The true essence of a man is STRENGTH. A man has to show strength physically and mentally. When his woman leans on him she has to feel security and know that everything is going to be alright. She has to be able to depend on his strength to comfort her when she needs it. A woman will test the man’s strength because she doesn’t want a weak man. She also depends on the man’s strength for protection. If the man shows signs of weakness she will eventually lose respect for him and therefore leave him.

Some women may even stay around just to ‘walk’ all over him to get her own way. Her new aim would be to get gifts, to get money out of him and to have her chores done. For a man to increase in strength he has to train his body (workout) and his mind (seek knowledge). When a man shows tears they have to mean something. If he cries for no reason then the essence of his strength is violated because he is meant to be using logic (his nature) to find solutions. He is not meant to use emotions to cry acting as if the problem will go away. A man’s essence of strength is not violated when he cries because someone dies, his baby is born or when he has to give his daughter away in marriage. These are not wasted tears, everybody understands.

A woman depends on the man’s capability to use logic to solve problems so if a man is crying all the time then it is as if there are two women in the relationship. This will not look good for the man because a man is not emotional by nature. A man needs to understand that his woman can cry for him while he tries to solve problems using his logic (his nature). A woman is capable of expressing her feelings and the feelings of her man through emotions (her nature). A man will not need to shear any tears when his woman is crying for him all he needs to do is use his strength to comfort her as she does it.

When a woman cries nothing is violated, she is merely expressing her nature. A woman’s true essence is to be NUTURING. If she sees strength in her man she will be willing to nuture it so that she can depend on it. Yes she will test her man from time to time to see whether he is still weak or strong but to make her man stronger she has to nuture the strength (cook, fufill her roles, maintain communication). The woman isn’t playing ‘mummy’, she is merely increasing the stability of her fortress and comfort.

Temple Christian (creator of gurltakktv) gives a different perspective, check this out:



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