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Janice Gassam: Worst things men do in a relationship

Janice Gassam

Janice Gassam is currently a student at Louisiana Tech University, working towards her Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once finished with her Masters degree, she plans on pursuing a PhD in a related field.

Janice Gassam wants to provide guidance to young women who choose to remain virgins and abstain from sex. She plans on writing a book that focuses on these topics as it pertains to young women. Continue reading


Tijana Jackson: Ex Convict now Motivational Speaker

Tijuana Jackson
Disclaimer: If this is Romany Malco (not sure if it’s him) then support him or feel very free to correct us on it.

Tijuana Jackson is an ex convict turned motivational speaker, spiritual Teacher, author, physical trainer and life coach. Born in Hollywood, Florida he spent a large portion of his childhood in and out of foster homes as well the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). By age twenty he had gained most of his education throughout Community Colleges of southern Florida.

At age twenty-seven TJ was arrested for siphoning gas from a school bus. The misdemeanor escalated to a felony because Jackson was also smoking a cigarette, therefore endangering the lives of the children who were still on the bus. After serving 18 months in prison the judge took mercy and granted Tijuana Jackson a house detention sentence of 9 years. Continue reading

Dr. Claud Anderson- Powernomics (History 101)

Dr Claud Anderson

Dr. Claud Anderson, is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America which is a corporation that is involved in major business development, primarily in inner cities, across the country.

The word PowerNomics represents a social-political-economic package of principles and strategies developed by Dr. Anderson to help make Black America a more self-sufficient and competitive group. Dr Anderson believes that social engineering of slavery and white supermacy has kept black people down. It is social engineering that keeps the laws against blacks regulated, therefore cannot be truly abolished. Continue reading

Black Teen On Track To Become Millionaire.

Dollar sign

Mothers can help their sons in many ways. The effective way is not to try to be a man, teaching their son how to be a man but to INFLUENCE their son(s) to get their male perspective. A woman can only EXPRESS the male perspective through a female perspective. This most cetainly clashes. But mothers are needed! They can teach and influence their son(s) many things without trying so hard, preoccupying themselves to fit a father (male) role. The mother role can be effective enough, it’s just lacking another perspective (male-father).