A large group of people end up in university after schooling all their life. They eventually graduate and end up in a career. Then there is another group who did not really go to university but they get a job and climb the ladder or they just go into internship with a company. They to have their career. The only difference between the two is the money that they are getting paid.

They all do the 9 to 5’s and they all work for someone else. Time and time again, we are shown that having a career has NEVER truly got anyone rich or wealthy. Having a career has proved that one can be well off or close to riches but it does not make you rich or wealthy. The only people who are rich and wealthy are those that own the company where those who have graduated or those who haven’t graduated work for them.

A career is not a bad thing but it should be used to build your own MISSION. A mission is something that you FEEL to do in order to state your mark in this world. It is what you STRIVE to do in order to get rich or wealthy while benefiting mankind. Yet almost everyone stay in a career working day in and day out hoping that one day it will make them rich or wealthy. All those who have a career often stay that way for life but when they understand that a career is just an AID to build their mission suprisely they climb up the ladder in the company quickly. They start creating new effective ideas for the company, therefore proving valuable for the company.

A large percentage of the population don’t even have a mission and because of this they continue to ask or question what their purpose is in the world. Many people would never pursue their desires because they are afraid to step out of conformity and because it has too many risks. Such people know how the system works but they can’t (and even refuse to) USE the system in order to get rich or wealthy. Those who are not willing to conform have proven that in order to get rich or wealthy, a person will have to CREATE. Creation is mankind’s ordained right and it is mankind’s path to becoming rich or wealthy.

It had been ordained in Genesis ch 1, verse 28 when it states:

Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.”

If the mission is to create then riches and wealth are not far. Note that to be rich or wealthy is not to be obsessive (although most people would argue that it is) but to know what you want instead of just going with the flow of the system (conforming). There is a big uneasy feeling when a person steps out of conformity because the feeling is like everybody is against you because ‘you did something wrong’.

Many people go to university and do the whole schooling system to please their parents and basically to just go with the flow of how life is. When a person thinks of education, they think of a big building with many teachers who teach different subjects. This whole concept has been instilled into everyone at a young age, so much so that we forget that life, experiences and failures are education themselves.

When a person fails in this building of education called university, they think it is the end of the world not knowing that all they are learning will only be used to help someone stay rich and wealthy by having a job or career in a company that they have CREATED. This is not to say that working in a company is bad, afterall working as a team makes you rich and wealthy (doing it all by yourself is not a smart move, you will always need people).

In a film called ‘A Bronx Tale’ which was directed by Robert De Niro and based on a true story, there is a scene where Sonny (the Mobb Boss) says ‘There are two types of smarts, street smarts and school smarts’. This is so very true, a person may have the book smarts but don’t know how to read people in the streets. They are unaware of what goes on around them. Such people are really confined within the four walls of an institution. A person may have street smarts but without book smarts he will be limited. Life is an education , an institution educates but it doesn’t mean outside of the institution one stops learning.

A person who comes out of university with a low grade merely proves that they loss the passion for the subject they went in to learn. It doesn’t mean that they are a failure, it just shows that they didn’t want or put enough effort in to do better. They loss passion. Anybody can pass any course if they were truly interested in it just like anyone can get rich and wealthy if they are willing to create. To create means bringing something new into the world.

I am not saying that going to university doesn’t help your chances to get rich or wealthy. I am not even saying that going to university is a waste of time. What I am saying is university does not teach you how to get rich or wealthy, it just teaches you how to work for someone else. Now granted that when you get promoted within the company you get more money but more money just means more work and no time to enjoy. Creation has to be involved. There are more people who never went to school or graduated from university than those who graduated.

Where to start

1) It seems like the internet is going to get even more advanced in the future. If you don’t know already, the internet is a market device, EVERYBODY wants it, everybody goes on it and everybody seems to need it, so creating something on the net and advertising it is not a bad idea at all. Remember some of the tools to use to create websites,blogs,chats and so on are free.

2) I read one time that people buy books online than anything else (second comes clothing). Writting a book and displaying it on Amazon through publishing site such as or is helpful. I have spoken to a few people who have used these sites for publishing.

3)Recently I noticed that there is a high demand for cream products to help skin irritations and to clean skin glands. If you can create such a cream or make joint ventures with other businesses, you will make money.

It is all about CREATING. All you got to do is think of an idea and establish it. Believe me I have been trying this concept. Once you create the plans and put down your ideas and time tables, you will realise that you now have a mission. Money from your career’s now serves a bigger purpose to make more money. Once again I state having a career is not a bad thing but it won’t make you rich or wealthy.

Check out the books:

1) Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert G Allen

Explains step by step on how to get rich using the net. Believe me when I say that you will definately get rich or wealthy using all his techniques. He gives you A LOT of websites that can help you accumulate money upon money and all you got to do is use the websites. For example: or

Do what you will with those information but the book tells you how to properly use them in order to become rich or wealthy. There are a LOT more websites in the book.

2) Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

Gives 13 Principles (step by step guide) on how to get rich. This book is very detailed, you will get a LOT of ideas from this book. The 13 principles are:

1) Desire
2) Faith
3) Autosuggestion
4) Specialised Knowledge
5) Imagination
6) Organised Planning
7) Descision
8) Persistence
9) Power of the Master Mind
10)The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
11)The Sub-consciousMind
12)The Brain: A Broadcastin and Receiving station for thought
13) The Sixth Sense: The Door to the Temple of Wisdom

This book not only teaches you steps to be rich or wealthy but it also teaches you how to make the ‘perfect’ CV. The book explains all in detail.

3) The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Ali ries & Jack Trout

This tells you how to advertise and be on top in terms of competition. Lessons like it is not good to use the same name on every product that you dabble into is useful. The 22 Laws are:

Law 1- The Law of Leadership
Law 2- The Law of Category
Law 3- The Law of the Mind
Law 4- The Law of Perception
Law 5- The Law of Focus
Law 6- The Law of Exclusivity
Law 7- The Law of the Ladder
Law 8- The Law of Duality
Law 9- The Law of Opposite
Law 10- The Law of Division
Law 11- The Law of Perspective
Law 12- The Law of Line Extension
Law 13- The Law of Sacrifice
Law 14- The Law of Attributes
Law 15- The Law of Candor
Law 16- The Law of Singularity
Law 17- The Law of Unpredictability
Law 18- The Law of Success
Law 19- The Law of Failure
Law 20- The Law of Hype
Law 21- The Law of Acceleration
Law 22- The Law of Resources

The book explains each one in detail.

4) Psychocybernetics by Maltz Maxwell

This book teaches you how to use your Creative Mechanism (your sub-conscious mind).It gives you step by step in how to use it.


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