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Message of the Week

From the moment of a persons birth, until their demise, the manifestation of the human biological machine ist strictly regulated on Earth.  The soul is given liberty, a granted privilege to go ashore, not freedom.  The only real freedom the soul has is freedom to choose. In America, the United States government claims title to the human biological transformatinal machine,  It is considered chattel, property , and an asset in a vast production machine.


The light of Brotherhood


Who am I? This is the question that all men ask themselves.To belong to anything a man must know who he is and what he stands for.The brotherhood is comprised of a bunch of INDIVIDUALS coming together. Yes it is good to belong. Through this belonging, words and actions is nothing more than a learning process where purpose is found.

Some brothers don’t believe in God (a Supreme Being) life is nothing more than the belonging to something to them.There is power in believing and whether atheist like it or not such power is obtained only when the Supreme Being is TURNED to.Who am I? is the question. It is the struggle to find individuality, it is the struggle to find meaning.

If a man doesn’t know who he is, he cannot give meaning to his relationship. He cannot show ambition to his woman, he definitely cannot lead her and he definitely can’t pretend to be alpha. A man is wise to find out who he is, his identity. Then he can represent God, his name and himself. Man was made in the image of God, woman in the image of man. It is important that a man knows who he is. Through him a woman can control her emotions, if not she will try.

An alignment to God helps, it helps a man connect to his divine, his spirituality.The brotherhood is and never has been about women but about improvement of self, respect and loyalty. When a man finds out who he is after real soul searching, he is able to light up his path as he walks. He is also able to see the path in front of him. The light that he forges behind is for others to see and follow until they light their own. The light (path) ahead is for him to stay focus and not stray. The path of manhood, brotherhood is a straight one and should be continuous.

When each individual in the brotherhood has found themselves, the intensity of brotherhood will increase. The feminist movement will have to be scared, they will have to shut their mouth and they will have to pay respect. Most of all they will have to surrender. Men cannot or should not be beaten by an illogical movement, it is not the manly way. Find self to master self, then light the way.

Who am I? should be the constant inner voice, it should be the voice that makes a man check himself. That question opens many doors because a man is not defined by a woman or the world but by who he is.

A woman’s new weapon

Nas and Kelis

Men these days still think it is the days of old where women actually cared to look after her man and sustain the househood.If they didn’t care totally at least they cared enough. But now brothers are realising more than ever that society has changed because the women’s mentality has changed.We now live in an emotional driven society and if a man doesn’t gain control of his, he is likely to go crazy.A man is the logical one but men have decreased their logic to be more in touch with their feminine side.

Unknown to these men is that the more ‘feminine’ they get, the more they get used, abused and realise that women just care about their own agendas.Not only that, but the more they lose self.Women these days couldn’t care less about their marriage as long as they got their wedding.Once they have molded their man into Prince Charming, he is disposable.He no longer has any use but he still provides because thats what he has being programmed to do.

It is so bad that the man still has to provide for the woman when she leaves him.Women have never cared about anything else except MONEY.Money is the root of all evil because of a woman, so it seems.Men will do anything to get it so that they can ‘kit’ themselves up to look good for a woman and a woman will pretend with a man so that she can be lavished with it.

When a man withholds it until she deserves it, she says he is stingy.When he invests it in something, she says he is wasting it on useless projects and when he does use it on her, she says it is not enough.There is no pleasing her and yet she constantly wants to be pleased.

These days marriage has become women’s weaponry.They marry, have a bunch of babies and then leave so that the man has to pay for her and ‘her babies’.This happens when it was her that did something wrong. Men need to start realising that women are strong but men are just stronger, there are no weaknesses, no victims. Men need to stop treating women like they are weak. But it can be hard to defeat the programming.

Divorce are women’s monetary system, if and when she feels emotional about her marriage, a man suffers. Her marriage suffers and a man pays for ever loving her. So sad! Brothers need to assess the woman they get with well. There are still some ladies of old but they can be easily influenced. Women these days will take everything if a man is not careful and they are backed up by laws, rules and regulations.

Assets not Virtues

Esther and Ki

Beauty or booty is not a virtue but an asset.Many men go crazy over a woman who they consider beautiful and they lose themselves in the process.They compromise. A man will compromise to a nice, shapely, curvy woman to get into bed with her and to make her his trophy. Simpleton want a trophy, men want someone who complements them.Men know that the penis is more valuable than the vagina.Matter of fact it is the penis that makes the vagina valuable, most men don’t know this, they are too busy ‘thinking’ with their eyes.

Women are vain creatures.They believe that their beauty is a virtue but it is merely an asset.Assets goes, virtues are forever.When the beauty is gone, one can only wonder what they will have left.So most women will flaunt, tease, shake what their mama gave them and show freaky behavior to hide their fears of depreciating asset. They will hide themselves in make up, outfits and shoes.

