Faith is believing in something before it happens. It is seeing something before it is seen and it is an ABILITY to never surrender to fear. For example scientists say that we breathe oxygen, we don’t see it but we know it’s there because we know how it feels when we suffocate. We believe without a doubt that we breathe something. The same concept applies to God yet not everybody believes.

A man and woman who have faith in their relationship will be more willing to trust, love and surrender to each other. If the man and woman constantly fear losing each other instead of having faith in their growth then they slow down the vibe and flow and they can even ‘paralyse’ the relationship.

Fear means False Expectation Appearing Real, so whatever negative thoughts that you think could paralyse you. Fear is defeated by Faith! A person who has faith in overcoming any obstacle is the person who wasn’t afraid of death but merely LIVED till the end. With faith you will not be fazed, ruffled or shakened by anything. A man and a woman who endures till the end is seen has having had a good life and they will ALWAYS be remembered.


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