could just settle with one bitch.

BOTG: What are your views on marriage? Ever plan on getting married?

BT: I seriously doubt it, It seems like a beautiful concept, but I think I’m a be a Nigga with several babymama’s and I’ll just take care of everybody, But Never say Never.

BOTG: Is there a meaning behind the chimpanzee and the cross and bones that you got up as your symbol?

BT: When I set out to “Brand” Tha BossMack experience I decided I need to sum everything behind an Animal Image, an Abstract image of an animal I know effects people on a sub-conscious level, that and different colors. I was gonna use a Lion and then a Mandrill, but I settled on tha one I am using because thats what I am to everyone “A Dangerous Monkey”. No doubt I have been influenced by tha low-brow art movement as depicted in magazines like Juxtapoz Magazine and sometimes Complex Magazine, I am also influenced by alot of stuff going on in Japan. My logo effects people on many levels, Tha Monkey is what society thinks of “Niggas”, Tha facial expression “Serious yet Resolute”, Tha Cigar for tha “Boss Status”, Without tha Cigar mouth open “Tha Game Being Expectorated”, Tha Cross Bones “Tha Monkey is Dangerous”.

BossMack symbol

BOTG: Describe confidence. This is something a man has to have, tell us how a man can generate it.

BT: No doubt there are different definitions of this word, the one I think you want me speak on is the “Confidence” thats a kind of “Bravery”. I think the Confidence necessary to approach women is a consciousness of tha belief that you can and will convince a Woman that it is beneficial to her to have you in her life. I would say tha same techniques are used to capture good friends.

Confidence can be gained in many was, some instant and some take years. For instance, A Nigga can gain extreme Confidence from purchasing a New Range Rover on Big Wheels. A Nigga can gain extreme Confidence from purchasing a new Condo. Or a Nigga can gain confidence by working out and getting into great shape.

Tha deepest and strongest form of Confidence comes from a deep inner conviction and an extreme belief in yourself that has to be utterly unbreakable from outside sources.

BOTG: What do you think men are doing wrong with women these days? I mean if you believe that something is wrong.

BT: I think most Niggas are extremely thursty and put Bitches on pedestals to quick without properly examining a Bitch and testing her to make sure she’s worthy of pedestal reverence.

BOTG: Would you say that the game is mostly about looks?

BT: In a way it is, But tha Game is Mental and not tangible. Niggas with Extremely Good looks Mack or Pimp by accident, meaning they get away with violating certain rules in tha Game and still pull alot of bitches. When I say violate rules I mean shit like “Fucking to Much”, “Having Weaknesses Like Drug Habits”, “Confining In Bitches” Etcs. But what happens with extremely Good Looks is this, they fade, especially without self discipline.

BOTG: What are your thoughts on male empowerment groups like this one?

BT: I think they are good, Niggas need a place where they can always go to get new ideas.

BOTG: What is the most important thing to remember about BossMack TopSoil ?

BT: That I’m a Real Nigga to tha Fullest. I remember one of my Ex-Bitches told me that, A Hood Bitch to tha core, Yet a Bitch with a Good Soul, She told me verbatim “James, You are tha Reallest Nigga I ever Knew” I was really touched by that. I know that sounds ignorant but I’m being real.

BOTG: Would you say that to get and maintain a woman, a man has to be somewhat heartless?

BT: Yes, There is a necessity to be dispiteous at times.

BOTG: Would you say all women are the same?

BT: No, There are people who are Good and people who are Bad. Each Bitch a nigga deals with must be carefully examined to determine her true character.

BOTG: Has a woman ever said no when you approached and then changed her mind?

BT: Yes, that has happened on more than one occasion and it has also been reversed where I actually pulled a Bitch and then lost tha bitch moments later. Usually when I fall up into a event, I might spot two of three bitches that touch my soul for some reason I cannot explain. Then I subtly stalk tha Bitches for a while, See who they are with, what they are drinking, watch there mannerisms etc. Then I pick one to talk to, then I work my way to tha others in a lowkey type of way because as you know Bitches are really watching YOU also, checking for your thurstyness. One particular evening at this club called Zanzibar’s in Santa Monica I did that, I spoke to a Bitch, tha conversation was cool but she told me she didn’t want to exchange information. I was cool with that, Now on this particular night there wasn’t to many bitches in there I was feeling, so I just nursed my Absolute Vodka Dirty Martini and enjoyed tha music without attempting to talk to any other Bitches, then later when I was about to leave, that same Bitch I guess had been keeping an eye on me tha whole entire night, decided to give me her number before she left lol.

BOTG: What do you think women need or want mostly from a man?

BT: She needs a Nigga to be a Man for Real in tha Realest Sense of that word. This is why tha Multi-Million Dollar Super Nigga outside of tha Law has tha Greatest influence over all Bitches even if tha Bitches know he’s a Criminal. Tha respect a Bitch gives a Nigga who appears Absolutely Rich outside of tha White World is second to tha respect a Bitch gives Jesus and God. You can start from tha position of tha Multi-Millionaire Criminal Super Nigga down to a Nigga that at least has his own apartment with no Car.
A Bitch Needs a Nigga to be a Man, Autonomy is tha Beginning.

BOTG: What is the difference between a nice guy and a Mack?

BT: If a Bitch breaks certain rules with me I will discipline a Bitch without hesitation on tha spot, nice guys don’t do that because they are scared of losing tha bitch. Here’s an example, I remember a Bitch that belonged to me at tha time wanted to come and see me with her friend, they came by, I was in a Good mood so I broke out tha Bong, being a good host I packed tha bowl and gave tha bong to my bitches friend to hit it first. This just pissed my Bitch off to tha fullest, so she proceeded to to start talking shit which caught me off guard on multiple levels, Tha first level: This Bitch was talking shit to me IN FRONT of her homegurl, Tha Second Level: I was being a Nice Nigga to these Bitches so I was really offend for even letting a bitch hit tha Kush, Tha Third Level: This was some she I had never seen from this Bitch so this was her testing me to see what kind of Nigga I was.

After tha Bitch finished her rant which ended with “Nigga I Hate you right now” I looked at her homegurl and said “Tracy, I think your Friend is ready to Go Home, why don’t you take her” you should have seen that overly pretty over-confident bitch get up and kick herself out lol. That Bitch was calling me begging for forgiveness in 1/2 hour, I made that bitch wait 2 days before I even spoke to her.

BOTG: Are you ever going to do lectures?

BT: I don’t know, If I am fortunate enough to get invited to do one I’ll do it. I don’t know how that is going to go cause I don’t really plan on writing “How To Mack” books.

BOTG: If not books or lecturers, with a radio channel and clothing line, what’s next for BossMack TopSoil?

BT: Tha Books are coming for sure, I don’t know about tha lectures, but that would be cool to do some shit like that.
As far as tha radio show I think tha next evolution of tha show is to take it to Video, Maybe live audience Jimmy Kimmel style. I have been chopping it up with some folks who no more about that game than me and they think it’s doable. Even now there is a demand to be there when I record tha shows live, alot of times there’s quite a few Niggas and bitches there watching me record tha show.

Tha Clothing line is really starting to gain momentum, I’ve got a feeling that might be tha first thing that goes big for me. Tha shit I have on deck for tha clothing line in tha future is so huge it’s scary, I can’t even really speak on it, But I think Niggas will like what I do.

BOTG: Thank you.

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