Men who haven’t put sex high on the list will notice from afar that women are merely panicking.They are like cockroaches running around to hide their most feared assets and that is all they got to get attention or appreciation is their looks.They are worried about the future, worried whether men will accept them and worried that they may die alone. Yet they PRETEND and deceive themselves that beauty is their greatest virtue.A man will use this asset till he cashes out.The woman will be left wondering why he left since she is so ‘virtuous’.

Yet men plant these ideas in their heads with their reactions.It is not that the reaction is bad (it actually makes a woman feel special) it is that they over react and the woman gains an ego.”What I have is a virtue” she thinks, therefore she goes all out to look after her looks.She will go under the knife if she has to.She needs to maintain this ‘virtue’.Yet most men just laugh because the fact of the matter is, they are still depreciating, no amount of surgery can fix that, it is life.

Men go crazy over a big,defined booty and it causes them greatly.Beauty and booty will come to a man who exercises virtues.Virtues such as power, confidence, calmness and self control will attract all things good.A big, defined booty is nothing but flesh, it exercises no virtue.Till women realize this and men stop feeding their ego, women will always think they belong on the pedestal and that is never virtuous (being on a pedestal has to be earned).

The Characteristics of a Virtuous Woman

1) Acceptance- She accepts that men will approach her and will over react when they see her because men respond to what they see. They are responding to her. She could either get ‘drunk’ off of these reactions and act like she is so ‘special’ to be approached. Or she could accept that these things happen and as long as no man disrespects her by calling her names, putting his hands on her or trying too hard to get her, she can remain quiet. First she must accept that if she has such physical attributes that trigger off men’s responses she will get approached and adored for relationship and sex. When she accepts this and sees it as natural, she will be able to better deal with the situation and better yet she will be able to control her emotions better.
There is no need to be rude, impolite or scared. Simply a woman needs to show a man that the over reaction he gave her already made him decrease in value in her eyes, if there was any. A woman will teach without teaching this way because in the future the man will check himself.

2) Understanding-Who ever understands the system has control at all times. Virtuous women understand that it is all about physical assets for men at FIRST. They understand that when they walk where men are, they will get responses especially if she is well defined and shapely. Virtuous women understand that most men acting in a way that is unnecessary towards her separates themselves from the ‘real’ men. She will understand that through behaviors that she doesn’t like, what she does like. There are many men out there playing it cool just so that women can allow the flow of an introduction without feeling weird about it. These men understand that only a few women understand the dynamics that men and women go through to know each other. A virtuous woman doesn’t have to welcome any attention but understand that attention can just come.

3) Appreciation of Self- A woman getting approached everrrytime, may feel suffocated. She will want to hide, run, hate or get angry. She will try to make herself unappealing, unapproachable and displeasing but men will still approach. They approach not because they don’t see what she may be displaying but because of what they see.These women need to APPRECIATE themselves more. They need to appreciate that they can generate such responses, they need to appreciate the fact that they can get men easily, they need to appreciate their body and continually develop their minds and appreciate the process of it. They need to appreciate everything about themselves so that they can never be too fazed by other people’s appreciations. People giving them appreciation will merely be giving her what she already has because of the appreciation of herself.Yes, a virtuous woman must appreciate herself and men to.She needs to appreciate men’s attempt at getting her and understand why. The most important thing of all, she needs to appreciate everything BUT NOT CARE. Men are doing what they are suppose to do, look, admire, approach.Its the way men are built and there is appreciation in that.

4) Confidence- This is the best thing for a virtuous woman to wear. It will attract a lot more attention but it will radiate toughness as well. Men everywhere will think twice but it allows ‘real’ men to say “finally, here is one worthy of my words and manliness”. The way a woman carries herself with confidence can be very hypnotizing. She appreciates herself, accepts herself and the dynamics of the whole thing and understands that all what is happening is a natural occurrence and demonstrates it through confidence. Men everywhere will pay attention but for the right reasons. They will definitely want a relationship with such a woman and take extra care.

Not a virtue!


Pitch black

There are many things that lurk in the dark and if too busy, you’ll miss it.Many evil in men to throw you off course or show great resistance. Most men are too busy talking, too busy trying to be the life of the party so they fail to see. There is nothing wrong with being the life of the party, it shows confidence. The only thing is that while trying to impress, it is harder to study the environment.It makes it hard for the senses (the hunter’s tool) to function as well as it should. A person too busy trying to be the life of the party will focus their mind on one thing, the ‘party’ and not his environment.

It is good to project confidence, it is better to project awareness and alertness.That requires a man to know when to stop talking and observe. It requires a man to stand back from the crowd and study.By doing this a man should know the different characters around him. He should feel (or not feel) the possibility of trouble. He should be able to notice and become intuitive to the next moves that people will take and what life might throw at him.

A hunter is always alert. It is not a bad thing to be life of the party but if in the process, there should be more observations than energy. Don’t waste the energy but step back knowing when to humble self. People, the situations and life reveals itself. A man can quickly react and counteract.

It is not about being paranoid either, it is about being aware. Awareness actually allows the eyes to look and see. A man must have presence and be aloof at the same time. The blind will take time to listen, smell and feel which allows them to act or react to their senses. The sighted then should then take time to observe.