Respect has to be before acceptance. Every man wants respect and every woman wants acceptance. Women want respect to but the feeling of acceptance seems (note this word) to relax them more. Think about it, women put on make up, jewelries, fake hair just to seek attention in order to have that feeling of acceptance when they get it. In a man’s case he has ego and pride that can easily be affected by disrespect (he feels less than a man). A man does want to be accepted but it is a better feeling when a woman does nothing to diminish his manhood, this translate to him as been supportive through respect.

The woman in her supportive ways has to be careful not to put her man down. It is best to be positive even when her man is wrong. In other words, nagging and insults only make things worst. A woman should be capable to sit her man down or use her feminine ways and get her point across.

When both respect each other, both the man and woman feel accepted. But to a man respect is an ego boost, he won’t feel like a walk over or like his woman is the one wearing the pants in the relationship. For a woman acceptance is her ego boost, she feels beautiful all the time. Her man accepting her makes her feel special. She will not need to feel insecure unless her man doesn’t make her feel accepted. Everything is in the feeling.

How to respect

1) Exercising manners.

Anything that shows an art of appreciation.

2) Controlling your emotions.

Emotions are the biggest break up in a relationship. Anger, hate, grudges can all create misunderstandings and misunderstandings creates assumptions. Assumptions further the man and woman apart especially when it is been fuelled by friends and family. Assumptions creates insecurities. The relationship suffers.

The best thing to do is for both partners to communicate their problems. This eliminates all the obstacles causing the problems by clearing up misunderstandings. A simple “Baby, let’s clear this up. Don’t want to fight you.” is better than shouting mad saying “its all your fault.”

How to accept

1) Don’t focus on how you are going to change your partner but focus on how to appreciate what you have. Through this a person is willing to change to further that appreciation.

2) A relationship is mostly about growth (the minimal percentage is commitment). A relationship must be ‘watered’ with communication, loyaly, trust and respect. This will make a man and a woman feel accepted. They will grow!


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