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Brotherhood Watch: New World Order

Despite whether you believe in this whole new world order occurences the fact still remains that the dollar sign is still going to change to the new currency, Amero. The chips that everybody will have to get to get cash, or into places is already out. Our passports, bus passes and phones are bugged with new hi tech chips that enables these government officials to locate us anywhere in the world. Take google map for example……

Obama, the second black President (John Hanson been the first. See picture below) is said to be definitely part of the conspiracies. This man has went against everything he’d said he would do during the campaign. Now President, more troops are in the War, more taxes are been paid and a new health design system against what he originally said has been created.

John Hanson

A picture of the first black president, John Hanson.

Obama even took onboard people he should have got rid of on his team. Things can only get worse and many documentaries marks 2012 as the end of a new era.Truthfully speaking I seriously want to believe in the man but too much contradicts what he says and sometimes does. I mean why all of a sudden a ‘white supremacy’ America is suddenly allowing a black man President after such a long time? Is it because he is half white or is it to throw people off from the bigger scheme of things? A lot of questions can be asked but by the time it is figure out, we’d probably be at war.

Personally, Obama won the Nobel prize for nothing, no reason at all. All he did was become President and everybody made a big deal of it because he is black. Technically he won the nobel prize for been a black man because he damn sure wasn’t the first black president. Don’t want to hate the guy but things are going to get worst.John Todd (an ex illuminati who can no longer be found) told everyone to expect the recession and the genocide laws and those are already in play. Now Obama is giving a little, he is showing signs of actually improving things but don’t be deterred. Even cheese is placed for a mouse to be lured into the mouse trap. So all this sudden ‘improvements’ does not shake off my assessment of him.

Soon our very ‘freedom’ will be govern by a new world government and people will truly have to fight for their rights. It almosts seems like the War of Armaggedon as stated in the scriptures is nearly approaching. Nevertheless we can only prepare for what will happen when (or hopefully if) these illuminati’s plans come into serious play. Make no mistakes, people are going to die. They’ve already started with cordex (food warfare) and HAARP (a machine to control the weather) and now they want to be able to control us through the implant chips.Watch Obama very closely people. Listen carefully to his words and watch and assess his character and not the colour of his skin. Matter of fact don’t just watch him but watch all of them. There are wolves in sheep clothing in every organisation.

Yet many already have a wool pulled over their eyes chanting the “yes we can” motto as their very freedom is diminishing. So sad!


Paying Homage: The Hughes Brothers

Albert and Allen Hughes two African American directors, from Detroit have created some of the most though provoking, yet violent movies of our time.  These playas are definetly into making manly man movies. Their newest flick “The Book of Eli” starring Denzel Washington has received mixed criticism,but definetly is one of our must see movies of the year.  We pay homage to these brothers for combating the demasculinization of men in hollywood.

The Brotherhood salutes you!

Keeping your chicks in shape!

The majority of chicks I deal with I put on a workout regiment.  Now I don’t apply this to jumpoffs, groupies, or any other chick that I’m not in a close or reoccuring relationship with, I could care less on their habit only applied to my team mates. Just like being on  any team you are required to keep your body in tip top shape. Now you don’t want(unless you’re into that) your chicks looking like a damn man or going incredible haulk on yo ass, but you do want to keep that tummy & those side right, and all the other right spots tight and crisp. Be subtle about it, just approach her like “yo babe, why don’t we workout together, every other day, just to challenge each other., or thow hints like “you know I really like my women in shape”, etc etc.  Don’t feel bad for given these chicks on your team an ultimatum, is it not a coach’s job to upgrade, & improve his player?  And even Michael Jordan needed a coach.

 Here’s a few links to help you out!