Confidence is like one of those birthday candles that has been lit and no matter how hard you try to blow it out, it just keeps lighting back up again.

Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. If you are wearing rags it can make you feel like you are wearing expensive clothing. It can even make rags the new ‘fashion’. Confidence can make your weaknesses seem strong. Self confidence is vital to have because it validates your uniqueness no matter what people think of you. You don’t need people’s validation and frankly you shouldn’t care because the validation of yourself is enough. You are the only one who is qualified to be you so people’s validations or opinions about you really doesn’t matter.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t listen to feedbacks, opinions and habits you can change. It merely means that you are not you for other people but you are you to represent you. Confidence is the light that never or should never go out.

When a man approaches a woman he gets points for CONFIDENCE and COURAGE. A woman will hardly ever approach a man and some women can’t do it.So when a man approaches the woman his first steps towards her has already shown his confidence and his courage. When the man reaches her, the man then has to clarify or confirm his confidence through words. The woman will give him a chance because his body language has already shown confidence and courage. The man’s main aim from here is to lead the conversation in a RESPECTFUL manner in order to vibe and flow.

How to generate confidence

1) Realise that you are the only one of your kind, we are all unique! No fingerprint is ever the same (not even in Twins) so there is no point looking down on yourself. You are meant to represent, your name, your life, your existence no matter what other unique person has something to say about your uniqueness. We are all bound to clash with certain people because that is us going through a process of understanding a person’s uniqueness. Bullies are usually created because of their jealousy of an individual’s uniqueness.

2) Realise that the true reflection is in the heart not in mirrors. What a person thinks in their heart is what they become. If you think sad, you will be sad, if you think happy, you will be happy and if you think confident, you will be confident. There are many different shapes and sizes mirrors out there which makes us different shapes and sizes when they reflect back to us. These mirrors reflect but they don’t VALIDATE. Allow the Most High to be your mirror.

3) Realise that you only have one life to live, wasting it on not being confident is a waste of time. Life should be about representing your livelyhood not presenting your existence.

4) Pretend to be confident because your mind cannot tell the differences between reality and dreams. It takes it all the same. Pretend long enough and confidence will be instilled in you.

5) Realise that confidence, like everything else begins with ATTITUDE. Have the right positive attitude and confidence will also be seen. If you show confidence, the right positive attitude is seen.

6) Realise that confidence lights up the room. Confidence makes everybody want to know you and makes everybody want to catch that spirit of confidence from you. Let’s face it we admire those who show confidence because they are good people to be around, therefore you feel good. BE CONFIDENT!


2 thoughts on “CONFIDENCE

  1. Mac

    Now that’s a hell of a mouthpeice, and tight confidence! Lemme ask y’all this? Does rapping or freestyling help out your mouthpeice?

  2. drchambers1 Post author

    @Mac, yes it helps with flow and fluidity. Rapping helps in bring out the words and allowing you to monitor whether you are clear and can be heard. Freestyling allows you to think on the spot as the words flow. Getting this right will allow you to produce a ‘song’ each time you talk or conversate.


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