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Keep It Real Till You Feel It

Keeping It Real

The sayings fake it till you make it or pretend you are the champ and you will be the champ all play it’s part in the mind. The law of the mind says that anything thought about for a long time will manifest whether it is positive or negative. So whether a person pretends or not eventually their mind will believe the recurring thoughts, whether they are being truthful or not. Continue reading


3REE-D on the mike

3ree-d has been hitting many with is depth and metaphorical philosophy based on life and his own personal thoughts. He is a lyricist whose sole purpose is to make you think. From the spelling and pronounciation of his name to his lyrical content, everything has to be deciphered. Everything will make you think. Life may be like a box of chocolates but it’s all in 3ree-D. Continue reading

Educated Men and The Thugs

Educated black men

First of all there has to be an emphasis and a momentary pause to remind and influence the thought in the fact, notion, essence, certainty and awareness that LIFE is a lesson, therefore lessons can EDUCATE. First let this hit home! This is very important to state because going to school is not education but a form of education. Put in another way, school is harnessed education. Yet some people come out ignorant thinking that having a degree shows that one is in fact educated when education is an on going process. Continue reading

Don’t Apologize for Being A Man


It seems like for the longest time men have restrained and strove to hide their natural behaviours and instincts in being a man. This was done so as a defense mechanism and as an expression to show a form of abiding to social norms that would get them in trouble if they don’t. It is mostly because of this that men, most men seem too proper, gentle, timid and unnatural. Continue reading

Larry Leisure Suit

Larry Leisure suit

When you reach your teens and you are slightly sex driven or looking to practise getting different type of women. The game Leisure Suit Larry would stir you into a certain direction. It can change a man’s techniques in approaching women. But the character (Larry) in the game is cunning, manipulative and very sex driven. The game can be hilarious and frustrating (lol) but very entertaining. A man can seriously get carried away playing this. Been that Larry was so sex-driven added more comedy to the game. Overall such games should teach any man that thinking with your dick will make you lie, and put you in arkward situations, and influence your wordplay. The best game is the truth!

[I always used to get stuck playing this big chested woman at strip poker. I didn’t have a clue how to play poker so she always won (Larry ended up naked *shaking head*). Interesting game. New versions or parts are out since it came out.]